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What you are about to see is the behavior of those afflicted with Stupid when exercising their freedom of speech in a public forum.  Things will be said that no normal person would ever say to another persons face.  You will be witness to most shocking and unbelievable behavior.

Correspondent Pesky Vrmt will narrate.  *Flicks tail*  Don’t take it personal.  I hold no grudge and bar no punches.  My pet peeve is ignorance.  Google is my friend.

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Trolls of Facebook Passed

One of the trolls from years ago passed away, so in her memory I leave her story:

Judy, a true Tasmanian Devil…wannabe

Judy is an elderly woman who lives alone in a small shack on the edge of the woods​​. She is a retired public servant. Her days are spent drinking Scotch whiskey and being on the internet. She surfs social networks doing her best to get the attention she so desperately desires. She has two children who only visit her when it is required of them.

She is an angry, bitter woman who blames her children for her not being able to live the life she really wanted. After her husband died, while the children were little, she desired to give in to her lesbian lust. She never was able to do that. Her kids got in the way. Her job got in the way. Later on she had to settle for buddying up to women she met online, only to attack them after they expressed their utter remorse for her advances.

Her youth was spent trying to be someone that she wasn’t. She knew at an early age that she was attracted to the same sex. Her mother must have seen this in her and apparently began to continually berate and belittle her. She was never held on her mother’s lap, never thrown into the air playfully by her father, if she even knew her father. She was never treated like she mattered. There were probably long periods of time between being treated to new clothes, decent shoes, a piece of candy. SOMETHING had to have happened to her as a child to have caused her to grow up to be so vile.

As a teen she was tall, extremely thin, clumsy and awkward. ​​This would be the norm for a young teen, but for her, the absence of a chin, her caved in chest, size 10 feet and the fact that she had a pungent odor about her made things worse. Her teeth were rotted badly enough for her to have to cover her mouth with her hand if she smiled. Luckily for her, that wasn’t often.

In her early 20’s one of Judy’s “friends” pulled a prank on her by setting her up to be on a game show called “The Dating Game”. The man that she picked that day deserted her at the restaurant before the entree. He told producers that he felt awkward because he found himself with furrowed brow looking intently for her chin! He stated that he felt it would be best for everyone if he just walked away. He did so without a word to her, never looking back.

It was at this time that a homely stage hand saw the opportunity to get himself laid. He had watched her, noted her insecurities. He figured that since she was as ugly as he was, she’d allow him to explore his sexuality, relieving him of the burden of his virginity. She willingly complied. She was easy, starving for attention. He didn’t even turn the car off and walk her to her door, yet she felt elated. She had been “loved”. From that she gained a little bit of confidence in herself.

Judy tried dancing for a living. It wasn’t her dancing skills that held her back, it was her looks, or lack thereof. She had an overbite that accentuated her weak chin and beady little eyes. A comparison of her appearance in her early adulthood would be Jessica Lovejoy of The Simpsons. Today, she resembles another Simpson character, ​​Agnes Skinner

Failing miserably at her dancing career, she entered into a local college and took the required courses to become a Home Economics teacher. After receiving her bachelor’s degree she landed a job teaching 8th graders at an inner city school, making less than $35,000 a year.

Children, being honest and all, nicknamed her “The Crypt Keeper”. They continually complained about the her attitude, her lack of self control, and her ability to pit one student against another causing disruptions and fights in the classroom. Very seldom did she arrive at work without the smell of old scotch on her breath. She managed to hold on to her position simply because there was a shortage of teachers at that time. Before anyone realized it, she had tenured.

Fighting off her Lesbian tendency, she finally met a man she could live with. She did, however, always refer to the poor guy as “ID”. He faced each day with her telling him that he was her “Imminent Divorce”. After being present for the birth of two daughters, unsure if one or both were actually his as Judy drank so much, the stress began to take it’s toll. His shoulders slumped. He walked with his eyes to the ground, and eventually, he died. Judy seemed…overjoyed.

​​If Judy’s internet activities kept her occupied and out of her daughters hair, her daughter was fine with it. It was obvious to her that Judy’s being on the internet acting like an unsupervised teenager is what made her happy, Her daughter kept the vision of her mom slumped over her keyboard drooling, typing away as she muttered strange things to herself about furry varmits.

Years past as she struggled with raising her children. Naturally they were not able to attend extra curricular activities such as Gymnastics, Softball, and Pep Rallies. Judy was as hard on her homely children as her mother had been on her. She was ruthless, constantly causing them to fight with each other as she stood there and laughed. FINALLY she had control. FINALLY someone else felt just as bad as she did. These were, after all, the inconveniences she wanted to flush down the toilet.

The girls moved out the minute they became of age.​​ Each went her separate ways. They were damaged, but not broken. Bright futures lay ahead for them as they escaped the tyranny of the woman they called “Mother”.

​​Judy finally left her teaching job, to the relief of the students and faculty alike. She brought out pretty much what she took in. There were no gifts of admiration. No awards. No keepsakes. Students made clearly audible condescending comments ​​​about her as she walked down the hall and out the door for the last time. On her face, a wry smile.

​​She soon found herself wandering through the house with nothing to do, her old black dog hobbling along behind her. Every now and then she’d turn around and take a kick at him. The old dog would back away, then like an innocent child he’d get back up within range of her foot again. He took several kicks to the head before he finally stopped getting too close. She would chuckle every time he yelped.

There were several phone calls a day made to Judy’s youngest daughter. She had married locally, unlike her older sister, who had moved far away to start her new life. She was the closest to Mommy Dearest, vicinity wise. The calls from Judy were becoming a problem. Her daughter purchased a new computer, had the internet installed at the shack in the woods, and Judy was now online. Hopefully, for her daughters sake, this would be just the thing to stop the phone calls.

Judy opened a Facebook account, connected with her daughters and a few locals, then searched out some groups of interest. Before long she was posting away, marveling at this newfangled device. For a few weeks she actually enjoyed her time online, but as with all new things, familiarity set in. Her new found friends began to see a change in her posts. She became more argumentative. She began to post inappropriately. She began to pit people against each other in private messages. She began to clone peoples profiles. She began to create alter accounts so she could disrupt groups anonymously.

Judy soon joined a nasty group that called themselves trolls. He joining with them had purely been an attempt to get her family to pay her mind. You’d think she’d get it by now, that her family doesn’t really care for her. The group thought she was hilarious, problem was, they were laughing AT her, not with her.

Judy’s online presence is minuscule, to say the least. She attempts to infiltrate groups only to be kicked and banned due to her inability to accept that other’s are entitled to their opinion. She is so sure that she is always right that she makes decent discussions impossible. She impeds the discussions of others with rude remarks and personal attacks. Apparently this is how her Mother treated her, and it is the way she treats her daughters. She had never known anything else other than hatred, bitterness and bullying.

