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Dear Jodi – I read your letter…


Ohh Jodi, he will nevermore be that

“amazing friend” that “saw inside”,

and made you

“feel like a beautiful person inside”.

You killed that.



YOU ALONE, get to live with that until your last breath.









Via Elizabeth Ann Schilling
Jodi wants all supporters to see this msg:


“I’d like to address and correct some things that recently came up regarding my art website and who runs it, and the Jodibands and who distributes them. This may be old news to most of you, but the negative affects are still quietly rippling through the atmosphere due to the damage caused by a misguided supporter.

First, the art website. Heinz redesigned it after the woman I stupidly trusted disappeared with the rest of the “Cat’s eye” prints, “Hourless” prints, three of my raw files and some of my family’s money. Heinz and I agreed that this was a temporary arrangement until I could get my ducks in a row, and he quickly put together a secure temporary website to get my art back up and running. He’s nothing short of a superhero. In addition to his day job, he had side jobs, he was a full-time parent to Choppie, who required extra care, and he runs and maintains, including the ever-evolving book club (a huge undertaking in itself). In addition to all that, he agreed to allow the Jodibands and Survivor t-shirts to be sold at, despite his initial resistance, and he maintains the mail room including all postage involved out of his own pocket. My art website is perpetually evolving as new content is added.

Heinz does not have the time to continually follow up with the never-ending modifications, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it used to weigh on my conscience every night when I would count my blessings and realize how much I’m always asking of him. So I switched web designers which, by my logic, is a win/win: Heinz has one less beastly headache to deal with and when I need something added or changed, it’s not an issue. All done.

When I initially settled on which web designer I was going to go with, I told all of one person in the Facebook groups (big mistake on my part; lesson learned). So you can imagine my shock, to put it politely, that this person not only began slandering SJ before I even had a chance to tell Heinz myself, but also waged a hate campaign against SJ that was eerily similar to the one waged against me—the one that thoroughly disgusted all of you. I asked for proof—PROOF—that SJ is the bad guy this “supporter” was claiming him to be, but instead I was sent a blog full of fiction that proved nothing and cited as it’s sole authority in the entire piece a tabloid article from the UK. A tabloid? Really? That’s like saying “See? The National Enquirer said so!”

Other probably well-meaning supporters joined in this mini hate orgy against SJ. Some have said SJ is guilty of scams. What scams? Show me. They accuse him of being a con artist because he saves people’s email addresses. OK then. Amazon, EBay, WalMart, your bank, Facebook, Twitter, and every other social networking site must be scammers too then, right? In fact, by that standard, anyone who has contacts saved in their phones or an email account is a con artist.

The most amazing hypocrisy lies in the fact that some (not all) of SJ’s biggest detractors themselves have criminal histories. I don’t take that into account when I give thanks every day for being unbelievably blessed with an army of awesome people in my corner. I can only say that an assault charge here or a white-collar crime there is by far not as shameful as what I was convicted of last year.

Some cite SJ’s ties to the FBI, if you think SJ is wanted by the FBI, then you are not giving the government enough credit. Trust that if he were a wanted man, he’d be in custody by now. The country in which he resides cooperates with and extradites to the U.S. In fact, the government flew him to the U.S. – he was their star witness for the prosecution in a federal case. And therein lies the extent of his involvement with the FBI.

I’m so sorry that some of you have been deceived by lies about SJ. But even if you choose to continue to believe them, I love you anyway. Everyone is entitled to their feelings and beliefs. But please know this: my family and I avow that SJ has never pilfered a single dime from us. In fact, like Heinz, he refuses to be compensated. He will not accept any money. During trial, the donation button on linked to my brother’s PayPal account or my cousin Aimee’s. SJ had no access to either of these. He never had the passwords. Had funds ever been tampered with, there would be an electronic trail detailing their withdrawal or transfer. He merely put the link on his site as a favor to my family after my Mom was fired from her job because she decided to show up to her daughter’s trial—God bless her. Today, SJ does not have access to my art or the PayPal associated with it. He’s just the web designer. Someone else physically handles the art and the sales. (And no, it’s not Maria De La Rosa! LOL)

