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Karlie M. Thompson May I ask, do you believe Jodi planned to kill Travis from before she left Yreka? If so, what do you consider the strongest single piece of evidence for this?
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  • Heather Soper Thank you for posting this, Mark. I would hate not to trust, I have been bitten more than a few times, but I won’t let that stop me from trusting.. I’ve learned to not trust too much, but find myself still doing it at times..!
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Heather Soper wrote: But WHY bother to put him in the shower? Not to hide killing him with all that blood around, so why? Why waste the time she had, the room mates would be coming home from work? Anyone?
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  • George Barwood I think the short answer is “minimisation”. Jodi would have wanted to minimise the horror for whoever discovered the scene (and perhaps for herself). I mean I don’t think Jodi was very rational at all, with no memory, you cannot act rationally. Desperation. Instinct. Habit. Wash away the horror.
  • George Barwood Also, a cold-blooded psychopath would not have acted this way. On Juan’s theory, why shoot an already dead body (presumably some act of “FU”), and then clean it up? Makes no sense.
  • Rob Roman One idea is that putting him in the shower means no more blood is spilling on the floor. The prosecution thinks since she cut her fingers, blood may have dripped onto the body, so she wanted to wash off her blood and DNA. I don’t think either theory is incompatible with self-defense. Clean-up after the killing is not compatible with Amnesia according to Juan Martinez, but there is no science to back that up.
  • Becky Atkinson If Jodi was thinking about washing away all the DNA, why didnt she wash of the wall where they found her palm print, if she was worried about all that, she never would of touched the wall..
  • George Barwood If Jodi was a mafia hitman, this assassination would score about 1 out of 10. 1 mark for killing the person.
  • Rob Roman A real “Messy Marvin”.
  • Kellie Pollard I know George doesn’t like for me to say these things, but it looks like to me the body’s decomposition was more than what it would have been in one week.
  • Becky Atkinson I don’t see doing all of that in 62 seconds.
  • Rob Roman Jodi also stated the same thing. If Travis was shot above the eyebrow, the blood would travel down his neck and over his right shoulder. The 62 second photo does not have to be after the throat cut. If it was, they have to explain how Travis’ head is up in the photo instead of straight back.
  • Kellie Pollard The thing looks like an execution. Maybe a professional one.
  • Rob Roman A person can make all of those stab wounds in seconds, IMO.
  • Becky Atkinson Can a person hold his head up after his throat slashed ear to ear?
  • George Barwood “Can a person hold his head up after his throat slashed ear to ear?”

    No. I think the prosecution would argue Jodi was somehow holding it up in the photo ( although I’m not aware they made any such argument ). There was testimony on the photo and a witness agreed Travis did appear to be holding his head up, I believe. Would be good to actually find it.

  • Becky Atkinson he wasnt cut from ear to ear.. the picture was taken while blood was running down toward his ears.. when he was washed off by Horn th pic didnt look like what was shown in court.smh
  • Becky Atkinson Georgr i will look for that.
  • Rob Roman They tilt the head back and open up the wound. Standard operating procedure at an autopsy. This creates a hideous photo that Juan Martinez took glee in showing to the jury.
  • Becky Atkinson upside down pic.

    Becky Atkinson's photo.
  • Becky Atkinson The first picture looks correct, because the stripe down the side of pants.. the 2nd photo shows the stripe in the back of pants.. just my opinion..
  • Becky Atkinson The 1st picture was the true pic.. why not go from that one.. Why take a picture and draw on it to make it fit with a false meaning?
  • Becky Atkinson they dont even look the same to me.. lots of fill in..Just sayin.. makes no sense to me.
  • Brad Justda I always envisioned that the stripe was on the side of the pants. You can see the hem line around the bottom and rather than having her foot directly under Travis’s head, it was skewed a little to the right so we see the side of the pant leg.
  • Brad Justda Regarding the blood clean up on the walls. There was a consider amount of blood on the walls and floor–that was evident when the blood was enhanced on the wall with leuco violet after much of it was cleaned off. Jodi was in a hurry, she wasn’t going to be able to do a clean up job that would ever completely eliminate all the blood, so of course she’d miss a spot. Unfortunately for her, it was the most crucial spot. She also would not have been mindful of where her hands where–maybe Travis had her up against the wall with her hands pressed there and she remembered that and went back to try to clean up in the general area. Maybe her hand was using the wall as support as she bent to drag him. We simply don’t know. It would be safe to assume there was much more blood/fingerprint evidence that she succeeded in destroying by virtue of the fact no other evidence but that small patch was found.
  • Brad Justda Sorry, there are so many questions in this thread, I’m not trying to be a bother: In response to Heather’s question about the room mates returning from work, it’s quite possible the timestamp on the camera wasn’t calibrated to the right time. Back in the day when I had a digital camera, I never bothered to set the time correctly, so on those occasions the time stamp feature was enabled, the time was always off. The only proof that we have that the killing occurred on June 4 is that Travis had an early afternoon phone call, and some hours later the room mates returned to Napoleon being blocked downstairs and Jodi was obviously on her way to Ryans. It could have been several hours earlier than 1:00ish when the sex pix were taken, and so relative to that, the killing pictures would be about 4 hours later.
  • Becky Atkinson Yea, Jodi did mentioned blood was everywhere….
  • Vikki Green Period you hurt me I fight for my life even if it means I take yours I don’t want to hurt anyone but abuse is horrible I almost lost my life to it and when they got me the hospital my family was told after surgery I had one tooth that if it was one tenth moore moved I would of die six weeks I hospital 23 years ago and I still have issure time to time I dont say kill someone but protect your self and I have meet men is the same place I was once you experance
    This it alot
    Like ptsd for real all I’m willing to share
  • Brad Justda Vikki it sounds like you’ve been through a lot and came out with strength and understanding. What an incredible challenge to battle. I’m glad you’re safe now.
  • Brad Justda I hope the bastard who hurt you is far far away from you and other women. I wish you only the best of luck moving forward.
  • Heather Soper ” and came out with strength and understanding.” You know, Brad, one doesn’t have to have gone through DV to understand it. I think most of us have met unsavoury characters enough to imagine it. The threatening attitude, the tone of voice.. the sudden temper over nothing.. the control.. all this was very clear in the taped recordings. What I find hard to get over, is that the haters, (women) who have nearly always been in a DV relationship themselves, yet instead of having sympathy and understanding for Jodi, are absolutely vile to her.
  • Brad Justda Heather I was commenting on Vikki’s experiences as they relate to her and what she shared, it was not meant to exclude others, just a observation on what she wrote about herself.

    I think DV is very difficult for people to understand, outside of that experience. Domestic violence isn’t just about physical, emotional and sexual abuse, it’a about power, control and the dehumanization of the abused. I don’t think most people have experienced anything that approaches what a victim encounters. Domestic violence is about imprisonment of a person’s very soul, the physical, emotional and sexual abuse is merely the means to the end. We have all encountered abusive people and even abusive relationships, and that experience, while tragic (and I’m not trying to dismiss the effects of that), gives very little insight into the absolute devastation wrought by domestic violence.

    That said, I can’t speak for people who have suffered DV and ‘hate’ Jodi. I have spoken to many people on my sites who admit they’ve been DV victims and their ‘hate’ stems from their belief that Jodi has attached herself to a serious issue,but she doesn’t present herself as a true victim. They feel she has undermined their pain by using it as a tool to allow her to kill a man.

    Heather I understand you live in the UK and the UK definition of domestic violence may differ from the US definition. The abuse that Jodi claimed would be under the umbrella of Battered Woman’s Syndrome, while Domestic Violence refers to a more complex relationship with many of the same features of the abuse suffered by BWS, but with the addition of being financially or emotionally trapped (because of children) and usually refers to people living under the same roof. Throughout this case DV has been used as a generalization for what is more correctly Battered Woman’s Syndrome. I believe it was Alyce LaViolette who made the distinction and testified Jodi came under the BWS umbrella.

  • George Barwood “yet instead of having sympathy and understanding for Jodi, are absolutely vile to her.”

    I think that is because they have been fooled by Juan’s circumstantial case. They have bought the “Jodi lied”, “Jodi was a stalker”, “Jodi planned this a week in advance and stole a gun”, “Jodi was jealous of Mimi”, “Jodi lied about returning the 3rd gas can”, “Jodi died her hair”, “Jodi was not physically abused” etc. thing lock stock and barrel.

    I myself was fooled by it for a week or so, and even then I was not 100% sure until we were well into the case. I mean it IS quite an impressive amount of circumstance – the problem is that it doesn’t actually makes sense when taken as a whole.