​​She responds to situations in the most childish way possible, just like she did in grade school when the other children didn’t want to play with her. If the people online could physically see her, they would have seen her stomping her feet, fists balled up, with a mean squinty look on her face. Odds are she’d have slung herself down onto the floor in a fit of rage. I wouldn’t be surprised if she beat up her keyboard​​ and kicked the dog.

She probably screams through clenched teeth, when she remembers to wear them that is. Words such as class, dignity, respect, compassion, maturity, honor, camaraderie, trust, friendship, and love escape her. She will throw a friend to the ground and attempt to stomp on their heart, reputation, relationships and rights with complete abandon. Nothing is sacred to her. She acts out of selfishness with total disregard for others, including her children. She has no concept of the result of her actions on anyone else. Worse yet, she doesn’t care.

For Judy, lying is second nature. She will make things up to hurt people or come between friends. She has even gone as far as editing messages so that they read as if the original poster is being derogatory. She is hard, cruel, yet still manages to make herself look like an imbecile, a fool.

Eventually she will alienate all those who were blindly supportive of her​​. They will notice that others were right about her when she begins to feed on their emotions. Even the trolls will abandon her.

She was willing to do anything it took to try and get attention. She would tell the young men what she is wearing…well, what she WOULD be wearing if she was young enough. She would engage in inappropriate conversation with young men, men young enough to be her sons. She became an embarrassment to everyone who knew her. Judy degraded herself in an effort to gain what she deemed to be “superiority”.

Finally, one of her few remaining friends sent a message to her youngest daughter. She included a few screenshots of Judy’s behavior. Within hours of receiving the message, Judy’s daughter was back at the shack in the woods and a full fledged argument ensued.​​

​Judy’s internet world will soon be filled with silence.​​

Neither one of her daughters looked forward to returning to the shack in the woods when she was found dead and bloating a week or so after she died. That Tasmanian heat takes a toll. . No, her daughters were not looking forward to seeing her again, not even to bury her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No real persons name or personal data is disclosed.​​ HOWEVER, the events written about DID occur. This is written via the stories that she personally told certain individuals in texts. The sentiment behind it all is widely felt and accepted. Certain parts were passed along through people that knew her after her demise.

Christians? SOME.

Special thanks to Michael for posting this!

Michael Luscombe

 In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance.

The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, penned by a US resident, which was posted on the Internet. It’s funny, as well as informative:

Dear Dr. Laura:

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination … End of debate.

I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God’s Laws and how to follow them.

1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations.
A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of Menstrual uncleanliness – Lev.15: 19-24.
The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offence.

4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odour for the Lord – Lev.1:9.
The problem is my neighbours. They claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

5. I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death.
Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination, Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don’t agree. Can you settle this? Are there ‘degrees’ of abomination?

7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room here?

8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev.19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? Lev.24:10-16. Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I’m confident you can help.

Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and unchanging.

Your adoring fan.

James M. Kauffman, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, Dept. Of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education University of Virginia
(It would be a damn shame if we couldn’t own a Canadian)

People believe the oddest things…

This was in my message box posted January 9th. It is complete bullshit.

“Big things are going down my patriots friends

Since the media refuses to cover any of the things that have happened today, I’m happy to oblige.

The FBI is raiding legislative offices and homes in Tennessee as we speak. Stay tuned for that.

Google is censoring you from seeing what everyone is talking about on the other side of the world.

An affidavit was handed to Congress at 1:12pm Wednesday (just before the breach) that proved our election WAS rigged. If you use DuckDuckGo and search for yourself, it is plastered all over the world. Billions of our tax dollars was sent to Italy to hack dominion and change Trump votes to Biden. ITALY rigged our election. They ADMITTED AND TESTIFIED. Check for yourself #italydidit

One hour ago, Lindsey Graham was escorted out of an airport because patriots in the airport were chanting “traitor” at him. Poor Lindsey🙄

Lin Wood exposed extremely sensitive information on his Parler yesterday. Some examples include “a treasure trove” of video files that are most likely what got Isaac Kappy killed. He tried exposing everyone with these files, he then was found dead. Also, emails between Pence and Paul discussing Pence’s plot to take over as president. And James Bulger & Hunter Biden making deals with CCP company..a case for the FBI for sure lol But feel free to check those out on Parler.

There is video evidence that Trump supporters were trying to stop ANTIFA from breaking into the capital. ANTIFA was trying to smash an emergency door and a patriot stepped in to stop it. There is also video evidence that police were in on the breach. They opened the gates and stepped aside to let “protestors” in. Witnesses all have matching stories of what happened but the media will not share it. A few witnesses heard antifa’s plan to “shake things up”. It was ANTIFA who stormed the capital, they were not Trump supporters. You can find this on Parler or in Facebook groups like ThePatriotParty. It’s all there on video that Facebook and YouTube keep trying to remove. Parler won’t delete them tho, try there.

During the breach at the US capital building, 11 laptops were stolen. One of them was Nancy Pelosi’s. Safe to assume that the military and/or Trump has those laptops. Could explain why she’s trying so hard to invoke the 25th amendment and have Trump removed from office. She’s frantic.

As soon as the lockdown was over and they realized the laptops were stolen, numerous members of the administration resigned. More continue to resign. With 12 days left, why wouldn’t they wait? That’s curious.

Roughly 6000 troops were just deployed to DC. They are there as we speak, for the next 28 days or so. Also curious.

None of this is speculation. This is all out there for you to check yourself. Proof. Evidence. But most people are lazy and won’t. The media knows that and takes advantage by covering whatever fits their agenda. MSM is biased and corrupt and fake.

They aren’t telling us the truth.

Google and social media are censoring what you can see. So it’s easy to believe what they want because they’re controlling what you see. With a little digging, it’s not hard to find the truth. The real truth. Use DuckDuckGo, oann news, RSBN, Parler, etc. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Rino Hunt Contest – Get your white boy on!

It appears that there are still individuals on Earth who have not yet figured out that what goes online, STAYS online.

On February 6th, a Contest was posted on that raised more than just a few eyebrows (several buttchecks were also raised as white boys tried their damndest to hide under the porch with they Mommas).

Without further ado….

Contest: Red State’s RINO Safari (February 6)

By Mike Ford | Feb 06, 2021 5:00 AM ET Share Tweet

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Let’s go RINO hunting!

Good Morning Red State Team! It’s already nuts out there and we have yet to complete a full calendar month of IPOTUS Biden’s administration. The Red State Front Pagers have been busy documenting the more egregious decisions of the Biden cabal, along with their deleterious effect on American health, financial well being and overall welfare. And believe you me, it’s no easy task keeping up with this torrent of torts on the American people.

