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What you are about to see is the behavior of those afflicted with Stupid when exercising their freedom of speech in a public forum.  Things will be said that no normal person would ever say to another persons face.  You will be witness to most shocking and unbelievable behavior.

Correspondent Pesky Vrmt will narrate.  *Flicks tail*  Don’t take it personal.  I hold no grudge and bar no punches.  My pet peeve is ignorance.  Google is my friend.

Be advised that posting to a public forum makes your account and your written word public record.  If you see your name on this website and wish to have it removed, please feel free to send us a message.  🙂  We are not responsible for anything that is stated by any other individual.  If someone is taking a running go at you and you read it here, go to them yourself.

This website is written as satire and is meant to expose the situations we all face on the world wide web.  PLEASE be careful out there!

To ensure your safety, change your passwords often.  Do not download anything from an email, or click a link until you ask the sender if he really sent that (in another email).  Here are some safety guidelines:


WORD TO THE WISE: Don’t believe everything you see/read on the Internet.  When you go to a website, before you go spreading it around, check for a link to their mission statement, credentials, and their disclaimer.  You should see something like this: Copyright © 2014 WonPawUP Productions All items on this website are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof. Please see our terms and conditions and disclaimer. Satire websites like these DO exist:


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Mankind will NEVER Learn

All my life I have been shielded from the cruelty of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by the words “He died for you”. When I watched “The Passion” by Mel Gibson, I finally realized how brutal the event really was.

I hadn’t given any thought to the people that actually performed the cruel events that led to Jesus’s death. I have, however, through events I have witnessed myself, been brought to wonder, why would anyone commit such vicious acts on their fellow man.

We grow up learning of events similar to the Crucifixion from our history books. In 1944 someone finally coined a name for it. It’s called genocide. Humanity finally made it illegal in 1948.

“It is defined in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) of 1948 as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the groups conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

It has repeated throughout history.

It is 2017. It is happening in MY Grand daughters lifetime.

Grab Your Wallet Campaign

Tell Trump he may kiss your ass but he can’t touch your wallet!

Here’s the complete boycott list:

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My Last Theory.

Jodi’s Song





Accidental foot pic/Travis’s shoulder – last picture.


















Meet the REAL Kareem Williams

For those who are already “in the know”, I present..the best come back EVER!


Thirty-four-year-old Kareem Williams, a.k.a. Lefty, a fanatical supporter of convicted murderer Jodi Arias, has recorded a song.  He claims he did it to bring awareness to post-traumatic stress disorder, which he believes Arias suffered.  He also claims Arias is a victim of domestic violence.  Arias murdered her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by shooting him in the head as he sat naked in his shower, stabbing him over 27 times, mainly from behind, and slitting his throat as he tried to make his way up the hall of his home to escape the attack.  She was given Life Without Parole.

Although this blogger strongly believes that Mr. Williams has made a very poor choice in selecting the person he wishes to use as his poster child, this article is not about Jodi Arias.  It is about abuse, deception, and extremely unbecoming behavior from the man who claims he wishes to stand for victims of Domestic Violence and PTSD.

It is about the message Kareem Williams wishes to send to the young men and women who might hear his music.  Based on his comments about women, and to several women on social networks, I feel this man is detrimental to the mental health and well being of the Public in general.  He surely sets a very bad example.


The best way for you, the reader, to come to understand the reason this blog post exists is to read what happened for yourself.  I have NOT edited out any part of the conversation.  I did edit it so that it is more readable (full text in comments).

Kareem Williams’  behavior has been consistently abrasive and abusive toward females.  We tried reason.  We tried humor.  We have had enough.

Please check the comments as VNN readers will be posting their screen shots.  They’ll look something like this:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Self proclaimed Rapper Kareem “Lefty” Williams caught ON TAPE harassing women:


Transcript of the SEVENTEEN Voice Mails to one woman:

“You can call me what you wanna call me but at the
end of the day, you don’t have proof. do not lie, that’s
all I’m ‘axin, that’s all I’m ‘axin. If you can’t get on the
phone like a real ???? to have a conversation with me,
then just shut up, don’t say anything period.”