  • Heather Soper Brad, DV and BWS comes under the same umbrella for me, wondering why it wouldn’t as abuse is abuse, there’s usually violence in both, in any event whichever one it is destroys one’s soul. What is very hard to understand, is that there is so much of it in the US so why is DV not understood?; almost every woman I have met online has been abused physically as well as mentally, sexually and emotionally. I have always thought that such women are comparing abuse, which is wrong imo. What these women fail to see (it shouldn’t be That difficult) is that Jodi was much different then to who she is now. Can’t these women see the same in themselves? Why not. I think its because They haven’t grown stronger; it is hardly Jodi’s fault they have this kind of inverted snobbery when it can’t be that hard for them to understand that every situation is different and be Thankful They weren’t up for murder, which so easily could have happened to them.
  • Heather Soper I would have more sympathy for the haters if only they would be honest about it.. for its my belief they don’t believe the hate they spew, I think its jealousy for many reasons; of course when I put this to them they all deliberately take it the wrong way and say such things as, why should I be jealous of someone who is going to be in prison the rest of her life? That’s the usual one. When of course it wasn’t what I meant at all and they knew it wasn’t, therefore they are getting rid of their own anger at Jodi’s expense and wonder why we see them as the lowest of the low, and attack us for seeing them as they really are, full of hate when its for themselves really… They give themselves away.
  • Heather Soper I can honestly say that I have never doubted Jodi’s innocence; when Jodi spoke on the stand it went through to my soul.
  • Brad Justda Heather I don’t understand what you mean then, when you say “I think it’s jealousy for many reasons” because I understand that in the same context as those who you say are deliberately taking it wrong. I assume you’re saying they’re jealous of Jodi (which I assume is also what they think as well). This is a sincere question.
  • George Barwood I don’t think it’s jealousy. I think people are angry because

    (a) They believe Jodi was not abused, despite the abundant evidence she was abused mentally.

    (b) They do not believe Travis was a pedophile ( or more accurately looked at a picture of a young boy while masturbating ).

  • Brad Justda In my opinion Jodi did suffer from some type of mental disorder, her parents said as much. She may have even suffered mental abuse at their hands (possibly not realizing that she was so much more sensitive to it). The Travis pedophile stuff really gets people up in arms, because there is no evidence that he was a pedophile. He may have said inappropriate things or just creepy things, but that doesn’t make him a pedophile–and with not one thing on his computer or in his home to suggest that, it falls flat. If we were to believe Jodi when she claimed Travis hand-wrote 10 letters to her regarding this issue, we’d also have to believe there would be some indication of that interest, and there wasn’t.
  • Heather Soper Brad: ” In my opinion Jodi did suffer from some type of mental disorder, her parents said as much.” So you believe them, a father who makes comments about his daughter’s breasts? Some father he is/was. He said a lot of stuff, he rambled, didn’t consider for one minute how this would affect Jodi, and why would he..
  • Kitz DC What comment did her father make about her breastsHeather Soper? I hadn’t heard that before.
  • Brad Justda Heather father’s do dumb things like that (make comments/jokes) but that doesn’t mean he was a bad guy. Both he and Sandy described Jodi as being estranged from them for about 14 years at that point, and talked about how troubled she was. That’s not throwing her under the bus, it’s freaked out parents trying to make sense of something horrific their daughter was accused of doing. According to many people here, her parents provided her with a basically happy childhood with little to no abuse.

    Kitz Jodi didn’t elaborate, she just said her father teased her once when she was a young teen.

  • Kitz DC Thanks Brad Justda, I don’t remember that from the trial. I don’t find that odd, being teased by a father (or brother, or sister for that matter).
  • George Barwood Brad Jodi had low self-esteem, caused by problems in her childhood and some not-so-great relationships after she ran away from home, which is not a mental disorder but left her vulnerable to a man like Travis.

    Then after she killed Travis she had PTSD, as most people would. after such an horrific experience. That’s it.

  • Heather Soper Brad: ”If we were to believe Jodi when she claimed Travis hand-wrote 10 letters to her regarding this issue, we’d also have to believe there would be some indication of that interest, and there wasn’t.”… so you don’t think JM could possibly have objected to evidence in Jodi’s favour?
  • George Barwood ” how ultra-sensitive Jodi was and how her emotions were often on edge”

    Yes. I’m sure Jodi was sensitive, and the problems in her relationship with Travis would have been distressing. I don’t think this constitutes mental illness though, it’s normal in an abused woman I would say, as the highs and lows take a toll.

  • Kitz DC The legal argument on those letters – IIRC- was that they were not originals. The same would be true if the prosecutor tried to enter copies of documents vs. the originals. Either side can object all they want but the decisions are made on the law or legal precedence.
  • Heather Soper Why on earth wouldn’t he, Brad? JM is the State; this is not the first time he has prevented evidence from being shown in a case he’s prosecuted. You give the impression he is an upstanding and honest prosecutor. JM got to the computer first and made sure nothing was on there, but he must have overlooked something, the defence found it/them and an argument between prosecutor and defence ensued. ”Martinez wouldn’t have a leg to stand on with an objection. The letters weren’t allowed because they were copies and it wasn’t clear who wrote them or where they came from.” You speak as if JM has never ever done anything unethical! Who said they were copies? JM.. I will never understand anyone trying to defend a murderer – JM.
  • Kitz DC Dr. Samuels diagnosed her with a mental disorder too. Doesn’t that add to the idea that perhaps she did have some mental health problems George Barwood? Or are you saying that low self-esteem is the same thing?
  • George Barwood Dr Samuels diagnosed PTSD from the nightmare of what happened when Jodi killed Travis.
  • Kitz DC And a mental disorder, non-specific I think. Can’t remember the exact term
  • George Barwood In fact I believe DeMarte agreed, but suggested the PTSD arose from the abusive relationship. I’m a little vague on this.
  • Sandra Webber No psychiatrist or other can diagnose Jodi’s pre-Travis personality who has NEVER seen her prior to her being INCARCERATED! They could have diagnosed her competence to stand trial, etc., but all these quack-in-the-box shrinks and HLN whoredom members assigning all these labels to Jodi are just padding their own egos! Nothing more!
  • Rob Roman AND Dr. Samuels diagnosed Personality Disorder NOS (non-specified). All the psychologists are in agreement that Jodi has a long term mental illness. I don’t see why people want to deny that Jodi does have a mental illness from before she met Travis. She’s in good company with many writers, artists, actors, and other accomplished people.
  • Sandra Webber She labeled his behavior as abusive, and it was, by any reasonable person’s standards. Name one disorder from the DSM that Alyce or Dr. Samuels ascribed to Travis. Just one….
  • Heather Soper Sandra, I’ve turned completely GREY!
  • Rob Roman Travis was an abuser, no question. I don’t believe Alyce ever said a word about “sexual deviant”. Please provide a quote, a link or reference to where Alyce LaViolette says Travis was a sexual deviant.
  • Randall Stevens George – According to a visitors log that has recently been posted, Dr. Samuels and 2 of his acquaintances from work visited Jodi in October of last year. Do you think this might be an indication that Dr. Samuels will be testifying again during the penalty phase retrial?
  • Billy Malone Just don’t buy into both roommates being out on the 3rd but the one returns like clock work on the 4th.
  • Randall Stevens Thank you for the clarification, Brad Justda. Apparently, some pages are not very good about factual reporting.
  • Heather Soper No Randall, but WE ARE..
  • Heather Soper Brad, sorry, I missed your comments to me: ”Heather I don’t understand what you mean then, when you say “I think it’s jealousy for many reasons” because I understand that in the same context as those who you say are deliberately taking it wrong. I assume you’re saying they’re jealous of Jodi (which I assume is also what they think as well). This is a sincere question.” Jealousy because they are not as educated as Jodi, maybe because they aren’t as beautiful or as talented; they ALL put down Jodi’s art. I believe its no coincidence that they find every beautiful woman guilty. Their hate, I believe, stems from comparing abuse amongst other things; they didn’t have all the attention Jodi is having. Yes, I know its weird for them to think like that, but to behave with so much intense hatred shows, not jealousy exactly but an inverted snobbery, when they should be feeling empathy. ” I assume you’re saying they’re jealous of Jodi (which I assume is also what they think as well)”… I don’t get what you are saying here.. are you saying they think its us who are jealous?
  • Heather Soper Brad, ”Heather father’s do dumb things like that (make comments/jokes) but that doesn’t mean he was a bad guy. Both he and Sandy described Jodi as being estranged from them for about 14 years at that point, and talked about how troubled she was. That’s not throwing her under the bus, it’s freaked out parents trying to make sense of something horrific their daughter was accused of doing. According to many people here, her parents provided her with a basically happy childhood with little to no abuse.” Yes, Caring fathers do joke.. but you surely have to see the overall picture.. Jodi’s father also pushed her into furniture, into a door frame, so hard she blacked out. Is this the sort of father you are speaking about, making a joke of her breasts, something that caring ”father’s do” ? To isolate this point alone is taking it out of context, not looking at the whole picture.
    ”According to many people here, her parents provided her with a basically happy childhood with little to no abuse.” Yes, up till the age of 7. I consider pushing her into furniture, etc until she wwas 17 extremely abusive. Not a bad guy? Not much! ” Both he and Sandy described Jodi as being estranged from them for about 14 years at that point, and talked about how troubled she was. Its no wonder how troubled she was; coming from that abusive home is it any wonder they would see her as being estranged; I would want to be too. Saying that about her, making her behaviour sound weird when they were the ones responsible, is hardly what I’d describe as ”freaked out parents trying to make sense of something horrific their daughter was accused of doing”; sounds more like trying to assuage their own guilt . To me that’s exactly like throwing her under a bus.
  • Heather Soper Brad, there is more than one way to be educated (as in schooling, I mean) One could have the highest education and still be devoid of common sense and life experiences.
  • Brad Justda BTW I sent you a private message but it said it went to a different folder, just wondering if you got it.
  • Heather Soper I didn’t think that in order to send a message one has to friend that person.. I maybe wrong on that of course!
  • Heather Soper I believe Jodi was abused in her childhood and its the reason she left home; had she come from a non abusive and loving home I really don’t think she would have gone down the path she took (with the wrong type of people; people who ultimately abused her) Jodi was desperate and craved to be shown love and affection. I think we react according to our childhood/home life and we all ‘go home’ when looking for the person to share our life with or people to date, we do it unconsciously. Therefore her parents should be taking responsibility for that. I consider they are ultimately to blame. It is easy for them to project and easy for others to believe in that projection.. however, even though I believe she was abused at home in many ways, such as her parents not shoing any interest in her achievements, or very little, and of course the physical, I look at TA’s childhood with screwed up drug addicts as parents..having to fend for himself, eating mouldy bread, etc and see his homelife as far more abusive than Jodi’s; though under no circumstances should anyone make Jodi’s abusive homelife any less or worse, non existent because of that. But of course the haters Will, which is expected from that type of person.
  • Heather Soper Brad, what ”other folder” are you speaking of? I don’t have any other folder? Folder? Never heard of that!
  • Rob Roman whether you are friends or not, just position the cursor over the person’s name and you will see “message” to PM somebody.
  • Heather Soper Brad.. I am in a quandry.. people who I accept friendship from.. if it was only them it’d be ok.. but unfortunately it means I will be a part of your group of friends too… one of them being Blizzy Berg.. so I’m sorry, hope you don’t take it personally but for this reason alone I am going to have to de-friend you.. its the system..
  • Heather Soper Yes, that’s what I thought, Rob
  • Heather Soper Hello Brad? Are you there? I hope I haven’t offended you? You can still message me, we can be friends that way, ok?
  • Heather Soper I sent you a PM to say I usually look with my elbows, so my mother used to say!  But I still can’t see this elusive folder!!! I just clicked on message on your page or in the drop down menu on every page in this group, so anyay I got there in the end!
  • Heather Soper No, it doesn’t affect it, we have just found that one out
  • Heather Soper George, Jodi by being a Cancerian would be extremely sensitive, home and family life mean everything to Cancerians. Her sensitivity, caring and warmth is palpable to me, as is her truthfulness. Had her parents given her the love and support she craved,…See More
  • Heather Soper I have just looked in my Ephemeris. Jodis planets show her artistic talent; Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in Libra. hence also her talent for photography. She has a few planets in Libra, Libran’s are very fair minded people. Her Venus is in Leo;…See More
  • Zee Davis