Seriously folks, I would have to commission some serious expertise to help me accomplish this level of destruction. How Biden manages to cause such mayhem, merely by doddering from one ceremony to another, signing whatever anonymous document is put in front of him and then calling A Lid by 1300 every day, simply astonishes me.

Having said that, there have been more than a few of you who have said, on more than a few occasions, ” OK Ford. We got it. Things are ****ed up like a soup sandwich. So, what are we supposed to do about it? That’s a great question. The answer is, we are going to have to do a lot of hard, anonymous and thankless work; work we’ll speak to over the next several months as we identify particular things that might interest some of you.

However, the way ahead doesn’t have to be a brutal slog. There is absolutely no reason we cannot have a bit of fun along the way. Hence, the Red State RINO Hunt. After all, who doesn’t like a good contest… especially if it can help focus our attention on RINOs most needing excommunication, culling from the herd, or however you wish to call it.

Here’s the contest. Every week you our great readers, get to nominate and vote for a RINO on whom we need to exact electoral retribution. This is needs to be somebody who we want to ensure has a solid and credible primary opponent. Somebody that would likely have a “D” stamped on his fat fundament, if he could get elected that way. On down the road, we’ll get into identifying Primary candidates.

The rules are simple (and subject to change as readers point out stuff I haven’t thought of).

On Saturday mornings, I will announce the winner of the previous week. All decisions are final. You may request a recount (accompanied by a bottle of 12 Year or better Scotch) but the decision will remain final…and I’ll still swill the Scotch.

In the comments section is where you nominate a RINO for the next week’s herd culling. The votes take place as responses to your comment making the nomination. I tally those up and report the following Saturday. Votes and comments are due NLT midnight on Wednesday.

Nominations should include a decent commentary on why we should bounce a particular guy/gal. Please, Please, Please…you folks voting and commenting on other folks’ nominees…ONE vote per reader and PLEASE put your vote right at the beginning of your comment in the form of “+1.” Then type all the commentary you like. Actually, that is the most important part…especially later, where we try to help support a particular Primary challenger to get him past the incumbent.

For this Saturday, to make things simpler (for me) I’ve gone ahead and nominated, held a vote amongst me, myself and I and picked the winner. So all Y’all have to do, is congratulate me on my brilliance, while putting your nominations in the comment section. Please read all the nominations. If somebody has already nominated the person you wanted to, just put a “+1,” followed by I Second,” followed by your commentary.

Soooooo….without further ado, this week’s RINO on the chopping block is……

Representative Liz Cheney, Wyoming.

Here is why….do I really need to get into it? I didn’t think so. She’s a pretty easy choice which is why I used her to get things started. Feel free to sharpshoot me in the comments….but first…please vote on next week’s target. Remember, votes are due NLT Midnight.

Speaking of next week’s target, I have a couple of lists below, of possible candidates. This in no way, shape, fashion or form, is meant to be a limit on who you consider…. It’s just a way to get the conversation going.

This first list, contains all those who voted to impeach President Trump, based on no evidence whatsoever.

1.  Liz Cheney (Wyo)
2.   Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio)
3.   Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wash)
4.   John Katko (NY)
5.   Adam Kinzinger (Ill)
6.   Peter Meijer (Mich)
7.   Dan Newhouse (Wash)
8.   Tom Rice (SC)
9.   Fred Upton (Mich)
10. David Valadao (Calif)

This list, has all the weaklings who voted with the Democrats to remove a fellow Republican from her committee assignments.

1. Kim (CA)
2. Kinzinger (IL)
3. Malliotakis (NY)
4. Jacobs (NY)
5. Smith (NJ)
6. Fitzpatrick (PA)
7. Upton (MI)
8. Diaz-Balart (FL)
9. Salazar (FL)
10. Gimenez (FL)
11. Katko (NY)

Final thoughts. Gang, we are in for a pretty tough fight…at least for the next 2 years. Make no bones about it. The leftists are in it for all the marbles. There will be some demoralizing days. Which points to the value of a place like this, where like minded folks (who don’t always agree) can gather, exchange ideas, enjoy some good fellowship… and even share a laugh or two.

There is nothing that says we can’t become a force to be reckoned with by the political class. Remember, the one thing that gets their attention, is organized citizens. There’s also absolutely no reason we can’t enjoy ourselves and our comradeship while we are organizing. I hope everyone has a good time with this and takes it in the spirit it’s intended. With that said…Let’s go RINO Hunting! Share TweetMike Ford

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters. Read more by Mike FordTags: HUMORRINOSRINOS SELLING OUTSNARKSHOW COMMENTS


VNN – Your Varmit News Network – Working to educate against Trolls since 1998!

It has been reported by VNN’s very own News reporter, Pesky Vee, that the Pandemic is a scam!

Yes folks, you read that right! A SCAM!

World Leaders are being assisted by Aliens from the Planet Domphuc to take over the world! One Congress woman who chooses to remain QNonimous stated “By erradicating all these freeloaders we will be able to afford to build Kingdoms and invite the Aliens down (then we will begin to enslave THEM evil laugh)”

The information on the vaccine was told to Pesky by an Alien who had taken over the body of a Scientist (who dabbles in black magic). She stated that the Vaccine for this scam, codename ‘Boobydic’, will cause the brain of those injected to enlarge one of two parts of the human body, depending on the recipients Gender. “That will entice the Humans to cooperate” she said.

Stayed tuned to VNN for more breaking news as we hear it!

Bobs Tin Foil Hat Boutique - Posts | Facebook

Copy and Paste

DO YOUR OWN FACT CHECK before you post it ya MORON!

