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Truth or CONsequences – ARIAS FORGERY

by on April 20, 2014
Arias court papers filed, blame gets placed on a kid in jail!
(Frankly, if she fell over dead in her cell, we’d make that day a National Holiday)


Let’s just see how these dots connect.



Jodi Arias got more than a murder conviction in Arizona … she got Hepatitis C … and she blames it on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who she also claims is in a…
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  • Sandra Webber So what the hell are her “lawyers” good for? Does anyone besides me yet realize that her “defense team” led by Nurmi are NOT protecting Jodi or seeing that her basic rights as a human are preserved? How many more smoke signals does Jodi have to send up? Minimizing her abuse once again, Jodi is…sound familiar?
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  • Madeline Mindy Unbelievable! As, I stated before Hepatitis C virus is not curable. Torturing people with disease? Jodi will need treatment for the rest of her life. In which, they appear to want to shorten. No medical treatment for a leak in her breast implant? Why ? Jodi Arias? Why??
    Sheriff Joe, -I will say it again…I will see you in hell.
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  • Sandra Webber And who is to say how many others don’t have the same? Accidentally? Or… Yeah, it’s time for the Feds to do more than just serve paperwork on ol’ Joe.
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  • George Barwood Well, it seems the TMZ article is bogus!
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  • Sandra Webber How so, George? They said there are “legal documents”, I doubt they would say that if there were not, since those documents are public record and can be obtained from the courthouse. Now, mainstream media has steadfastly refused to write anything against the prosecution or Sheriff Joe, so unless some rogue person gets them from the courthouse or TMZ posts them, we can all speculate until the cows come home!
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  • Michael John Strickland Madeeline: Hep-C is curable. I know a guy who had it and has been virus free since then (1 year extreme drug therapy). The problem is it does liver damage which may not be reversable. This causes various other health problems.
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  • George Barwood Sandra More than one supporter says the story is 100% false.e.g.estela smith @smith_estela 1 hr
    @michaelbkiefer Michael TMZ did an article on Jodi Arias that was 100%fabricated. I know this story to be 100%false
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  • George Barwood Lisa Schilling @LisaASchilling 1 hr
    @michaelbkiefer TMZ article re: Jodi and Hep C, restraining orders, all lies, completley fabricated, pls get the real story, thanks!
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  • Sandra Webber I’d like to give TMZ a chance to produce the “legal documents”. Or any other news entity or individual. The article said she did so without “the benefit of a lawyer”, same as she did with her 12 page letter to fire Nurmi. Although we’ve all seen the 12 page Nurmi document, I’m not sure it was online publicly, as all docs are not. Could be the same for this. But again, I’m neutral for now.
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  • Sandra Webber The documents are being shown here:
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  • Johnny L Alejos So many lies so much crap goes on in jail. I dont know what tn believe anymore. One thing is sure jodi needs our love a prayers now more than ever. Luv ya girl.








    First there was…


    and now we have…

    Thank you to Georgies “trusted friend”

    who was sooo excited

    that he allowed her to be “privy”

    that she bragged,

    and the letter leaked!


    Had it not been for you and George, we may never have caught this!



     VNN BREAKING NEWS:Forgery may prove to be fake!

    his is Pesky Vrmt with bringing you the latest breaking news on the Arias debacle!  (Watch how it’s done)

    Earlier we had presented the news that the post car sent to Arias may have been written by her own hand.  This reporter felt a little squirrely about it,  looked past the problem, and found a solution for the questionable evidence.  I have determined that there is a strong probability that Arias did NOT, in fact, forge that card!

    Please stay tuned for the latest breaking on this three ring show!


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  1. Very interesting! Thank you for the data!

  2. Wow! Certainly looks like this will be a job for the Three Blind Mice!

  3. geribouwman permalink

    The devi made me do it! lol

  4. Lawsuit is bogus, but the only person to gain from the bogus lawsuit is Jodi. She once again is in the limelight and it give DT another reason to file a motion. It wouldn’t surprise me that JA is behind it all. U know how she craves attention.

  5. All roads lead to SW.

  6. I see where the kid that they allege wrote that suit is in jail, and yeah, he could have/probably did write it, thing is, if you go by his facebook, he hasn’t shown any interest in Arias. Who’s he been talking to?

    I am sticking with my gut feeling on this.

    • geribouwman permalink

      Hmmm! So Sandra is on Discussions wanting to believe the whole thing, yet goes on Twitter and challenging the Media to prove it’s real. So desparate to save Jodi, right? Or still trying to sell her phony blog? Still trying to figure out how her fake blog of Corrina has anything to do with this fake motion to sue her fav foes.
      I also hear Joe wants the Feds to jump in and investigation. I also noticed Sandra isn’t sayin much about this. I wonder why? That leaves me to go Hmmmmm!

      • Its the blog. She’s all about..remember, she’s just “third tier media”.

  7. Charlotte Muir permalink

    You’re kidding me, right? Can Jodi prove she did not have Hep C prior to going to prison? Until someone can show me factual blood work, the day she entered the system, I won’t believe it. So many people get Hep C working in Hospitals…but, it is a set-up if they get it in a prison..?? Really?? Pah-lease!!!!!!!!! And, actually – Hep C can lay dormant for 30 to 40 years without symptoms – that’s right folks… she could have been born with it – so please… give me a huge break on this poor-me psychopath!

    • geribouwman permalink

      It’s the poprocks and tootsie pops that gave her STD. I’m sure of it.

  8. Charlotte Muir permalink

    Oh wait… I can’t resist. Is her breast implant saline or silicone? If it is saline and has ruptured…and? her body will just absorb the saline and she will not die from the ruptured sack in her body. Do you have any idea how many women are walking around with a ruptured sack because they don’t have the money or insurance to pay for surgery… until and IF it gets infected, she will be fine! If anyone is worried about poor Jodi’s ruptured breast… here is an idea: Fund raise for her surgery and have it done for her… because until and IF it gets infected, Ole Joe ain’t gotta do crap for her boobs, lawyer or no lawyer!

  9. geribouwman permalink

    I heard that Joe Apero wants the Feds to investigate. Ever since I heard that SW has been pretty quiet. Is she worried about something?

  10. Webber THINKS this won’t lead back to her…well, seems to me that until this guy lays claim to filing that…it points DIRECTLY at her, just like that fake Flores twitter account

    • geribouwman permalink

      I’m sticking with the Sandra Webber. First the 12 page motion to throw defense under the bus in Jodi’s own handwriting, then the wife of Det. Flores, now this. It all goes straight to Sandra Webber in her little Clearwater, Florida cabanna shack.

      • Well, I know it wasn’t Johnathan (I got is secondhand). The guy has been in jail. He didnt follow the case. Whoever wrote that followed it very closely. SmokingGun is behaving like TMZ.

  11. Hopefully, the forgery thing is now a thing of the past. That’s how it is done though, SW…Miss PJ…you don’t post it then rant off your own opinion as truth/post then comment “Coming Soon”. You two are bright women. WAKEY WAKEY!

  12. geribouwman permalink

    And now the post card. If you’re gonna try to fool somebody with this at least do it right. 4×6 plain postcard, no photos, not postage stamp. And no sloppy writing. Ugh! Come on Sandra, George, Madeline whoeer or all of you. Get it right!

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