Dave Hall and Glenn Taylor charged in Goblin Valley rock topple.

If convicted, the men face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 (£3,042) in fines….

Felony charges in US rock toppling
Prosecutors in the US state of Utah charge two ex-scout leaders who toppled over an ancient rock formation at a state park last year with felonies.


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Am supporting Amanda Knox today (was Thursday 30 Jan). Fingers crossed.
Amanda Knox News (AmandaKnox_gb) on Twitter
The latest from Amanda Knox News (@AmandaKnox_gb). Supporting #AmandaKnox and #RaffaeleSollecito. UK


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Trial of Jodi Arias: Lie by Omission
Dr. Kevin Horn testified during the trial of Jodi Arias. Juan Martinez asked the doctor if a stab to the torso would cause Alexander to bleed out his mouth a…


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  • George Barwood Thanks Heather, Now watch this:

    Jodi is confronted by liars and cheats, Juan, Dr Horn, Flores, people who manipulate the truth, lie by omission, hide evidence, harass and intimidate witnesses, leak prejudicial material not in evidence to HLN to try Jodi in the media circus. And we know that this stuff gets back and affects the unsequestered jurors.

    She needs our help, before they kill her with a lethal injection.

  • Heather Soper LOOK how they have DUPED the public – YOU. YOU WERE TOLD the shot came last….. SOME people believed it…..SOME still do… SOME see the TRUTH, it was ALL LIES. ( SEE VIDEO ABOVE THIS ONE )
  • Heather Soper Were there 29 stab wounds? Nope.ANOTHER LIE. 3 stab wounds, the rest were shallow superficial stabs, Jodi was trying to get him off of her OR she would have died. Do NOT condemn Jodi or Any woman for HAVING to kill to save her life.
  • Heather Soper Travis was NOT the pure Mormon man. Domestic violence is not limited to the physical.
  • Lynn M Wood Awesome, well constructed video….thanks Heather for sharing it with the group
  • Kitz DC It’s unfortunate that the author of this isn’t a physician or some other expert they could have been called into trial.
  • Heather Soper Thanks Lynn, I saw this video a while ago and I remembered it this morning, I frantically searched for it!
  • Heather Soper I shouldn’t think so, Brad, what brain anyway?!
  • George Barwood Brad Justda

    The autopsy report has numerous confirmations that the brain was undamaged by the gunshot. Taking that into consideration, no, it could not have been.

    Dr Horn on cross-examination stated that BY THE TIME OF THE AUTOPSY the brain had “liquified”, but he rapidly corrected himself.

    Kevin Horn: Right. And at this- at this point, the brain is really non-existent. It’s almost- you can’t examine it. It’s become liquid.
    Jennifer Willmott: You can’t examine it at all?
    Kevin Horn: It’s very difficult.
    Jennifer Willmott: Okay, well- but didn’t you actually take slices of the brain? And I’m referring to page 7.
    Kevin Horn: Yes. So it is softened, it’s not liquefied. It is still present but it’s softened.

    See for index of Dr Horn’s testimony.

  • George Barwood You get the impression that Dr Horn NEVER actually read his own autopsy report, because he has no idea what is in it. He may have scanned it, but he did not absorb the information.
  • George Barwood Brad, Horn found an undamaged (but soft) brain inside an intact Dura Mater, that he was able to extract, weight and then slice.

    I really don’t get what you are saying here.

  • Pascal Van Daele The brain has some space within the skull, but as Dr Horn stated one could’ve seen if there was bullet wich entered the rain because u would have residu inside the brain. If the bullet entered only! He didnt find residu or a enlarged hole …
  • Lorweth Gwaednerth Interesting that Horn failed to mention the swelling of the cut to the scalp on Travis Alexander’s head. Looks more like a “Morning Star” was used.
  • Zee Davis