* WAKE UP PEOPLE!!* Congratulations! You got rid of the bad orange man at any cost without knowing what you were embracing. FACT CHECKED!! This is who you elected. Have fun… Hope you have the guts to read some true facts….Joe Biden’s Political Career. By year.
1973 Biden enters politics…
1977 ***Biden fights to keep schools segregated because in his own words, “allowing blacks to integrate would create a racial jungle”… fact check me….
1983 **BIDEN TAXES SS** Fact check me.
1988 ***ran for president but had to end his campaign after getting busted for plagiarism…Fact check me. I DARE YOU.
1990 Hang on almost there…
1994 ***Biden writes the racist “Stop and Frisk” law which is what blacks blame for “systemic racism” today. This law took millions of black men from their homes and transplanted them into prison. Way to go Joe. This was Biden’s biggest accomplishment in 47 years of elected office. Factcheck me…it’s true.
1997 Almost, not yet…
2008 makes a savagely racist comment that he thinks is a compliment by calling Obama the first “articulate” and “clean” mainstream African-American. Fact check me. I DARE YOU. 2009
2014201520162017201820192020: NOW HE SAYS HE’S READY TO FIX THE COUNTRY 📷📷📷One day 2021 as President Day 1 of the Biden Presidency and already the following:
✅ EO Keystone Pipeline nixed which is already causing layoffs and will help put us back on the path to energy dependence from foreign countries vs energy independence and a net exporter. Now we will be paying more at the pump. Included in that will be rollbacks of over 100 regulations that President Trump suspended that brought back more businesses and in turn more jobs which will once again be gone.
✅ EO for males that think they are female and can now use the girl’s bathrooms and compete in sports against girls.
✅ EO Halting of the border wall construction and allowing illegal immigrants to flood into our country unvetted and unchecked.
✅ EO halting aggressive immigration enforcement which will include limiting ICE and more specifically the division of ICE that handles human trafficking.
✅EO Rejoining to Paris Climate Accord which is funded by taxpayer dollars and does little to reduce the carbon footprint here which has been decreasing and does nothing to China for their huge carbon footprint. ✅ EO rejoining the WHO which has been abysmal at the China Virus and Dr. Fauci will lead the delegation.
✅ EO for the media dubbed Muslim ban, which Obama put the list of countries together and Trump enforced. ✅ EO in regards to the census and allowing non-citizens to be counted in it.
✅ Xiden is expected to ask the DOE to immediately pause and extend through Sept 30th the interest and payment of federal student loans (This is okay in my opinion) but if Congress pushes to have student debt cancelled that is not okay because again it comes from taxpayers and NO we shouldn’t pay for someone’s degree.
✅ EO to extend the eviction and foreclosure moratoriums through March 31 due to COVID. (This is okay as well but there should ABSOLUTELY be protections for landlords and companies, because let’s be honest, there will be tons of people that use this and in the end DO NOT pay any back payments.)Why? How is any of this helping the American people? Whats wrong with the pipeline…its jobs for American people and it helps Americans afford gas, which in turns allows traveling, which in turn boosts the economy. Guess I better get some traveling done pretty soon, or I won’t be able to when gas is back to $5.00 a gallon. Yes…..that will keep me from traveling. If I have to use all my vacation money for fuel, there is no reason to go. How is allowing immigrants to come into our country help America? Especially during a pandemic? Americans can’t get the help and Healthcare they need, so let’s just open the borders and allow more people to flood America? I’m all for LEGAL immigrants, but, allowing such at this time of crisis is not good for Healthcare. And the bathroom issue….why is that even a government issue. You are born the way that God created you to be. If you do not agree with your gender, that’s fine, I don’t care. Be you and do what makes you happy…but, respect the fact that we do not want a man in a bathroom with our daughters. Nor do we want a woman in the bathroom with our sons. That just opens an opportunity for more trafficking, sexual offenses, and not to mention the endless questions from children. This should not be a government issue. I do not believe you should be discriminated for choosing to be a female if you were born a man, like I said, you do whatever makes you happy, but just respect the people that choose to actually be what God created them to be and just use the correct restroom. Good lord, help us*** copy and paste this like i did.***He’s not going to fix anything. He’s a brainless puppet for the global elite who want our constitution dismantled and for YOU to live under a rock! If they take the 2nd, you lose them ALL! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Please, wake up… our freedom is at stake.🇺🇸

Pamela Smith
Ok. I fact checked, but it is a lot thing at a time.

What is quoted as what Biden said in 1977, is incorrect.
Old comments from 1977 resurfaced, quoting Biden as saying that non-“orderly” racial integration policies would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”

He then said: “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

Joe Biden worried in 1977 that certain de-segregation policies would cause his children to grow up ‘in a racial jungle’

Pamela Smith
Biden Tax on Social Security:

“Biden was one of 88 senators who voted for a bipartisan bill in 1983 to tax up to 50% of Social Security for beneficiaries with income above a certain threshold. That vote came at a time when the Social Security trust fund for retirement benefits was running out of money.

In the early 1980s, President Ronald Reagan, with congressional leaders, convened a bipartisan commission to study the issue. In 1983, that commission issued a report that formed the basis for amendments to the Social Security program. Among the recommendations in the report was that benefits be taxed as income for recipients who had income over a certain threshold.”
Posts Mislead on Biden’s Role in Social Security Taxes

· Pamela Smith
Copy/Paste such as these have ONE intention, to spread disinformation and rile people up.
FACT CHECK for yourself. Learn the truth. The Bible says not to bear false witness, if for no other reason than that…Fact check.
Pamela Smith
Stop & Frisk:

“The 1994 crime law had a lot in it

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, now known as the 1994 crime law, was the result of years of work by Biden, who oversaw the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time, and other Democrats. It was an attempt to address a big issue in America at the time: Crime, particularly violent crime, had been rising for decades, starting in the 1960s but continuing, on and off, through the 1990s (in part due to the crack cocaine epidemic).

Politically, the legislation was also a chance for Democrats — including the recently elected president, Bill Clinton — to wrestle the issue of crime away from Republicans. Polling suggested Americans were very concerned about high crime back then. And especially after George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis in the 1988 presidential election in part by painting Dukakis as “soft on crime,” Democrats were acutely worried that Republicans were beating them on the issue.

Biden reveled in the politics of the 1994 law, bragging after it passed that “the liberal wing of the Democratic Party” was now for “60 new death penalties,” “70 enhanced penalties,” “100,000 cops,” and “125,000 new state prison cells.” The law imposed tougher prison sentences at the federal level and encouraged states to do the same. It provided funds for states to build more prisons, aimed to fund 100,000 more cops, and backed grant programs that encouraged police officers to carry out more drug-related arrests — an escalation of the war on drugs.

At the same time, the law included several measures that would be far less controversial among Democrats today. The Violence Against Women Act provided more resources to crack down on domestic violence and rape. A provision helped fund background checks for guns. The law encouraged states to back drug courts, which attempt to divert drug offenders from prison into treatment, and also helped fund some addiction treatment.

All of this was an old-school attempt to attract votes from lawmakers who otherwise might be skeptical, and it succeeded at winning over some Democrats. Bernie Sanders, for one, criticized an earlier version of the bill, written in 1991 but never passed, for supporting mass incarceration, quipping, “What do we have to do, put half the country behind bars?” But he voted for the 1994 law, explaining at the time, “I have a number of serious problems with the crime bill, but one part of it that I vigorously support is the Violence Against Women Act.”

Biden also opposed some parts of the law, even while he helped write it. In 1994, he reportedly called a three-strikes provision — that escalated prison sentences up to life for some repeat offenses — “wacko” and illustrative of Congress’s “tough on crime” attitude.”

***NOTE: Violence Against Women’s Act.

Up until 1996 it was LEGAL to rape one’s wife. I had been married 9 years.