As for the Jodibands, SJ is not involved in this fundraiser. Neither is Heinz. Heinz was simply generous enough to allow a link on so people would have a way to get them. The “supporter” who tried to undermine the Jodibands by slandering the good people assisting with this endeavor sounds more like a hater to me. But the sad thing is he wasn’t a self-professed hater. Only someone who decided to act like one. I wouldn’t be writing this if he were an insignificant hater because nobody believes what they say anyway. But this “supporter” used his influence to cast doubt and suspicion on two things he was not even in the loop on. The Jodibands, like the art, are aboveboard. They have raised something in the low four figures for appeals. Or put another way, a few days of an appellate attorney’s time. Now that might sound like a little or a lot depending on how you look at it, but either way, these are funds that you all have helped to raise and I can’t adequately express how grateful I am to all of you who are now wearing a Jodiband. (I feel a little silly calling them that, but it is kind of a cute term that’s been coined.)

I don’t tend to hold grudges and I’ve long since forgiven the person who sparked this. The purpose of this message is to repair the remaining damage that was caused. I have no doubt that the haters will get ahold of this message and get their panties all in a bunch like they always so predictably do. (They probably will have already proven me right by the time some of you read this). But dogs don’t bark at a parked car and I should be flattered that they’re still paying so much attention to me.

Anyway, I love you all and I’m cool if you’re cool with agreeing to disagree if you don’t agree with what I’ve said. I would just ask that, please, before anyone throws SJ or any supporter under the bus, remember first who you’re supporting. I am the LEAST worthy among all of you and still you throw me your love so generously. In the future, if any supporter attacks another supporter’s character, please turn a deaf ear to their slanderous accusations when there is no legitimate proof to back them up.


In your long winded message you stated “after my Mom was fired from her job because she decided to show up to her daughter’s trial”. 

*look of disgust*

The ONLY person to blame for this is YOURSELF.  Your poor Mother probably can’t even shop at stores in her neighborhood anymore!  YOU chose to disrespect your Mother and you outright killed somebody.

You are a selfish spoiled little girl who has completely dishonored her Mother.  The wake of destruction your actions leave in other family members lives pale in comparison to what you have done to the only person on this planet that will always love you unconditionally.  WTG.   Have you asked her how she feels about you making money to try and get out of being responsible for your own actions by using HER plight?  The plight that YOU yourself rained down on her?  I’d LOVE to hear that response.  It would either up your sales/donations, or help your Mother on her journey of healing.

I had not chosen a side on this until I read your “letter”.  I firmly believed that you acted out of being jilted when you slaughtered Travis Alexander.  I’d suggested you admitting to that and try starting up a community service for women who have had JLS.  I was thinking that  that might help to show you could contribute to society and possibly remove the DP from your future.  It sure would save MONEY.   I had felt some compassion for you.  Not anymore. 

Whatever the decision is on your punishment, I hope that you consider you family, and simply disappear.   No appeal.  Remove your presence from the public view.  Let YOUR FAMILY try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move on.   YOU have done quite enough.




fameSeems ole Georgie was kind enough to send this out:























rule1 rule2

Click to access motion-to-reconsider-and-re-urge-request-for-evid-hearing.pdf




  1. geribouwman permalink

    Why won’t Jodi take that $3000 worth of commisary and give it to her parents so they can at least try to reopen their restaurant? Why does she take her 1 hour a day to call whoever is doing her tweets instead of calling her mother? Why does she give to her so called inmate friends instead of her family? Because she is a selfish hateful sociopath that does not care about anyone but herself. I don’t believe in DP but is she gets it, oh well. Life goes on.

  2. Thank you for the Data *SNIP* You and *SNIP* rock!

    Messages from Jodi to Supporters
    By George Barwood on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 3:26am
    A letter from Jodi to all her supporters, in response to a postcard request:

    “I don’t think there are words in the English language that can fully describe how in awe I am of you all. You are a warm layer of protection from the negativity. This has been a very dark year for my family and I, and you are individual rays of light that add to a collective brightness that would not exist without you. You all rock. Seriously.”
    — Jodi Anne Arias, sent from Estrella Jail, relayed to me (George) by another supporter (XXXXXX), August 17, 2013.