Jodi Arias@JodiAnnArias·4m
After today, I’m not going to tweet for a while. It’s temporary, but probably long-term.
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  • Karlie M. Thompson That’s a smart move on her part.
  • Mark Curtis i concur
  • Mathias De L’air She would be the first person tweeting herself into the grave!!!
  • Heather Soper Sorry but I fail to see the humour, Mathias De L’air
  • Joe Moller Hey Mathias De L’air is that comment supposed to be some kinda screwed up school boy humor?
    I’ll restrain, for the group. Respect the group.
  • Rob Roman I think Mathias De L’air believes that Jodi’s Tweets were not a good idea.
  • Becky Atkinson Mathias De L’air, where did he come from? is he new?
  • Joe Moller He’s soft. He’s a hater. I can tell.
  • Mathias De L’air Rob Roman thx!!! Does anyone think tweeting was good a idea??? I don’t.
  • Brad Justda Not a good idea at all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder at all that, in this case absence allows the public to move on and reduce the hate.
  • Mathias De L’air I just try to imagine how I would act in Jodie’s situation. I don’t understand some of Jodies behavier concernig going public at all. And Becky, I’m not new I’m not that active. I have no real opinion about Jodie beeing guilty or not. I’m interested in opinions of pro and contra.
  • Heather Soper Yes, Mathias, what you said was in very poor taste. Try putting your self in Jodi’s shoes; it mattered to her that she got what she felt, across to the Jury, her LIFE was at stake, surely you should be able to understand That? Jodi was anxious that what was said by her defence came over the right way. I too would be feeling extremely anxious about it had I been in Jodi’s shoes. Perhaps you can understand it now, Mathias? People who for whatever reason, constantly sit on the fence give way to concern, to me anyway.
  • Mathias De L’air Heather Soper: Exactly her life was at stake. I think that’s why she should think twice. And sorry, what I wrote is a reasonable metapher. Her going public is the main reason for the bad picture the vast majority has about her.And when I’m not wrong, her lawyers strongly adviced her not to do so. Sorry, I still don’t get her behavement…
  • Heather Soper Mathias: I was enormously impressed at her behavior on the stand, I thought she was marvellous, she stuck to the truth and didn’t let JM trick her. I really don’t understand how you or anyone else can say otherwise.
  • Heather Soper Mathias: The uneducated jury were stupid not to read, not only Jodi properly, but more importantly, JM. They obviously saw nothing wrong with JM shouting and yelling and deliberately trying to confuse. They were Stupid, if you want to lay the blame somewhere, lay it on the jury, they bought everything JM sold them.
  • Kitz DC Other than the verdict Heather Soper, what makes you think the jurors were “uneducated”?
  • George Barwood “what makes you think the jurors were “uneducated””

    Many things indicate the jurors did not have a good grasp on the case. Some juror questions, for example.

    I do think the case was impossibly difficult for this jury though. We have the advantage of discussing the evidence in minute detail, just a few seconds of testimony in a 5 month case can be crucial. Taking handwritten notes is no substitute for what we have.

  • Heather Soper Oh for heaven sakes Karlie.. if you can’t work it out..
  • Brad Justda Heather that’s a little harsh don’t you think? Now, I don’t take the kind of stuff personally, because I know you like me, but others who agree with the jury might  The education of the jury (or lack of) had nothing to do with the verdict. I wonder venture the opinion that Juan Martinez shouting had nothing at all to do with their verdict. From the few jurors (and alternates) who spoke up afterwards, it was Jodi’s testimony and the evidence presented that they based their verdict on.

    Also, please remember that the defense team had 9 jurors that they felt were educated enough to do the job, and more importantly they felt they were the type of people who would be favorable to Jodi’s plight. We have no way of knowing at this time, which of those were actually jurors for the verdict, and which were alternates, but worse cases scenario 3 of them actually participated in the verdict portion and all of them came to the conclusion after 4 months that Jodi was guilty as charged.

    PS: Education has absolutely NOTHING to do with intelligence and critical thinking skills

  • Heather Soper Brad: ”PS: Education has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence and critical thinking skills” Look. If I can see it anyone can, it really isn’t rocket science you know. Also:” Heather that’s a little harsh don’t you think? Er, Brad, no I don’t considering Kitz, er sorry, karlie, was in the GBGW group and having fun making libelous comments about me for her own warped enjoyment, she put a photo of me up purely to make foul remarks and have comments from the others to laugh with.. Randall was one of them who George hasd permitted into Jodi Closed.. nice huh? I’m a very fair minded person, I speak as I find with just cause. karlie was someone George had removed, so she changes her name and George has her back having known she was in that group?
  • Becky Atkinson but reading the comments from social media help them make a guilty verdict. they were scared of threats.. you saw what the forman got. right.. death threats.
  • George Barwood Brad “PS: Education has absolutely NOTHING to do with intelligence and critical thinking skills”

    I think there IS a correlation. People with higher level education will tend to be smarter, they have passed the exams, etc. If someone like Richard Feynman (perhaps the smartest American of all time) had been on the jury, Jodi would probably have been acquitted, IMO.

  • Brad Justda Heather I was referring to you calling the jurors stupid and un-educated, because by extension, you’re saying that people who agree with the jury decision stupid and uneducated–and that group includes me (who you like  ) and Travis supporters or haters. It had nothing to do with your comments to Kitz or Karlie which you posted while I was typing that novel right above it.
  • Becky Atkinson they talked about me also in that group.. but sticks and stones will break my bones..but words will never hurt me…lol
  • George Barwood I am not suggesting all Jodi supporters are geniuses, by the way.
  • Heather Soper Brad: I do like you, I just have a problem.. you say..”Also, please remember that the defense team had 9 jurors that they felt were educated enough to do the job, and more importantly they felt they were the type of people who would be favorable to Jodi’s plight” wrong! They all had to be Death Qualified! You think that is an impartial jury?? Wanting the best for Jodi? No.
  • Heather Soper Sorry brad.. I hadn’t read your novel! But yes, the jurors were uneducated, c’mon!; they bought all JM’s bullshit! I am hoping you don’t.. because I like you.. please, don’t let me down. I still credit you with insight.
  • Brad Justda George there are many brilliant people who eschewed higher education and have gone on to do brilliant things with great success. While I agree higher education can expose people to more opportunities to fine tune their processing and understanding of information, it is in no way a means of measuring their intellect. I guarantee The jurors we saw seemed well-spoken and possessing a solid intelligence

    I have far less education than any person here (high school dropout) but I am at least as intelligent as any of you, after all if I was a complete moron, you’d have kicked me to the curb right?

  • Brad Justda SHE LIKES ME, SHE REALLY LIKES ME!  Heather I’m going to drop it then, and hope we can agree to disagree on this point.
  • Becky Atkinson One got caught DUI.. lol
  • Heather Soper Brad.. no, intelligence.. ? I should have said plain ole common sense!
  • Heather Soper I’m hoping you’ll wake up SOON! !
  • Heather Soper or I shall have to view you as a lost cause.. ya don’t want that do ya.. I see you have intelligence.. lets see if you possess any common sense lol
  • George Barwood Brad I am saying there is a correlation. Jodi dropped out, but is intelligent. And there are different kinds of ability. Some people have the ability to suspend judgement and consider all possibilities, and integrate a lot of different factors, others do not. I think excluding people opposed to the DP and people who have experienced domestic violence could be a problem.

    We are talking probabilities here. Jodi needed that one in fifty juror with exceptional thinking capabilities. She didn’t get it, or perhaps they were eliminated as an alternate when the final jury was selected.