“We come from two different environments. The
environment that you come from you have to talk trash
on the internet, but when I give you my number to call
me, you don’t pick up the phone. The environment I
come from (inaudible) I don’t wanna care..We we we
come from two different environments, so if you don’t
wanna play in my environment, don’t come in my
environment, are we clear on that? You call me a thug
all you want to, I ain’t no thug, I keeps it real. ((Believe
believe in Jesus??))”

“Listen Miss, I dont want to go back and forth with you
but at the end of the day, if you dont wanna get on the
phone and have a conversation with me to either make
peace for us to both go our ways I suggest you shut
the fuck up, now I said it shut the fuck up.”

“You know that God loves you, have a wonderful day. It
was nice meeting you, I’m sad we had to meet on
these terms and leave the conversation on such a bad
vibe. I really wanted to conversate with you and let you
see the person that I am. But obviously, you , you, you,
think I’m this (inaudible) disrespectful thug. and it’s
funny how you white people wanna call all black people
thugs, and wha, wha..have a great day. God loves

“Listen, I apologize for calling you names, you know,
and (inaudible) I get pissed off when people accuse
me of doing things that I didn’t do. All I wanted to do
was have a good conversation with you and ask you
where you been, let me know where you did, did you
see me do this? Did you see me do this? Then where’
the proof? Where’s the tape? Where is, where is,
where do you see the words coming out of my mouth?
Saying that to the people?You don’t have that, so to
accuse me of something that I did not do is very, very,
very disrespectful, What if I go around and accuse you
of, of, of, of, of, of ,of, of, hurting kids? Wouldn’t that be
disrespectful? It absolutely will, without proof.”

“This is what (inaudible) sent me in my inbox little while
ago when we were talking about the whole situation.
As you can see, (Kim?) is telling you that she don’t
think it’s me, but now she coming around saying it was

“Agree to disagree (inaudible), yelling at the
Alexanders, hearing me saying way to go Jodi alright.
da da da… thats what you want to agree to disagree
against? Why would I agree to disagree on that? I did
not do it. Again, I did not do it. It was not my voice on

“I really think you should go back and listen to that tape
and then come back and listen to my voice, cuz you
got to be, you got to be having ear problems, if you
think that sounds like me. (laughs) Oh my goodness
gracious..lord, Mary and Joseph.”

“I understand Kim gotten you all under her’s
all good though, it’s all good. Believe what you wanna
believe, it wasn’t me. You don’t have no proof it was
me. You don’t even know what I look like! If you think
that’s me, you just sayin’ all black people sound alike.
Hey, I wouldn’t put it past ya’ll to say that, pretty sure
some of ya’ll are racist. I would agree on that, wouldn’t

“I’m not bashing. (laughs) I’m not bashing at all. I didn’t bash anything. Don’t go there..stop.” (Snort)

“So what race are you if if if I may ask? (axe)”

“You know, we probably gonna best best friends after this, ya know? (Laughs) Cuz this is pretty crazy, would you agree?”

“Ahhhhh (sigh)…. here you go, you gotta show my character. ohhh here we go with that again. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Well, like I said, have a great day. God loves you, and please stop accusing me of doing something I didn’t do. Goodbye.”

“You know that you’re a lying piece of shit, you ‘doe’ that you did not get that from my Twitter page because you know that I didn’t admit to doin’ no dumbass shit like that cuz I did no dumbass shit like that, so get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.”

“(Laughing) You bitches play dirtier than a muddafucker you know that? Sad fuckin’ day in Amurika ‘witch’ you muddafuckers man (inaudible) out there with some other shit, fuck outta here.”

“Quit doing what? I didn’t anything wrong. I didn’t say anything . I was on the fucking COURT STEPS that’s where the shit went down.. bitch.” (heavy blocked up nose sounds)

“The truth of the matter is that that wasn’t me, and I aint’ lying about shit. You know I ain’t lying about shit. Pick up the fuckin’ phone and have a serious conversation or is too ((bitch made??)) to do that?”