    Jodi’s letters or cards to you should not be scanned and posted, even if only a portion. She considers her relationships with each of you special and private. She would rather the content not be discussed, only unless she specifically gives a message for you to pass on, and it should be quoted exactly, (her preference) so there is no misunderstanding of her message. Thanks so much for understanding.

    Jodi has said that she wants us to believe her testimony and her witnesses, and that is the way to truly support her at this time.
    — Relayed by supporters who speak to Jodi regularly
    “I just wanted to remind everyone that going forward I will have no time to write back, as I am focusing on my next phase, please don’t stop sending me your kind words. I hope you understand, I have so much to catch up on and do. Thank you all for your support and hugs to all of you.”
    –Jodi, 3 May, 2014 via

    Good morning all! I just wanted to let everyone know just how much Jodi appreciates the support. I sent her a postcard a couple months back. Shortly after that I moved. She took the time to write me a postcard in return. Unfortunately, the mail hadn’t caught up and she got the postcard back. Luckily, the updated address was affixed to it. She actually took the time to write another one and track me down just to thank me…what a sweetheart !
    — Via

    • What only a one page letter. Stabbys going downhill fast. I want at least a 35 page letter (I know you have a bit of time on your hands at the moment) to make me feel better. Ps why you are at it could you tell me if while you were stabbing travis 27 times slitting his throat and shooting him in the head was you thinking of your family then.

      • beverly gray permalink

        i have a huge problem with asking anyone to believe all I say and all my witnesses say. Even the most ardent supporter might have a problem with a little bit of it. Only the simplest mind would blindly believe things they haven’t even heard yet just because someone asks that you do.

  3. Michael Shapiro permalink

    Rot in hell Arias… You are where you need to be. Next stop for you is DEATH. Lots of luck Jodi!

  4. FREE JODI!! permalink

    Well done!! You are alert and oriented and you have inspired us to start a campaign! That was a really nice letter from Jodi to George, it demonstrates what a great person she is, and it confirms that George is an idiot. Thanks for posting! Next time I get to be the big shot and post MY letter, or maybe the new flyer for that campaign all 32 of us are trying to come up with. Thanks again! Elizabeth Ann

    • You are very welcome. May the Attorneys chomping at the bit to get in on the millions spent on her defense flock so fast to her side that the whirlwind blows up the dress of the Queen!

      • geribouwman permalink

        Dumbass FREE JODI doesn’t know an insult when he/she see one.

  5. What jodi supporter is not dumb?

  6. SW will pay for all her crimes like Jodi permalink

    No way Jodi wrote that trash. It is someone who is English & does not reside in this country. SJ as he is wanted in the UK & the US. It is a fact and the vile scammer is trying to scam for more money..

  7. pinkpumps25 permalink

    Anyone want to bet George wrote that letter himself? Seems Jodi is only allowed to send post cards and as of late she said she had no time to write anyone as she is working on yet another fake story to tell in court. George posted it on his fb page and then dared to say “don’t post her letters as they are private”. What a hypocrite he is. I think her lawyers should look into Barwood boob.

  8. geribouwman permalink

    Well let’s see. It took a year of donations to collect $1500. If my math is right it will take 100 years to collect $150,000. That sounds right. You Jodi supporters rock!

  9. Omg when will she die???

  10. Heather permalink

    He didn’t. He did. He really said, “Have your young daughter” hand out his freaking, lying pamphlets at sporting events. Let’s teach all our young daughters that you get one free murder. Just blame it on the “fog”. He’s out of his mind. Someone needs to take his keyboard away from him. His family obviously doesn’t want anything to do with him but it’s unfair for them to release him on us. George Barwood STFU!!! Let’s start a petition.

  11. For the Love of Chic permalink

    She has no restrictions on her out going mail.

  12. Apologies in advance because someone somewhere will find these offensive. I find these no more offensive than some of the ridiculous theories and assumptions out there about the Arias case .

    NONE of it works in Arias’s favor. I find that depressing.

    So, for a few laughs at the expense of Jodi (who may just have a sick sense of humor too), I present:

    Money for Murder – GET you some!


    Shameless plug: JustdaTruth

    In thanks for the poor taste, a little poor taste in return:


    . . . . .


    . . . . .


    . . . . .


    . . . . .


    . . . . .


    . . . . .

    Tacky, huh.