  • George Barwood I was not impressed by any of the jurors after the verdict. There was nothing to suggest they looked at the physical evidence in great detail. I don’t think the defense helped them though, the defense arguments were much weaker than they could have been, and there was a lack of clarity.
  • Heather Soper George! Death Qualified? What do you expect, miracles?
  • Billy Malone Right Heather, these people would lock you up and throw away the key for a parking ticket if they could.
  • Heather Soper Even for breathing!
  • Heather Soper They just don’t know what they’d be taking on lol!
  • Brad Justda George that’s the problem, the evidence that you felt was so compelling (I believe the blood evidence) was so corrupted they could only give cursory weight. Other evidence that Jodi testified to: bruising, pedophilia was never entered for consideration (other than Jodi’s word). The defense had an uphill battle, and it didn’t help that Jodi had lied so brilliantly because the jurors were going to have to overcome that before they could hand over any trust.
  • Becky Atkinson George the jurors still follow Jodi around at he trial date still not satisfied. Or are they feeling guilty.. they are no better than the way they see Jodi. They want her dead.
  • Heather Soper Brad, allow me to tell you.. Jodi NEVER lied once on the stand.. would YOU if your life was at stake?
  • Heather Soper TRUST me Brad, I know how many beans make five.
  • Billy Malone I would never take the stand if my life were at stake. Just the law of probability
  • Brad Justda Actually Heather, if I had committed the crime, I would. If I hadn’t committed the crime, I’d have been forthright from the start. The jury had no idea if this last story was the truth, or a continuation of the lies she had told prior to that. The bar was raised considerably by those previous lies, and the jury would require even more evidence that she was now telling the truth. Most of us operate the exact same way in our day to day lives. If you’ve got someone in a lie a few times, you tend to doubt other stories until such time you feel the person is trustworthy again.
  • Heather Soper Brad: Jodi was as fothright as JM allowed her to be.. got it? She naver waivered however much JM tried to confiuse her., Geez.. you are starting to disappoint me, much as I like you for being respectful.. shucks Brad.
  • Becky Atkinson So what was the Sequence of events? Jodi didnt agree with JM sequence of events. Why didnt the jurors pay more attention to that? Besides taking JM story. Unfair trial. The could of least give Jodi the benifit of a doubt.
  • Billy Malone Yesterday a guy here in Florida got convicted of killing his X. She was asleep with her BF and he broke in and stuck a knife in her chest while she was sleeping. Convicted of home invasion and murder. Got a life sentence. Now that was premeditated with a motive.
  • Heather Soper Brad: you write intelligently and are very articulate… what happened?
  • Brad Justda Heather I was only commenting on what she was up against with the previous lies. If you believe Juan didn’t allow her credibility to be repaired, that’s one thing, but as I mentioned the jury had to get over the fact she had out-right lied to them before.
  • Brad Justda Heather Soper Brad: you write intelligently and are very articulate… what happened? What happened where? In my understanding of this case?
  • Heather Soper Well, Brad, sounds good but not good enough…that’s all very well but they can’t put themselves as being scared to death? She was mortified, she knew no one would believe her really, so she lied initially through…FEAR. And the jurors wouldn’t? C’mon Brad, I’m not buying that. You shouldn’t either.
  • Billy Malone That’s why she should have never taken the stand. The evidence was in her favor.
  • Brad Justda Mark Arizona is a tough state to commit a crime (particularly Maricopa County), Texas is another. I think California has so much prison over-crowding (which is why Lindsay Lohan always got out in a couple hours for 3 month sentences) and she may have faired better over there. Jodi lived in probably the most lenient state to get a better verdict/sentence. Her DV story may have gone over better there where people like Alyce LaViolette are vocal champions of the cause.
  • Heather Soper Ahh you’re coming closer… should I pop the Champagne yet?
  • Becky Atkinson Ms.Alyce.. i loved listening to her.
  • Heather Soper Billy, it was through fear of her defence not telling it the way she would (and thinking back to the trial she had every reason to worry), had she been trusting of her defence team, I doubt whether she would have felt the need, that’s it, we don’t know.. and seeing that she tried to get another defence we can only surmise why she felt the need to take the stand.
  • Heather Soper ohh Becky, Alyce was top notch. I applauded her, yes, I clapped in my lounge!
  • Brad Justda At the end of the day, the shear brutality of the killing likely weighed heavy on the jury. Jodi walked away with two small cuts on her fingers (from the knife slipping) and a bump on the head (which she wasn’t even sure of). Travis had been painted as a physically violent man who had a hair trigger. Jodi claimed he had choked her out and body slammed her on previous occasions. She claimed he had kicked her while she lay curled in a fetal position and broke her finger. With his background of brute force, and Jodi involved in a life or death struggle, you’d expect to see more significant damage than she claimed. I’m telling it to you like I see it, the jury couldn’t get past her walking out of there unscathed with really no injuries when she claimed self-defense.
  • Becky Atkinson Matt saw marks on Jodis neck where TA chocked her. But of course he was threatened by JM.
  • Billy Malone And no one took the stand on Jodi’s side. A wise move in Mormon country.
  • Heather Soper Brad: You are forgetting one HUGE vital point… he was already injured through being shot accidentally.. well he shouldn’t have kept coming after her, should he? It is clear that you will never in a month of Sundays concede that Jodi was abused.. ”she claimed..” ”the jury couldn’t get past her walking out of there unscathed with really no injuries when she claimed self-defense.” Oh so thay can prove that, can they? In any case what the hell has this got to do with premeditated murder?
  • Becky Atkinson Jodi was lucky on that day.. But not so lucky these days.
  • Heather Soper One of them HAD to die.. it was TA’s call.. Jodi survived.. yes. a woman, anyone have a problem with that…
  • Heather Soper JM does. He can’t wait to murder her. I have a problem eith THAT. Excuse the typos.. I’m tired!
  • Heather Soper Brad: WHY can’t you see this was a Kangaroo court? You think it was easy for Jodi up on the stand for weeks? She told the truth and was intelligently aware of JM trying his best to trick her.. Brad, how come you don’t read people?
  • George Barwood “Jodi walked away with two small cuts on her fingers (from the knife slipping) and a bump on the head (which she wasn’t even sure of). ”

    One possibility is that Travis was trying to subdue (possibly choke) Jodi, and not to injure her visibly. That would fit in with the domestic violence context. That Jodi was sufficiently frightened in that situation to lash out in self-defense is not criminal. In other words, Jodi reasonably believed in that instant that her life was in danger.

    This is where the DV part of the jury instructions come in.

  • Becky Atkinson She was honest about TA also. She never wanted to expose him..JM made her do that.. Thats why she never wrote bad things in her journal about him.
  • Heather Soper Exactly Becky.
  • Becky Atkinson And the DV instructions just went in one ear and out the other with most of the jurors.. all but the Forman.. He knew.. But social media said he had the hots for Jodi.. such sick mined people out in this world..
  • George Barwood Here is what Jodi said in the Alvears interview:

    D.A: If it was self defense, did Travis deserve to die?

    J.A: I don’t believe that Travis deserved to die. I don’t recall, I do have memory gaps and I wish that I could take back everything that happened. I never believed that he deserved to die. I flashed and I reacted and… here I am and a lot of people have been hurt in the process and if I could take that back I would do that in a second.

    I think Jodi believes that her fear threshold was exceeded, which caused her to “flash”, not out of anger, but out of fear.

  • Heather Soper Brad: pleaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese take note of George’s comment? ”D.A: If it was self defense, did Travis deserve to die?”
    I do like you, just wish you’d kind of open your eyes, you know? I hope there’s a chance of that even if you have to force your eyes open with matchsticks. I like a debate when it presents itself, but you are a hard nut to crack! Trust Auntie Heather!!!
  • Billy Malone Heather you weren’t there and it is an undisputed fact that Jodi drove a rental car close to 2000 miles just to be “abused”. She knew Travis a lot better than any of us.
  • Kitz DC Thanks for the link George Barwood, I dont’ believe I’ve seen that interview before. Very telling.
  • George Barwood “Jodi drove a rental car close to 2000 miles just to be “abused””

    That’s very inaccurate. Jodi was on a road trip, and Mesa was not a huge extra diversion. She visited two of her ex-boyfriends, visiting a third was not such a big step.

    Mind you : she was far too willing to please Travis, when her focus should have been on her new boyfriend. That was a character weakness – wanting to please everybody.

  • Heather Soper I was just about to say the same, George.
  • Heather Soper Really? Ya could have fooled me!
  • Heather Soper That’s ok Brad, you weren’t to know.
  • Zee Davis


Paul Harvey; Letter from God
Paul Harvey reads a hypothetical letter from God.- PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING JESUS TO MEET POLITICAL ENDS.


Jodi Arias’s legal bills, footed by Arizona taxpayers, pass $2 MILLION and will only get bigger
In May, Jodi Arias was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in Mesa, Arizona, but the jury failed to reach a verdict on her sentence.


  • 3 people like this.
  • Ronnie Ray this is a Arizona problem and a American problem and my tax dollars are helping to pay for all of it. the UK has their own problems to pay for their own disgraces when people are accused of crimes they didn’t commit. whatever it takes to defend Jodie and give her a fair trial is fine with me. maybe the UK Dailynews should write stories about their own trials.
  • Elizabeth May Matthews That was on the daily mail USA page actually.
  • Mark Curtis the simple answer they should have given her a deal
  • Billy Malone For them shyster lawyers, the world is not enough. If the taxpayers want to keep giving I see no reason why the lawyers should stop taking. They knew what they were in for when they went after the DP. Reason why a good many states have abolished it.
  • George Barwood Jodi should not have been charged, she is innocent!
  • Billy Malone It was indeed a career building opportunity for JM.. These perfect storm cases just don’t come about that often. I’m sure you read the blogs when Dr Horn was on the stand.
  • Nina Kearney The state is occurring the amount of money spent on this case of injustice.
  • Billy Malone To convict a guilty person is cheap and easy but to convict an innocent person takes treachery and big money.
  • Nina Kearney Very true Mr. Malone. The State of AZ just can’t let it go. The taxpayer of AZ should be up in arms with their State Attorney Bill Montgomery.
  • Billy Malone (Don’t see my last post) Ken Anderson is JM’s role model. (DA in Texas who framed Michael Morton)
  • Billy Malone Wild sex in the Mormon community, the prosecution didn’t have to demonize her, all the lies before the charges were even filed, the a DP qualified jury? ? ? The trial was just a formality.
  • George Barwood What happened I think is that Jodi practically convicted herself by lying on national TV… and then the trial turned into a circus, with some jurors making up their minds even before the jury was chosen.

    And then the case isn’t easy anyway, and the defense made weak arguments.

  • Billy Malone Ah they squandered the money away as the whole case rested on the ME’s opinion. Jodi need an expert that would testify there was a serious and the amount of blood evidences the fact that Travis’s heart was pumping throughout the entire fight. A wound with no blood indicates an overkill and there was non to be found of the body of Travis.
  • George Barwood Billy Until Juan changed his theory, the case didn’t rest on the ME’s opinion, but it seems that by that time the defense had already spent it’s budget.