The controversial 1994 crime law that Joe Biden helped write, explained

Pamela Smith
Bear with me. I am hitting paywalls.
Pamela Smith
Plagiarism: Commonly known. IMO dropping out was more honorable that standing before nations and blatantly lying to the point of International leaders breaking out in laughter, but thats just me.
Did Joe Biden Drop Out of the ’88 Presidential Race After Admitting to Plagiarism?

Pamela Smith
1193 SS Tax:
“A provision of the 1993 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act raised the Social Security tax rate from 50% to 85% for households in a higher income bracket. The act was Democratic President Bill Clinton’s first budget and marked the highest peace-time tax increases on high-income earners in U.S. history up to that time, according to the University of California, Berkeley.

What was Biden’s role?

Biden was a U.S. senator from Delaware, but he wasn’t one of the senators on the commission, according to a list of members from the Social Security Administration. The agency also had an online copy of the commission’s recommended changes, which included “taxation of benefits for higher-income persons.”

There’s no evidence to support the claim that Biden wrote the bill. In fact, it was introduced in the House by a Democratic representative from Illinois, Dan Rostenkowski. Biden voted for the bill when it came to the Senate, and it passed 88-9.

GovTrack, a government transparency website, recorded Biden’s yea vote on the 1993 Act.
Individuals who report a combined income between $25,000 and $34,000 may be liable for income taxes for up to 50% of Social Security benefits. For joint filers, the bracket is $32,000 to $44,000. Those whose earnings match or exceed the upper tier of each bracket could pay tax on up to 85% of benefits, according to the SSA.”…/fact-check-joe…/5896512002/
Fact check: Biden voted to tax Social Security, wants to reform retirement benefits

Pamela Smith
2008 comment. smh Another well known Fact, they just left off the term “unwittingly”
This can be an educational moment:…/when-words-are-unwittingly-racist…/
When Words Are Unwittingly Racist or Sexist | BU Today | Boston University

Pamela Smith
As for his Executive orders, compared to Trumps, I don’t see one that would benefit Biden personally. During the previous administration, the President walked off making a known 1.9 Billion dollars of our tax money.
It is what it is.
What you did NOT see when Republicans too Office in 2016 is Dems attempting to overthrow the Government and execute members of Congress, and you sure did not see a single white supremacist back a single Democrat.

Pamela Smith
You will never see something like this either:…/535888-dc-national-guard…
DC National Guard commander says Pentagon restricted his authority before riot

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Hunter Biden:A Timeline

By Deborah Maran:


2002 Mykola Zlochevsky & partner starts Burisma. Partner later dies.

2010-12 Mykola Zlochevsky is in govt offices that give him power to issue gas licenses. He issues some to Burisma

11/13- 2/14 Automaiden revolution. Ukrainian citizens will no longer tolerate corruption. Govt officials/ police kill ~ 100 unarmed Ukrainians. Yanukovych flees to Russia but leaves allies in parliament.

2/14 Govt changes. Poroshenko eventually is elected president, Yarema soon becomes head of Prosecutor general office, and Viktor Shokin is deputy Prosecutor. Shokin is a member of the “old gaurd” crooked era of the PGO but also Poroshenko ‘s friend.

3/14 MZ tries to close his British accounts. UK blocks it and starts a case against him.

4/14 – Hunter Biden is hired as a consultant to help improve Burisma ‘s image. He is to consult on how to improve transparency & international relations.

12/14 over the previous months the PGO blocks the UK case by providing statements to MZ’s attny that he is not a suspect in a criminal case. When Vitaly Kasko, a prosecutor in charge of foreign correspondence, expresses concern over the lack of cooperation, the case is transferred out of his reach to a the MIA oversaw by Shokin. The case goes nowhere. At the end of the month US urges UK to cooperate. The case is transferred back from the MIA but the transfers delay process.

1/15. The UK loses the bank hold so the case is no more.

2/15 Shokin is appointed Prosecutor general. He failed to declare multiple luxury properties in his common law wife’s name. He transfers a luxury property out of his name into their 1 year old daughters name. (Not crooked, right?)

7/15. During a raid on 2 crooked prosecutors’ homes(Diamond Prosecutor case), Shokin’s passport, property records, and firearms license is discovered. Texts between Shokin’s common law wife and the Prosecutor’s GF is found. Around $125,000 USD and diamonds missing from an earlier case is also recovered. Shokin’s office arrests the Prosecutor heading the raid for conducting an “illegal raid” bcuz it was “not approved.” The charges are reversed once Poroshenko stated he approved the raid.

2/15 – 12/15 Shokin fails to investigate multiple cases including Burisma. He makes little to no progress on the Automaiden protestor murders. At least 2 citizen lead protests call for his dismissal. The IMF delayed additional financial assistance over concerns of ongoing corruption in the PGO. Multiple Non-governmental organizations (NGO) demand he be replaced. Yehor Soboliev initiated a petition calling for Shokin’s removal and passed it around parliament. The American Ambassador to Ukraine addressed the ongoing corruption.

12/ 2015 – Joe Biden delivers an ultimatum: fire ur crooked Prosecutor or we will not guarantee a billion dollar loan. The promise for the loan guarantee was contingent upon the Ukraine doing it’s part and tackling corruption. NOBODY expressed a problem w/ it even tho it was known HB worked for Burisma and Burisma cases existed. Shokin was NOT pursuing Burisma.

1/2016 Burisma gas license case is transferred out of Shokin’s hands to the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine per the request of the People Deputy of Ukraine. Shokin protests but loses. Upon receipt of the case, the head of NABU stated ,”Little has been done in the case. To finally say whether he has a judicial perspective, it is necessary to carry out a certain amount of work.” NABU IMMEDIATELY takes the first steps Shokin failed to do: check the records office to see if proper procedure was followed. It wasn’t which allowed NABU to move to revoke some of Burisma’s gas licenses. However, the Shokin appointed special Prosecutor delayed until the statue ran out.NABU also stated in regards to the Burisma case”Analysis of the materials transferred from the GPU to NABU showed their low quality, lost time and capabilities. In fact, NABU detectives were forced to start collecting key evidence from scratch. NABU detectives found out that many of the original procurement documents in the Ministry of Ecology, which theoretically could significantly help establish the involvement of officials in abuses, were practically destroyed. And requests to foreign competent authorities, without which it is impossible to make up the whole picture, were not even transferred until the case was transferred to NABU.”– but, yeah… Shokin was pursuing Burisma, right?

2/3/16Ukraine’s economy minister Aivaras Abromavičius and his entire staff resign citing it was due to ongoing corruption making his job impossible. He later tweeted “Hallelujah. About time” in response to Shokin’s removal.