    So are comments like “his neck was broken”, “he was stabbed with a spear”, “he was a pedo”, etc.

    Not so much that you are weaving tall tales, but the fact that what you are doing does absolutely NOTHING to help Arias. With folks like you on her side, she should go ahead and ask for the DP!

    Well, there it is in all it’s glory.

    I hope it causes “think”.

    Link to even more

    . . . . .

  13. All of that… before he attacked her? lol Self-Defense? I was not in Mesa. 2 Ninja’s did it, I’m the Hero!
    I have some valuable ocean front property I want to sell to everyone who believes Jodi Arias.
    Will make a deal to all her supporters.

  14. Thank Christ that you boiled down that long winded letter from Inmate P458434 to what it is, a self-centered, self-serving scrawl of nonsense. Inmate P458434 points out the termination of her mother, Sandy Arias, simply because she wanted to attend her daughter’s 1st DEGREE MURDER TRIAL! Your answer to her was not only simple and direct, but perfect. It is your fault, Inmate P458434, and no one elses.

    How sadly amazing Inmate P458434 is, that she is so far removed from the norms of society, that she bathes so deeply in the wallows of her own sociopathic beliefs, that she faults her mother’s employers for the woman’s termination. If her mother wanted to sit in the galley every day, then that is Sandy Arias’ stupid decision. She can waltz in and plop her big butt in the chair every day. No one is telling her not to. If the woman loses her job (and with it, her income and insurance), then who cares. That is what she wants to do. Let her do it. If her house is foreclosed on, or can’t pay her bills, or ends up on the street, then so be it. Sandy Arias wanted to support Inmate P458434, she let her have everything that comes with that, ten-fold.

    Actually, what Sandy Arias should have done is not listened to Inmate P458434, and listened to her husband instead. Inmate P458434’s father, William Arias, said his daughter “….was a strange person….she just got a little strange”. If Sandy Arias would have listened to her husband, she would still have a job today. If you remember, you didn’t really see much of William Arias sitting in the gallery, and I don’t think it was because of illness or prior commitments.

    Much like his statement points out, maybe William Arias saw his daughter for what she was.

  15. anne permalink

    Arias mother and aunt will never be respected..not only for laughing in court but because they raised this murderous sympathy from me

  16. I try, seriously, to avoid these conversations. But, there is something about the closing here that makes me not want to keep my mouth shut……. Blaming Jodi’s mother and Aunt for the decisions and actions Jodi made, as an adult, is just wrong, Anne! I am so glad Jeffrey Dahmer made it very clear that his parents were in no way, whatsoever, responsible for his actions… he lived a normal freaking childhood, as it seems Jodi did too…. Do you even know Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother’s name? His dad? Do you blame them? Think they got what they deserve?….if you want Jodi to take responsibility for her actions, then don’t blame her mom for the woman she became, or you are no different. Personally, I would like to believe there is absolutely nothing I could do to destroy my mother’s love for me. That she would love me at my very, very worst just as she would at my very, very best. I don’t blame Sandy nor do I think she was stupid for appearing in the galley. Should Jodi have been my child, I would want to hear everything with my own to ears and not depend on the screwed-up, twisted media and other social networking to inform me of jack shit….. just saying…. carry on….

    *Irony – No one trust the judicial system unless it works in their favor*

    • I know you are addressing Anne, but i wanted to throw this in for good measure:

      Arias’s own Mother asked her what she had done when she was told Travis was dead. Speaks volumes.

      In most the cases I have studied where they claimed their behavior was based on their childhood (I do not consider it a valid excuse) most were from broken homes and step parents.

      • I totally understand, and I completely agree with everything else that is stated here…back seat Quarterbacks (lack of a better term) just rub me wrong! No one knows how they would act in any given situation, unless they have been there; so. to judge others in such an extreme circumstance is a very immature approach. I see everyone else, that has commented, put the blame squarely and rightfully on Jodi – it’s just where it should stay, I think. And, makes me wonder if Anne just scanned through or actually read what is all stated. To fully address your reply, Pesky, I am not versed well enough in ‘nature versus nurture’ to have a thoroughly educated conversation about such. There is obviously a distinguishable difference. I do believe, however, unhealthy behavior can be so inherent that becoming an adult simply does not correct.

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