    But it’s hard to challenge the ME’s opinion, because jurors tend to believe prosecution experts, and the evidence is technical, and the ME is in a unique position of having actually performed the autopsy.

    So when Dr Horn says he made a “typo”, it seems the jurors just believed him.

    Or perhaps the jury didn’t believe him, but believed Juan’s Gas Can theory, and thought it didn’t matter that the prosecution was mistaken about the gunshot.

    In that case, it’s hard to understand why 8 jurors voted for felony murder.

    My feeling is the jurors were hopelessly confused, so just went on the theory that Jodi lied to Flores so she must be guilty, and they voted for guilt in whatever way they could, with little regard for the law. Anything Juan asked for he got, until it came to a death sentence.

  • Heather Soper I waiver between the jury being confused and automatically voting for 1st degree murder like they have always done in the past for women defendants; the latter seems more true for me.
  • Heather Soper Sorry, Brad, I wholly disagree. Reading your post reminds me of the saying, ”The lady doth protest too much, methinks” I felt there were far too many convenient excuses, that the real reason for the jurors is just not palatable..
  • George Barwood “I wish I knew the common denominator that Jodi supporters share”

    We did psych tests at JAII during the trial.

    I am came out as an “Intuitive thinker”, it was a very high reading ( I don’t recall the exact details ).

    Another very common denominator is people who have been victims of domestic violence, which is not rare.

    Any jurors who had that experience were excluded from the jury, which would make them especially bad at understanding domestic violence, since not one of them would have had personal experience.

    Jodi supporters are I think gentle, thoughtful people, who are against hate.

  • Heather Soper Brad: I saw it all very starkly, it was all so ”in your face” that it was impossible for anyone NOT to see the corruption, the misconduct, the ME excusing his error as typographical error, Flores’ excuse was he had misunderstood.. now, add that all together and you can’t avoid it; anyone one should, IF they have any common sense at all, ask themselves what the hell is going on? There was Nothing subtle in all this, so, no Brad, the reasons you give don’t hold water, that it was at all confusing to anyone with even half a brain. The icing on the cake was when Martinez changed his charge to shot last (how ironic the ME should do the same?) at the 11th hour when the defence couldn’t do anything about it. Are you saying that the jurors found that ”confusing” too ? Brad, it seems by track record that when a woman is charged with murder, the general public (who are part of a jury), automatically say she is guilty of 1st degree. Why do I say this? One only has to look at past cases of women found innocent after 25 years and yet the Governor, Montgomery, still wants them tried again and again. ” The fact they couldn’t agree on a sentence tells you that they had strong convictions and were not going to be swayed by other juror’s arguments.” That was on 1st degree murder, Brad, they all voted guilty. Its just that some, 5, I believe, didn’t think she should get death.
  • George Barwood Heather, there were 4 jurors who voted against death. There were 5 jurors who voted against Felony murder.
  • Heather Soper Brad: ” I wish I knew the common denominator that Jodi supporters share, and the one one non-supporters share” The difference is that Jodi supporters go by evidence and non supporters choose not to see it, for reasons only beknown to Them.
  • Heather Soper Ok, George, but the main point I wanted to make, was that all voted GUILTY of 1st degree murder. (thanks for putting me straight!)
  • Heather Soper Brad: I can hardly believe you said this: ” Actually there is much to be said of the fact Arizona is sparing no expenses in providing Jodi with a defense team and the tools to ensure as fair a trial as possible” The defence team is State appointed; they are hardly going to spend lots of money for a good defence when the object is to murder her, how do you see that they would provide the tools to ensure a fair trial when there is no fair trial in Arizona; not sequestering juries supports that for a start; having only DP qualified juries, is another, allowing prosecutorial misconduct, another, and as for turning a blind eye to the Alexander family’s antics.. well… the whole case stank of corruption = unfairness.
  • Billy Malone Wish I could remember Gerry Spence’s story of the wolf going after the outer ban of sheep. The outer ban first (misfits like Jodi in a Mormon community) As the wolf grows stronger he requires more sheep and the ban begins to shrink & soon he will be looking you in the eye. Close I think. Jodi was an easy conviction for the wolf because she fit into that outer ban of sheep.
  • Karlie M. Thompson George Barwood: “Another very common denominator is people who have been victims of domestic violence, which is not rare.
    Any jurors who had that experience were excluded from the jury, which would make them especially bad at understanding domestic violence, since not one of them would have had personal experience.” George, are you saying that you believe that more of the Jodi supporters have been victims of DV? Do you have a basis for that assumption?
  • Sandra Webber Oooooh, I like that story! Is Gerry still practicing?:)
  • Billy Malone Equal protection under the law just might mean that out of the 1200 domestic violence deaths each year, how many ever resulted in a DP trial. Although Bobbitt didn’t kill her mate look what the jury handed her. (she walked) Not premeditated long enough I guess.
  • George Barwood Karlie Of the female supporters of Jodi, many (I would say most) have been victims of intimate terrorism, generally serious. However people are often reluctant to discuss that openly.
  • Billy Malone No Sandra, just too old but the best of the best for sure. On 60 minutes they said when you go up against Spence in any court room you will come out either dead, dead or dead.
  • Karlie M. Thompson Brad Justda, I couldn’t agree more with your opinions here. The televised interviews certainly destroyed Jodi’s credibility with the majority of the general public here in the US. Regarding her choice not to get legal counsel prior to her interviews with Flores, Jodi was working for PPL at the time wasn’t she? For some reason I thought I remembered her mentioning legal counsel during one of her phone calls to Flores. Do you remember anything like that.
  • Billy Malone Oh Jodi is not going to get any support from a female juror because she is beautiful but a real Jezebel. (A real BF but secret sex with another)
  • George Barwood Amy: Tell me about that, what kind of support mail?
    Jodi: Um, hundreds and hundreds. I have like two hundred plus post cards right now that I don’t even think that it’s logistically possible to respond to every one.
    Amy: No, well what are they saying to you? Just give me an example of, you know, of Joe Blow down the street?
    Jodi: Jodi, I listened to your testimony and I believe you. Um, I’m in your corner, or the best ones are when women write me and say I was in a situation like yours before and I totally understand, or thank you for your testimony. I’ve left the relationship that I was in because of what happened. Things like that. That if I can motivate one person to get out of a battered relationship or if I can motivate one person to at least document what’s going on, you know, something. Then that’s better than if they just went down the path that I went down.


  • George Barwood NB “the best ones are when women write me and say I was in a situation like yours before and I totally understand, or thank you for your testimony. I’ve left the relationship that I was in because of what happened.”
  • Billy Malone Right but they don’t get on the jury.
  • George Barwood Brad Have you clarified your thoughts on gunshot first/last?

    To me the evidence there is absolutely conclusive : Dr Horn was wrong, the bullet did not pass through the brain. That will probably be the subject of my next “Step-by-step” post.

  • George Barwood That’s to say Dr Horn was RIGHT when he did the autopsy and spoke to Flores in 2008, but WRONG at trial.
  • Heather Soper Surely Brad has seen the video, George.
  • Brad Justda George I keep going over it in my head, and I’ve found many strong points and evidence to substantiate either scenario.
  • Heather Soper Hmmm … Brad, but a good defence would have succeeded and she wouldn’t have been convicted PLUS all that money (that the haters go on about because they are repubs) would be saved  that they are still having to spend to murder her.
  • George Barwood Brad With gunshot last, how do you explain the pool of blood near the entrance to the toilet?
  • Heather Soper Brad: ” George I keep going over it in my head, and I’ve found many strong points and evidence to substantiate either scenario.” That is because you aren’t seeing it properly.
  • Sandra Webber “so many scenarios” is exactly right, Brad. None of which have thus far been proven, imo. Hence, the back and forth, while interesting, is not really getting us closer to the truth or to Jodi’s freedom, or even to her not getting the DP. IMO.
  • George Barwood “the blood pool created by some other injuries”

    What injuries? The stab to the chest?

    I believe that’s wrong on several counts.

    (i) A stab to the chest would produce mostly internal bleeding.
    Blood would seep out from the entry wound, but quite slowly.

    (ii) The pool could hardly be so close to the wall with a stab to the chest.

    (iii) If Travis is stabbed in the chest in the shower, and then goes to the sinks, how does the pool of blood get there ( near the toilet) ?

    (iv) If Travis is wounded so badly that he is on the floor near the toilet entrance for a significant amount of time, how does he then get up and go to the sink?