2/12/16Portman, Durbin, Shaheen, and Senate Ukraine Caucus sign a letter to Poroshenko regarding the ongoing corruption in the govt including the legal sector “We similarly urge you to press ahead with urgent reforms to the Prosecutor General’s office and judiciary.” It is also signed by Ron Johnson (R-Wi) who much later claimed Biden’s push to remove Shokin was nefarious in nature.

2/15/16 Vitaly Kasko, a top reform prosecutor resigns due to the ongoing corruption in the PGO. Kasko told the press”The last straw was yet another redistribution of authority within the prosecutor general office of Ukraine. Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has taken away all the functions and tools to investigate and control proceedings initiated by our team, including jn the case of the so-called reform prosecutors. Helping to create a real European style prosecutors office under the current prosecutor general is impossible, so I see no sense to stay in my position……….Today, the General Prosecutor’s office is a brake on the reform of criminal justice, a hotbed of corruption, an instrument of political pressure, one of the key obstacles to the arrival of foreign investment in Ukraine” Soon after he was charged with a fraud case that seized the man’s apartment. It was later dismissed for a lack of evidence but in the meantime the man was homeless.

2/16/16 Poroshenko asks Shokin to resign. Shokin immediately takes a LOA and is supposed to return on 2/19. 2/19 He extends his LOA until March. Poroshenko files w/ Parliament for permission to dismiss him but it will be delayed. Per Ukrainian law, Parliament can not vote ti dismiss a person from office when on a LOA.

3/16 – 3/27 Shokin returns and acts as if he was asked to resign. He ultimately fires everyone who was involved with the initial investigation of the Diamond Prosecutors. He is notified he will soon appear in front of parliament for a vote on his dismissal . He also filed papers to charge the Anti-Corruption Action Center with a crime.

3/28 Citizens protest and demand Shokin’s dismissal after the courts granted his office permission to investigate the AAC. Shokin tried to charge the AAC w/ embezzlement of US aide. The money was supposed to go the the AAC for them to use it for reform to the PGO. Skokin believed the money should had went straight to him.

3/29/16 Shokin is voted out. The Republicans in Congress say not. One. Word. Against it. 4/16Lutsenko appointed to PGO5/2016Lutsenko dismisses Shokin’s case against the AAC, stating it was “so stupid it dishonored the PGO.”…/lutsenko-peregljane-spravi-proti…

4- Nov 16 Lutsenko does not properly investigate Burisma for money laundering/ illicit enrichment charges related to the UK case. There was no investigation to see where the funds that had been in the London bank account originated. Instead he blurs the lines, combines it w/ the tax evasion case, and closes it Nov 1st.

3/15/2018 A long piece by Peter Schweizer revolving around H Biden & Christopher Heinz for NYP. In it Peter remarks as to how Joe “has little wealth despite reaching VP.” The piece was an attack piece on Hunter & Christopher. He used “speculative speech” to try to turn John Kerry & Joe Biden’s governmental dealings w/ foreign governments into a quid pro quo. “Over the next seven years, as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont (Hunter co-owned) entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments.” Peter was indirectly claiming Kerry & Biden made secret deals to benefit their kids. YET HE ADMITTED JOE HAD LITTLE WEALTH.

3/26/ 2018 Married Attys Joe diGenova & Victoria Toesing were supposed to join Trump’s Russia probe legal team but can not.”The President is disappointed that conflicts prevent Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing from joining the President’s Special Counsel legal team,” his lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said in a statement. “However, those conflicts do not prevent them from assisting the President in other legal matters. The President looks forward to working with them.” The duo are also connected to Rudy G & Lev Parnas.

“Late 2018” According to Leb Parnas, he arranged a Skype call between Rudy G & Viktor Shokin. “I arranged the Shokin call with the mayor,” Parnas tells NPR, referring to Giuliani by his title from when he was mayor of New York City.”

8/2018 Hunter & Hallie rent a home in Annapolis, Md. Hallies kids are enrolled in the Key School for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

1/2019 According to Lev Parnas, Rudy G met with the current PGO, Yuriy Lutsenko, in NY. 2/2019 (midway)According to Lev Parnas, Rudy G met with the current PGO, Yuriy Lutsenko, in Warsaw””I was present but I’m not going to comment on what was discussed in those meetings,” says Parnas.”

3/ 2019 Hallie is sued by the Key School for $55,740. The amount reflects full admission for each child and raises the question how long, if at all, did the kids attend. The school has various payment plans but all require 10% upon enrollment and a large chunk due by the start of school. The amount she was sued for raises the question if they actually moved to Annapolis.

3/2019 Rudy G publicly announced plans to fly to Ukraine to seek informative on Hunter Biden. Hr later claimed he canceled the plan.

3/2019 Mueller just ended the Russian collusion investigation .. trump had been for months and continued for months on to describe the FBI in negative terms – as for working in favor of Dems. — (Given all his anti-FBI rhetoric, one might wonder why a huge trump supporter would ONLY give them alleged evidence of wrongdoing and not send it to trump media as well. Then, hold on to it until just 3 weeks b4 the election when the FBI would neither be able to confirm or deny the story.)

3/26/19 Solomon sent an email to Rudy G allies asking for approval of the story on AAC. Those allies were Atty Victoria Toesing, her attorney husband Joe diGenova, and Ukrainian businessman Lev Parnas.

3/26/2019 John Solomon published a piece to try to discredit the AAC. In his story he reinvigorated the Shokin embezzlement case against the AAC described as “stupid” by Lutsenko when he dismissed it. The key witness for Solomon’s claim the case was factual was LUTSENKO. Lutsenko flip flopped from his 2016 statement. He also claimed Yanukovych handed him a list saying the AAC could not be investigated. He had no corroborating evidence.…/435906-us-embassy-pressed…

4/12/19 Hunter Biden allegedly left 3 liquid damaged laptops at The Mac Shop in Wilmington Delaware– a 3-hr round trip from his Annapolis home. Allegedly, one was “OK”, one beyond repair, & the other data recovery possible. A receipt allegedly signed by Hunter Biden is supposed to corroborate the drop. However, the signature is suspect and has not been verified.

4/14 Hunter Biden allegedly dropped of an external Hard Drive to the Mac Shop for John Paul Mac Isaac to “download the info from the computer to the hard drive.”The claim was made to me via email by a “decades long friend” of JPMI who wrote up a latest version of Mac’s story. Larry Johnson is an ex CIA agent “best known for” spreading a political hoax in 2008 to harm Obama’s campaign. He leaves the “best known for” out of his bio. Problem being, The Mac Shop is not open on Sundays and hasn’t been. Per the claim, Hunter Biden allegedly made a 3-hr round trip to drop off the laptops. He thought the data on the machine so important he got the store owner to open up on a Sunday. Then he took another 3-hr round trip so he could drop of an external hard drive to copy of the data….. then he nor a proxy ever returned for the devices despite Mac’s frequent calls from May-June-July-August.

