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Your VNN “Valemont” Comedy Break!

by on April 23, 2014

Without further ado, lmao:


Since her singing career didn’t take off, she’s soliciting funds from the general public to publish her books:

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Not to worry!  She’s making (barely selling) ebooks about the tragedy of others, claiming there is some kind of biblical code in the shower stall where Travis Alexander was found!

She claims to be the WORLD’S FIRST “forensic numerological criminal profiler”.


Here she is in all her Glory:



It was Valemont that tagged George Barwood as a CLOWN:


Touchy aren’t ya?

They say the guilty protest the loudest.

I’m wondering if your mention of how broke you are is a ploy

to try to get people to donate to your  “Cause I’m Broke” Fund?






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  1. The Defective Monk permalink

    I always suspected it but now I’ve got the proof – Stevie Nicks & Willie Nelson DID have a love child. Sheep throughout the world are now scampering around saying “Are you my MaaaaaaaMaaaa??

  2. What the heck? That vile creature is every where pimping her poorly written trash that makes no sense.

  3. geribouwman permalink

    Well she musta sold at least 8. Saw the reviews one time. And they were all her Jodi followers. If they were smart they would have wasted their $80 on Jodi’s fundraiser on Appeals. That would have been a good $1600. Good start for a fundraiser. Now they have a paperback book they spent too much money on and don’t even understand what the authers wrote in it. Maybe use it for Toilet paper?

  4. She will be bring out a CD of her wonderful song by popular demand of Harpy.

  5. geribouwman permalink

    Oh God. She isn’t gonna try to sell it is she. I guess the Bible Code 666 told her to sell it. I thought I would pay her to take that video off You Tube becaue I don’t want my kids to run accross it.

  6. geribouwman permalink

    Tip toe Through the Tulips!

  7. quiltmama permalink

    OMG thank you This thoughtless idiot is hawking her book about Adam Lanza on news sights about the school shootings What a classless moron

  8. Is she really calling herself a “screen writer” now? Oh and big woop she went to “university”. She’s an educated fraud who lacks common sense.

    • She ran before I could show her my credentials. *sigh*




      • geribouwman permalink

        Hey since you have your driver’s license lets drive to Australia and meet the infamous Pamela Valemount. I have 3 gas cans.

      • hahahahhaaa! I’ll be right there!

  9. Veronika permalink

    Pesky! That’s the best drivers’ license I’ve seen – ever! How do you do it?

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