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Alyce LaViolette – IDIOT Extraordinaire

by on April 24, 2014

Thank you Alyce LaViolette for those moments that you so blatantly LIED

that the Judge had to stop the trial so

Jodi’s Attorneys could instruct you to ANSWER THE FOGGIN QUESTION truthfully!


EVERYTHING you have done for DV victims in your entire career flew out the window,

all for your FIVE MINUTES OF FAME.

You had to be admonished, and at that moment, you completed

the utmost FAIL

where domestic violence victims are concerned.


to DV victims than you could EVER make up for.



(and here is where you were handed your ass)


Please do Domestic Violence Victims a favor and disappear.

From → Arias

  1. geribouwman permalink

    Is she gone yet? Haven’t heard from her in a while. Yes!

  2. Last I heard she lost her teaching gig.

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