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Arias rears her ugly head.

by on March 15, 2023

Recently it was brought to my attention that the MURDERER, Jodi Arias, made a very ugly statement about a friend of mine who has passed away. Of COURSE she has no respect for the dead! Thats a no brainer. With any luck, someone close to her will read this, or her statement, and teach her a lesson.

First off, HAG, my friend worked IN SUPPORT of your nasty ass. He did not steal any money that MAY have been collected (which, according to his family, was ZERO). YOU had NO BUSINESS dragging the “dead alcoholic”, as you called him, into YOUR problem. WHO are YOU, a MURDERER and a WHORE, to be calling ANYONE names?

You have surrounded yourself with corrupt and ignorant people. YOU DESERVE THEM. From now on, how about YOU worry about YOUR nasty ass and leave innocent individuals out of your torrid little pathetic life (IMO, you don’t even deserve your torrid little pathetic life!).

I know what you did. I can speak it, step by step, and YOU know this. I’d be DELIGHTED to put it all in print (What I have already posted is the Disney version of what you did). That way it will reach far more people than this little blog. I’ll make it into an ebook and MAKE MONEY. I will send every dime to the families of Jason and Travis.

With any luck, you wake EVERY NIGHT to the sound Travis made when you slit his throat. EVERY TIME you look in a mirror, I hope you remember the moment, as you were rinsing off your cut fingers, that you saw Travis in the mirror passing behind you trying to flee. IMO you do not deserve to remember a single moment of pleasure that you had with Travis. A good bump on the head or three will help erase your memory, I’m sure. Odds are there is at least ONE person around you just waiting for their chance to show you just what they think of you. (If I had a prayer for you, that would be it!)

OH! By the way, the rumor that Jason had collected any money for you from a donor claiming that he has been donating all this time…that was a JOKE ON YOU. That’s what happens when people are BORED with you. I’m somewhat TICKLED that they did this because it steals your joy. You don’t deserve a single millisecond of it.

Sit there in that PRISON and rot you nasty skank.

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  1. reallybigmeandog permalink

    Wow. She just never quits does she. I’m so sorry about your friend

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