  • Kitz DC What if he went to the sink first then fell down near the entrance to the toilet? Wasn’t he bleeding heavily at the sink?
  • Billy Malone Why sure he is, Horn’s statements stands unless challenged by another expert. The defense should have started at the start. Gund don’t kill people it’s the bullet that does the job. Any evidence that the bullet Horn removed was the one stolen back in May? Then the secret trip. Travis over at the Mormon singles meet center while he’s banging Jodi every chance he gets. His GF finds out and dumps him so yeah the trip is secret as Travis has his sights set on a new one and is going out of the country with her. Secret, very secret.
  • George Barwood Kitz DC ” What if he went to the sink first then fell down near the entrance to the toilet? Wasn’t he bleeding heavily at the sink?”

    He was indeed, but there is a blood trail from the double sinks that leads towards the hallway.

  • George Barwood There is also a blood trail connecting the pool near the toilet entrance to the double sinks.

    But that is all – there is no second trail connecting the pool near the toilet to anything – implying it is probably where the first bleeding occurred, consistent with Jodi’s narrative.

  • Billy Malone The sink blood is the shadow of doubt as he had to be standing and he was either standing there before or after the fight. Just don’t think he would be standing there if Jodi was on the attack and he was in no condition to be standing the after the fight for sure. All they needed was the expert to say it.
  • Karlie M. Thompson Back to legal fees and Jodi’s lack of an attorney during questioning..Jay Singer, if you read page 15 of the Flores Supplemental Report you’ll see that when Jodi was in town for Travis’s memorial she spoke to Flores on the phone and said that she was going to speak to an attorney before coming in for an interview. He said that was fine, and he informed her of the other people that were coming in. She showed up with the others (most likely because she didn’t want to make herself look guilty). That was on June 17th, more than a month prior to her arrest she was already talking about getting an attorney so it’s not like she didn’t have a lot of time to get one.
  • Billy Malone She had to have know it was just a matter of time before the cops came a knocking at her door. She knew that secret trip wasn’t all that secret. The cop should have been on her doorstep in Yreka on June 5. Those two roommates didn’t just stay away by chance on the June 3. Didn’t just happen to do their laundry on June 2. Didn’t by chance know how to add up 2+2 (the watch & ring + cell phone & computer = Travis is home.)
  • Billy Malone And Miss Mimi calles several times but hold off until after the 11th hr to hike over there. So we go the no come home on the 3rd both roommates. no wash clothes for 5 days, again both roommates. They know he is going but neither knows what day to start feeding the dog and Miss Mimi goes 6 days without seeing a guy she is going out of the country with. The whole group goes to the same church though. Who’s foolin who here.
  • Billy Malone Cheap 25 cal gun stolen from place where Jodi was staying back on May 28. No big deal as there are millions of these cheap guns around and thousands of burglaries each year in Calif alone. Jodi cheats on potential BF by driving to have sex for a few hrs with former friend. Again no big deal as there are thousands of cheaters like this in the state. Cheaters tend to keep it on the DL so Jodi take appropriate measures. No big deal here either. Then comes a domestic type argument where one kills the other. 1200 of these a year so again no big deal as there was no home invasion or restraining orders in effect at the time. See Brad the circumstantial evidence door swings both ways
  • Billy Malone Just a comment on your post about 5 up.
  • Heather Soper Brad, things metamorphose, they have a habit of doing that!
  • Heather Soper Brad, ” George you make a strong case for the gunshot first with this blood pool, but I also see a strong case for the gunshot being last and the blood pool created by some other injuries. ” Can I suggest you watch the video I posted on both Free Jodi and Jodi closed. It explains perfectly why the gunshot couldn’t have been last.
  • Billy Malone I may have missed something but I didn’t hear any compelling evidence presented by the prosecution concerning same to override Jodi’s sworn statement concerning the blood pool.
  • Zee Davis

Tonight I am supporting James Stone. There is a two hour show on Dateline NBC on the David Camm case.

David’s first prosecutor was Stan Faith, who also wrongly convicted James Stone, who has now been in prison for nearly 30 YEARS….See More

James Stone Support Page's photo.

Like Page

Like ·  · Share · January 31 at 2:17pm · Edited

I want to post these videos by Gray Davis because they can help us visualize the crime scene. Gray Davis does not agree with us, but I think his videos are very informative.


Jodi Arias Crime Scene
Jodi Arias Crime Scene reference video


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has ruled that State prosecutors who coerce false testimony that leads to a wrongful conviction, can be sued civilly for “civil rights” violations.


Like ·  · Share · January 29 at 5:42pm · Edited

Is this what Jodi said TA was watching?


Daft Bodies – Harder Better Faster Stronger


Step 2: Juan’s story is not consistent with the evidence

The three photos below show the relation between the blood pool in Step 1, and the sinks on the opposite side of the bathroom from the Bath and Shower. See also this video that shows the layout :

According to Juan, Jodi attacked Travis in the shower with a knife, and then Travis went to the sinks, where there is blood spatter. But this fails to explain the pool of blood that…See More

George Barwood's photo.
George Barwood's photo.
George Barwood's photo.
Like ·  · Share · January 28 at 1:11pm · Edited
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  • George Barwood The room layout video embedded:

    Jodi Arias Crime Scene reference video
  • George Barwood Brad I think if you look very carefully at the pools, you can see the effects of the flood in washing away some of the plasma, while leaving the clotted red blood cells behind (not sure if I am being exactly accurate here in my terminology).

    What precisely did Jodi say about what happened at this point? I wouldn’t put too much faith in that, since her recollection at this point surely has to be very vague, and she may have been slightly confused in her recollection.

    It’s well known that memories of such stressful events are not likely to be accurate, especially so long after the event. She doesn’t even remember Travis bleeding, or going to the sink. That suggests to me these are real, inexact memories, not a concocted story. But ignore Jodi’s memory, concentrate on the physical evidence, which is well preserved in the form of these photos. Which narrative is consistent with the evidence?

  • George Barwood The defense narrative is that Travis was shot roughly in the middle of the bathroom after he didn’t stop when Jodi pointed his gun at him.

    One detail: if you look closely at the blood pool, there is actually a small pool that is slightly separate, and there is are also blood spots around that could be consistent with a struggle, although clearly Travis had to be pretty much in the same spot for at least several seconds for that blood pool to form.

  • George Barwood The testimony of Jodi for what happened immediately after Travis was shot would still be relevant and interesting though.
  • Jay Singer Brad Justda “There is simply no signs of a struggle as Jodi indicated happened in that area.”

    1. A struggle does not always mean that the the 2 people fighting are doing big movements, especially in our case when they were together on the floor and the none wounded/bloody person (Jodi) just wants to get away from the wounded/bloody one (Travis) than the motion is on the part of the person who is not bloody (Jodi), and the wounded person (Travis) is the one who is not making big movements, in fact he is restraining the movement by holding her back from going

    2. in the beginning of the bloody fight both of them were still not covered with blood, this does not have to create more blood than what it is there already

  • Jay Singer Brad Justda he was not incapacitated, he immediately grabbed her to get hold of her, and even he was incapacitated Jodi still did not know that she shot him at all, so why leave? granted he said FKYB, i think she was HOPING that it was just an expression of anger, but still suspected that it might be true so she was confused, i think the confusion is something significantly contributed to hold her back from leaving, + the explanation what jodi said that the door was opening on the inside and she tried it once and he reached her, her instinctual (unhealthy) advise to hold the abuse behind closed doors, so bundling up all these little confusions and doubts which she would need to decide in a split second in panic, she simply decided without any though.

    look, we are sitting her in our couches relived in a calm environment we are able to think over every movement how it would be the best we think about it 10 minutes, 3 minutes, 50 seconds, 25 seconds, she didn’t even have 10 seconds to think and in panic, how can you compare your though process to what is reasonable for a panicked confused woman without any time to think of a plan (even a bad one), and have instinctual habits?

    you say “and so even if he was holding Jodi down, he would be spilling blood all over her”

    1. it depends on where his head hit 2. even he succeeded and hit his head on jodi, maybe it was just for a sec. and than he was just facing the floor just grabbing Jodi, i would assume since Jodi wanted to get away that she was not directly under him or his head for the whole time, 3, even he did face her it still does not mean that there was big movement on his part or on the part of where jodi got bloody

    you say “Most people who are hit in the head, grab their head instinctively”

    this is why Jodi was able to get away from him after a few second but since Travis started the throwing on her before he was shot he was still in the mindset of hitting her we know all these experiences we all have that if we plan doing something even we need to change the plan immediately it takes sometime to organize and our body should follow the brains command + when physically he was in a movement of attacking so you cannot hold it back immediately, but i believe after a few sec. he did get hold of the wounds with his hands and this is why jodi was able to get away

  • Jay Singer Brad Justda “but should Travis have to pay the price because Jodi was scatterer-brained?”