~ ~ ~ Conversation from January 9, 2016 ~ ~ ~


Kareem Williams
Kareem Williams I do not date American women Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson O I can tell u do. Since u don’t like women u have no choice but to choke your own chicken lmao
Bill Funderburk
Bill Funderburk The only man on the planet or in the solar system that would turn down an american woman. I would pay to see that happen.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson No its called flight real women in lol lol
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson what is your phone number
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk Well that made a lot of sense.
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk Give it to him Danielle. I dare you.
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Lol I don’t give my number to nut jobs
Lin Reynolds
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson I will be respectful
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson And the women in my family would destroy him.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Lin Reynolds shut your mouth
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk That’s why you should give him the number. He’s due.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson How, I am going to inbox you for your phone number ok?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson No thanks
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson I only deal with MEN
Lin Reynolds
 Lin Reynolds Kareem Williams delete this whole thread, please !!!!, or….admins ?????
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Not Mini mites
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson I just in boxed you ok?
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk Hee hee hee
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Lin Reynolds would you like to be stepbrothers and stepsisters?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson You won’t get a response
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Y would I talk to a person like u
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Now Jessica Rosenfeld is a good woman. She is someone that I would treat like a queen
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Bernadette Garcia to but she is married. Great girl for sure.
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson After she reads how u feel about women, I don’t think she would care for u
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson what is your phone number, lets talk. Are you down shorty?
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson can we talk so I can see if you are a 15%er?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson No don’t have time for u
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson well make time, it can change your life baby girl. Stop playing all the time
Kareem Williams
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk But all american women are dumb and stupid right?
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Bill Funderburk no 85% of them are
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk So now the story changes.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Bill Funderburk No its always been that homie
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Ask around
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk You shouldn’t have said all then. That’s misrepresentation.
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk I have to say though. If they rolled in the hay with you I would definitley call them dumb and stupid also.
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Your right Bill Funderburk and I’m not a dumb stupid woman
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson did i call you dumb and stupid?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson I was talking to Bill Funderburk.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Kareem Williams “Fo F8ck yourself, cum licker and stupid and dumb”..Krusty at his finest.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith you sound really upset
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith You said my name again. Thats another demerit.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Jodi is NOT gonna be happy with you.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith So, whats your plan? You gonna call me up and cuss me out? I wish you would. I’ll call Sandras Attorney and have him serve you with a cease and desist. I’m sure you need SOMETHING to hang on your wall to show your accomplishments.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I may have to call in a little help from Slim Shady. LOL
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith whats your phone number?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Not with your equipment. You come up WAYYYY too short.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith 904-879-8012
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith OOPS!
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith My bad. Here it is:


Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith you want to talk for real?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I just gave you my cell:


Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *wiggles whiskers*
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Here is mine 215-839-6644
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Oh HELL to tha NO. YOU call ME.


Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith 605-475-6968
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Go ahead. Chicken if you dont.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Choking rather….
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *flicks tail*
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I dont hear it ringin shorty.
Lin Reynolds
 Lin Reynolds Pamela Smith ummm no balls goooo figure tongue emoticon
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Oh he wasn’t born with those.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I’m still waiting…..
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron For a good time call……..
Kimberly Dennis
 Kimberly Dennis Ugh…not worth the time…I’m almost ashamed to have lived close to philly most of my life….but I then remember he represents noone but his sad self
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith HELLO???
Pamela Smith's photo.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Lin Reynolds Just called that numberPamela Smith. i knew you were on that bull shit
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron What can he say to you ( Pamela) that he cant say here?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith SUCKER!
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams AmyJo Smedbron shut your mouth ok?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Like I’d want to infect MY phone with your nasty.
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron or what? you gonna shut it for me?
Kimberly Dennis
 Kimberly Dennis Shut her mouth??? She asked a simple question,. Pfft
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron Bitch you got that right
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Oh no, you just asked the wrong question. You made the choice. YOU got suckered. LOL
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith you a fake ass hoe
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Dont talk to me like you talked to your Momma son.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *sniffle* I might cry.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams AmyJo Smedbron that bitch was not for you, it was for Pamela Smith dirty ass
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *whimper*
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *YAWN*
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Keep talking, this is gonna look GOOD on any page you post your video. LMAO
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith My video will go viral and you can not do shit about it hoe