4/25 Joe Biden announced his candidacy.

4/30 Hunter & Hallie publicly announce their split. 5/10/16Hunter Biden claimed to meet Cohen although some are suspicious they were together long b4 the date.

5/16/19 Hunter Biden & Melissa Cohen marry

5/20/2019 Trump called back Yanukovych and fired her from her position as US Ambassador to Ukraine.

5/2019 Alleged Hunter Biden emails are offered for sale in Ukraine.

6/2019 HB buys home in Hollywood Hills.

7/25/2019 Trump calls Pres Zelensky and asks him to investigate Joe Biden for “stopping the prosecution of his son.” trump was referring to the rumors being spread by Rudy G. trump also described Lutsenko in very favorably terms in an attempt to influence Zelensky to keep him on by calling him “very good, very fair” and saying he was treated poorly…Even after Zelensky made it clear his plans were to replace him trump again stated he was treated unfairly. trump also indicated Rudy was very well aware of the allegations against Biden.

8/26/2019 LUTSENKO is fired

9/4/2019 Shokin, upon request from Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova, provides an Affidavit in favor of Dimitry Firtash, an Ukrainian Oligarch wanted for extradition to the US to face criminal charges. In the Affidavit, Shokin makes many allegations against JB interfering & manipulating Ukrainian officials so Firtash could not return to Ukraine. He also claim JB got him fired bcuz he was investigating Burisma.

Mid-September Mac decides to alert the FBI (despite trump’s mistrust of them) about the alleged “evidence” on the laptop. He emails the FBI…NO, wait… they contact him.. oh, wait.. he goes to them thru a decades old proxy… no, it was they came to him and asked his help in accessing the drive… Oh! Instead of going himself with a copy of evidence in hand, he sent his dad, w/o any evidence, to the Albuquerque NM office to report the crime. The agent just blew dad off and refused to give his name.

9/24/19 House Impeachment inquiry to see if trump delayed aide to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation against Joe Biden

9/28/19 Lutsenko states in an interview that he repeatedly told Rudy Giuliani there was NO evidence either Joe or Hunter Biden broke any law. He also claimed he would cooperate if the “FBI or other U.S. authorities began their own investigation of the former vice president and his son.”

9/19 Alleged Hunter Biden emails are offered for sale in Ukraine.

9/19A whistleblower complaint is made public after weeks of it being delayed & kept from the HOUSE. The WB alleged trump was trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

9/25/19 The call transcript between trump & Zelensky is released to the public and noted as “not verbatim.”

9/27/19 “Parnas argues not all the facts about this and other conspiracies are known yet. And he is not ready to release all the information now”

10/9/2019 Rudy associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman arrested at the Airport getting ready to board a plane to Vienna. Per reports, Giuliani was supposed to meet them there

11/2019 Midway… (2 months after dad went to FBI)Out of the blue, two agents, “Josh WILLIAMS & Mike Dzielak from the Delaware office come to Mac’s shop to discuss the claims about the alleged laptop. He immediately offers them the abandoned laptop and hard drive but they refuse it. They make a copy of it instead… Oh wait, they DON’T ever make a copy (contradictions are Mac’s).

12/3/19 RG flew to Budapest, Hungary, on Tuesday to meet with former Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko to discuss the House’s impeachment inquiry.

12/5/19 RG flew to Ukraine to talk to several prosecutors, including Shokin & Kulyk, regarding impeachment inquiry. That night RG tweeted out several unverified claims about the Obama administration’s action in Ukraine. He claimed Ambassador Yanukovych was involved in covering up alleged Obama admin misuse of 5.3B in US aide to Ukraine (5.3 B was the total foreign aide, not US aid). Biden was point man & money was to be illegally given to the AAC. The allegation matched a retaliation case Shokin had pressed forth 3/2016 against the AAC – the case RG’s contact Lutsenko dismissed prior to knowing RG.

Beginning of Dec Agents allegedly call Mac and ask if they can come to his shop to make a copy. He says “sure.”

12/9/19 Mac Shop is served W/ A GJ summons subpoena. In lieu of appearance a laptop & hard drive is to be turned over to the GJ by 12/17/19. Mac is allegedly told nothing about the purpose of the GJ. The agents do not make a copy. The subpoena is signed by Joshua Wilson, an FBI agent who served the majority of his career investigating crimes against children. In 2017 he was the coordinator for the FBI CARD team — , Child abduction Response Team. Mac will later claim the subpoena was for Biden’s laptop to investigate white collar crime.

Dec 15, 2019 Rudy Giuliani flew to Ukraine on a budget flight to film for OANN allegedly to report on the impeachment. He left on a private jet en route to Vienna. According To Rudy, trump called soon after he returned & asked “What did you get?”

12/18/19trump is impeached. Mac makes no attempt to contact anyone in Trump’s team throughout the impeachment process regarding the alleged evidence which if found factual, would help trump. This is even tho he believes the impeachment is a sham and has heard nothing from the FBI, who trump repeatedly described as out to harm him politically.

An unstated time b/t Dec 2019 – October 2020 An intermediary Mac knows for decades contacts Rudy G and hands over the drive. In another version, it is his Mac himself who contacted RG.

October 13, 2020 Mac claims HB’s attny contacted him and asked for the laptop back. However, there is no evidence of this. There is an alleged email from the attorney stating “Thank you for talking to me tonite. As stated, I am Hunter Biden’s attorney and I appreciate you reviewing your records on this matter.”The email sounds more like an attempt to gain more information involving alleged drop off time, work, calls, etc than a request for property return.

October 14th The NYP publishes the HB laptop story but the agent signature page of the subpoena is not included. However, journalists catch backwards ink markings and determine the agent to be Joshua Wilson. NYP also posts pics with metadata that eventually ID the anonymous source as Mac. Both findings harm the narrative being pushed and cause red flags as Mac changes versions of his story — even between trump friendly Fox and a decades old friend. Much to the chagrin of trump.& Rudy, Twitter & FB do not allow the story to spread because it can not be verified and concern of possible hacked materials. MSM does not pass the story off as factual and addresses the red flags.

October 22/ 2019 Pics of texts purported to be of a 2017 conversation between HB and then business partner Tony Bobulinski are posted by Fox. However, a header shot of the phone shows a Russian network, MTS RUS. Other issues brought up about the texts is that “Whatsapp” was being used in 2017 even tho it was discontinued on the Blackberry devices in 2016. Another person stated the screenshots are from an Iphone shown on a blackberry. Makes sense if Whatsapp was d/c’d on the device. — I’m not sure on these last two but the Russian network claim appears valid.

10/28/19 Tucker Carlson claims to have a “trove of damning documents” proving the Joe Biden allegation but they got lost in transport. no other copies were made.

