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Trump Supporters, you didn’t listen.

by on March 29, 2023

All those news stories you read, and I KNOW you read them because you sent them to me…

You got duped.

A recent survey says that you guys were more likely to click on the fake stories, so this kid in the article below made a BIG wad of money.


I will tell you again, CHECK YOUR SOURCES!  I have screamed that at you guys since well before this election.  I have tried to teach you what click bait is, what fake stories are, how to spot and handle trolls, and I did that out of love and respect.

Breitbart is run by a professional troll, I already told you that, and it is not reputable news source.  Trump had two professional trolls working for him, Bannon/Breitbart who he repaid by giving him a government job, and the other was ASSange/Wikileaks.  (And NO, Trump cannot pardon Assange for a crime he may or may not have committed in another country.)  SURELY, by now, you can see that.

LISTEN closely to what the kid says in the video:

I did not pick you based on your religious beliefs or your politics.  I chose you because we have much in common, and we have been on the same side of the fence more often than not.  Now, when we NEED to be talking and looking at what is going on, you have fallen silent.


Speak up.

LOOK at what is happening.  The rest of the world is.


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  1. Social Security:

    Top House Republican Unveils Plan To Gut Social Security

    “In order to close Social Security’s long-term funding gap, Johnson would make Social Security’s benefit formula less generous for all but the lowest earners, rapidly raise the retirement age and reduce the annual cost-of-living adjustment, among other changes designed to save money.”

    HERE is the filing:

    Click to access SJohnson_20161208.pdf

  2. Trumps conflict of interest/Carrier:

    He did not save 700 jobs as the company is spending the money they got to automate and laying off the employees:

    “We’re going to… automate to drive the cost down so that we can continue to be competitive,” Hayes said. “Is it as cheap as moving to Mexico with lower cost labor? No. But we will make that plant competitive just because we’ll make the capital investments there. But what that ultimately means is there will be fewer jobs.” – Greg Hayes, CEO of United Technologies, Carrier’s corporate parent

    This is especially interesting to me because Snopes states, without proof, that the connection is False. It is not. NO proof has been offered by ANYONE in the Trump camp that he sold that stock, or ANY stock.

    Then there’s this:

    The man who pledged 50 Million for American jobs:

    Cisco Systems Inc bought into Softbank (the Japanese guy who is actually Korean)
    Softbank pledges 50 Million to Trump
    Trump owns stock in Cisco Systems Inc. (July Financials page 40)

    “Donald Trump “Trigger Event” Could Be Huge for Cisco Stock” –

  3. Trump has become a Twitter troll. He acted just LIKE a troll during the debates. I told you how a troll acts, now tell me I am wrong!

  4. Trump says “Lock her Up” was just a prevote mantra, so if you voted for him because of that:

  5. LOOK at who he just put in place…Rick Perry. Perry threatened his way out of Felony charges of abuse of power. We are batting 1000 here COMRADES.


  6. reallybigmeandog permalink

    I think y’all better start learning Russian Pesky and I’m going to suggest Canada build a fucking wall. Jesus H, what a shit show.

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