    But jodi does not have to pay the price either if the scatterer-brain was created by the panic he Started and because of the situation of the confusion, we as human beings are responsible for what we do, but we are not responsible for things we were forced to do or for just bad judgment in a split sec. unless the Judgement was in a none responsible way even considering the situation (which is not the case here),

    reading this post it looks to me that you view people as a one one dimensional creature, so let me learn you something, people are NOT, they are very complicated creatures affected by character, upbringing, environment, situations, surroundings, thought process ETC.

    you seem to be on the opinion that if someone acts in a certain way on a certain situation is means that the whole following event (or what happened prior) needs to go the same way, so im here to tell you that you might reconsider this opinion, its not how it works, people can be in a confused state of mind in a certain period of time and in the same time they can be very clear on other things and of course they can be clear in one second and confused the other second IT DEPENDS what was said, what feelings did situation or words bring up

    “She seemed clear-headed when she thought through the door situation”

    certain situation can bring up certain recollection in a split second its almost instinctual you can simply not judge from one decision to another because IT DEPENDS which button the situation and the character, thought process etc. was pushed is soo much more complicated than what we all can imagine, sometimes we cannot even identify the reasons for our own decision let alone someone else’s

    “Confused people under stress act on a more primitive level and anything she thought she knew about the door or reflecting back on other abuse would mostly be absent.”

    you are speculating about the absence or recollections or instinctual behaviors, for other people, you have no idea what button or feeling this situation pushed and what ball it rang, its very interesting for me to see people trying to take the smallest inconsistencies from a panicked moment by the most complicated creature on earth and say with confident that they are not in the way it should be

  • Jay Singer Brad Justda “If something didn’t sound within the realms of what a reasonable person would do under particular conditions, then they have to judge on that”

    Right! but they have to judge it with the understanding that she did not have the time to analyze the situation the way they could do it,

    so my point is when people start asking questions like you did its obviously coming from sitting in a calm environment and not putting themselves into her shoes and her situation

    and back to my previous comment people are much more complicated than the way you make it sound

  • Jay Singer I agree with you that a lot of people dont think with the sense i have  and thanks for the compliment

    this is what really bothers me, i know that this is why she was found guilty, and i would say that people who have a life in their hand should think with the sense i have clearly understanding the human being and his behaviors, i believe if people would take it really serios they would be coming to the same conclusions like me

  • Jay Singer if we agree the whole conversation witll get board but on the other hand i hope that i accomplish something by arguing with you, so im conflicted with myself if i want you to give in or still hold up, ohh this is what i really want you give in for yourself but dont give up in public or at least in the forms im in, so we can still argue
  • George Barwood Brad Justda asked ” I agree with what you say about being scared and confused and not thinking clearly, but should Travis have to pay the price because Jodi was scatterer-brained?”

    Brad : people are not perfect. Jodi was not perfect, Travis was far from perfect.

    People do not deserve to die because they are not perfect, people do make mistakes.

    But sometimes, through a combination of circumstances, people do die. You can call it an accident if you wish. I once nearly died because I made a mistake.

    We cannot execute people because they are scatter-brained, we should not even arrest them, because there is no criminal intent. This is the law.

    (And thanks to all for the good constructive discussion above while I was asleep )

  • Heather Soper Brad: ” Her arrest was completely appropriate.” The police went after and arrested her because Travis’ Mormon friends all pointed the finger at her. You have to take into account that Jodi was TA’s dirty little secret, he told his friends terrible lies about her whilst continuing to use her body for his selfish gratification; he should have let her go when they had agreed their relationship was over. It was through total selfishness and the need to control that he kept calling her after they had ended their relationship. He couldn’t let her go, not because he loved her, abuse is not showing love to anyone. In the end his need for control and abuse of Jodi got the better of him and his anger went out of control. How are TA and Jodi the same?
  • George Barwood Brad It’s the duty of the police to investigate.

    Now this was a very hard case for them, because both Travis and Jodi lied. Travis lied a lot before he was killed, and Jodi lied a lot after she killed Travis.

    I probably should have said “charged” rather than “arrested”, I was speaking in general terms.

    This was a serious case, and after interviewing Jodi, Flores certainly knew Jodi was still lying.

    What he could and should have done is to get a second opinion, possibly from a domestic violence expert and obtained a lawyer for Jodi, who could have given her some advice.

    I do believe people suspected of a serious crime should be given a lawyer to advise them if they are obviously lying. Perhaps it would have made no difference, but I think that is only fair.

    It could have saved an awful lot of money, and Jodi instead of being locked up for 10+ years (or even executed) might never have been charged if she had a good lawyer to advise her.

    Victims of domestic violence (or “intimate terrorism” which is the term I saw Nigella Lawson use recently) often do lie, and it should not have been too difficult to make the connection.

  • George Barwood Did Jodi ever ask for a lawyer during her interview? I have a feeling she did but Flores talked her out of it, is that right?
  • George Barwood “the police had no idea that domestic violence would enter into this case”

    A woman kills a man after spending the night with him, and the police do not suspect domestic violence?

    Well, they need more training then!

  • Brad Justda And remember, in all of Jodi’s stories about Travis, she spoke of him in very loving and glowing terms.
  • Jay Singer jodi asked 2 times for a lawyer saying I think I should get a lawyer floras talked her out saying its better for her to come clean but after hiring a lawyer he will not be able to talk to her
  • Sandra Webber Jodi acted with Flores like she did with Travis. SHE did not take control and DEMAND a lawyer, instead she let Flores lead and control her. Investigators typically do this, so that in itself is not surprising, but it’s further evidence that Jodi was and STILL IS under some kind of an influence where she allows OTHERS to control her in some very important aspects. WHY, WHEN SHE HAS EVERY LEGAL RIGHT, HAS SHE NOT EVEN ATTEMPTED TO SPEAK WITH ANOTHER ATTORNEY? SHE COULD SPEAK PRIVILEGED AND SHE’D BE UNDER NO OBLIGATION AND IT WOULD NOT COST HER A DIME. Willmott may care about Jodi and works hard, and Jodi may feel to talk to someone at this point would be disrespectful OR they may have heavily dissuaded her from doing so…….At some point, George, you may want to introduce the issue of brainwashing, mind control, threats, etc……Just sayin…
  • Heather Soper ”Jodi acted with Flores like she did with Travis. SHE did not take control and DEMAND a lawyer, instead she let Flores lead and control her.” Absolutely Sandra, why is it other can’t see this obvious similarity and make 2 + 2 = 4. She very much allowed others to control her.
  • Sandra Webber And she still is, to varying degrees.
  • Heather Soper Yes. Something as deeply ingrained as this can’t be eradicated easily.
  • Heather Soper Brad: People see her as this, but fail to see how she could have allowed herself to have been controlled and abused, that is the problem, they don’t understand but have probably been there themselves. So I think its more that they won’t understand.. especially the women, mens egos won’t allow them to, some have probably been/are abusers themselves
  • George Barwood Reminder: this post is about the relation between the blood pool in Step 1, and the sinks on the opposite side of the bathroom.

    Please come back on topic.

  • Brad Justda Sorry George, will do.
  • Kitz DC George Barwood I’ll continue the question on the blood pool here too. Could it also be that his body rested there while she was dragging him back to the shower? I’m just trying to see the sequence without considering her testimony. She had access to all the evidence for years.
  • Jay Singer no blood trail from the pool to the shower
  • Karlie M. Thompson If there had been a trail it might have been washed away from the “flood”. remember how wet the box in the linen closet was.
  • George Barwood Karlie Yes, you can theorise that the flood selectively washed away various trails. It’s a rather random way to fix things up, but we will leave it at that, as there is other stronger (but perhaps not as easy to understand) evidence that Jodi is innocent.

    I had intended to post Step 3 today, but the Amanda Knox news has saddened me, so I will delay that for the moment while I get myself back together.

  • Jay Singer no i dont believe a flood would wash away ALL the blood, and more so its not just that there is no blood when Jm wants it to be but there is blood only where according to Jodi is explainable
  • Karlie M. Thompson Actually George, I’ll refer you to photos 5 and 22 from your wiki on the bathroom evidence so you can understand what I am saying. There was quite a bit of water to have soaked up so high on the box and at one time you believed it had gone all the way down the hallway to the bedroom carpet. Do you now think differently about the amount of water?
  • Karlie M. Thompson I am looking at all of the photos and blood evidence to make sense of it.
  • Becky Atkinson Jodi did say twice that they was blood everywhere!in the 2nd story.. Kinda makes sense to me…
  • Karlie M. Thompson Jay Singer, I didn’t say ALL blood. I am only talking about any trails that might have been leading to/from the pools we see in the pictures.
  • Rob Roman Karlie has a point about the water. There certainly was water on the floor.
  • Zee Davis
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