How the arrest of Fruman and Parnas destroyed a carefully orchestrated attempt to end Biden’s candidacy during the primary debate season.

 By Thomas A. Fine

In late 2018, Rudy Giuliani and his team began creating propaganda to ensure that Biden would not be the Presidential candidate.

Rudy’s team included, Igor Fruman, @levparnas , Victoria Toensing, Joseph di Genova, John Solomon, Dmytro Firtash, Devin Nunes, and Derek Harvey. There were multiple known Skype calls and meetings in Vienna and New York with now disgraced former Ukraine Prosecutor General Victor Shokin and then current PG Yuriy Lutsenko (both now disgraced ex-prosecutors). A key early effort was a March 20th “interview” of Lutsenko by now disgraced reporter Solomon, which I believe was more likely a propaganda planning session than an interview. I say this because this “interview” led to several stories that were either announced by Solomon or Lutsenko or both more or less at the same time about bogus investigations and stories. This included a bogus story about the Manafort ledger, a bogus story about ambassador Yovanovitch, Lutsenko made a bogus claim about a dropped investigation into Burisma, and a really crazy story involving the Clintons and Soros. In April we have Hunter allegedly dropping off his laptop for data recovery, just a few days before Zelensky wins the election for President in Ukraine.

This is a few days before Biden announces his campaign for the Presidency. A few days later Trump recalls Yovanovitch. She had been vocal about Lutsenko’s failure to fight corruption (as she had been previously about Shokin’s failure).

Of course Trump wanted Lutsenko to stay because they had this whole propaganda effort going at this point. In May we got our first real glimpse into this propaganda conspiracy, when Ihor Kolomoisky stated in an interview that Giuliani was orchestrating a conspiracy against Biden. But it was not widely reported in the U.S until October 2019.…In July was the Trump phone call that got him impeached, in which he tried to convince Zelensky to help him create the very same propaganda that Team Rudy had been working on for months. Note that this wasn’t the first Trump-Zelensky phone call, and also note that Trump halted U.S. security assistance to Ukraine in July. So there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes we still don’t know about. Things kind of simmered over the summer, with people trying to get meetings with Zelensky; Zelensky trying to get rid of Lutsenko; and Lutsenko trying to keep his job.

Ultimately this failed, and he was out in August. Also in August, the whistleblower thing happens, though we don’t find out until September.

But in September the propaganda effort picks up again full steam. On September 4 Toensing and di Genova get a bogus affidavit out of Shokin that is to be the centerpiece in their efforts. The whistleblower story breaks on the 18th. On the 26th, Solomon publishes the bogus affidavit. On the 29th, one of the two laptop email PDFs is created. On October 8th, Fruman and Parnas book flights to Vienna to meet with Shokin about an upcoming remote interview on Hannity (planned for Oct 10). On October 9th, Trump tweets a video about Biden.

It is a preview of their planned propaganda. Published in advance of the Hannity interview.

The video contains clips from the bogus affidavit. the 9th Fruman and Parnas are arrested on the way to the airport.

That evening Barr has his sudden unexplained meeting with Murdoch just a few hours after Fruman and Parnas are arrested. The second email PDF allegedly from Hunter is created early the next morning.

But the Shokin remote interview on Hannity is cancelled the next day. The propaganda that had been in the works for months was now going to serve dual purposes. To end Biden’s campaign, and to make the Ukraine phone call scandal go away for Trump.

The arrest of Fruman and @levparnas brought this plan to a screeching halt. I don’t think Shokin was planning to use the alleged Hunter emails during his interview. I think those were going to roll out later that week.

The arrest of Fruman and @levparnas may just possibly have saved our democracy. (And the day after all this happened, Shep Smith quit Fox News with no warning to anyone, live on the air.) So what we’re seeing now is a desperate revival of propaganda that they had hoped to use exactly a year ago.

I expect there may be more. 

Murdered by Abusive Partners in America – circa app. 2000

Sara Tokars GA 39
Sarah Gehring NH 14
Philip Gehring NH 11
Tiffany Burnett MI 25
Bobby “Bee” Baker AR 50
Steven Tyler  AR  27(luvu4life)
Karen Berry Allard OH 25
Kizzy Amos MI
Ninal Abequa Jordan 40
Dora Acosta TX 31
Tammy Akers TN 36
Denise Alaouie NJ 41
Carol Alarcon Neb 14
Rosalin Alicea PR 18
Sue Alkin MN 49
Shiela Anderson NH
Gloria Andrade CA 49
Julie Ansotigue FL 18
Adonna Arold TX 33
Susy Garcia Argumaniz TX 41
Turan Avanesian CA 37
Roland Avanesian CA 4
Romik Avanesian CA 6
Rodric Avanesian CA 8
Ronika Avanesian CA 9
Rita Avanesian CA 16
Robina Avanesian CA 17
Vicki Bader NH 37
Janice Baker-Castorena CA 38
Sandra Banducci CA 41
Sgt. Linda Barrera TX 42
Princess Barriffe NY 23
Nathan Battles NH 65
Lillian Bee Blue MI
Sarah Belanger NH 18
Stacy Beller Nh 19
Teresa Bender WI 28
Yolanda Bergstrom TX 36
Trhas Berhe NH 24
Petra Bernal TX 23
Stephanie Berry IL 33
Patricia Best WI 21
Miriam Sanchez Betancourt NY 31
Wendy Beyer MI 20
Janice Booth  27
Collette Boothe NY 32
Ramon Borntreger WI 27
Laura Bossa WY 20
Lenora Brace VT 53
Karen Bradburn TX 39
Jennifer Bradley MN 30
Michelle Brannan FL 22
Kathryn Brauer MI
Francisca Britto PR 38
Gianna Britton ME 25
Carolina Brown CA
Kimberly Brown CA 3
Robert Brown CA 1
Dakota James Brummond WI 1
Tammy Jo Bull NH 26
Lynda Moore Burris TX 55
Paula Bushee VT 35
De Lane Buttz IA 38
Lindsey Buttz IA 12
Ryan Buttz IA 15
Alise Anderson Cagle MT 42
Ina Cambell VT 43
Genelda Campeau MN 65
Pamela Carbaugh PA 46
Sherri Lynn Cardosa MI
Julie Ann Carroll MN 43
Meghan Carroll Mn 10
Jennifer Caskey IA 19
Ann Paulette Caudle WY 34
Donna Cavanaugh MA 25
Pauline Chaput NH 65
Michelle Charpentier NH 30
Mary Cherry CA 48
Angela Chimienti CA 19
Serafina Chimienti CA 19
Kyung Chung CA
Sandra Lee Clapp TX 39
Nora Mae Clark GA 33
Mary Jane Colbert NH 30
Emily Colbert NH 2
Elise Colbert NH 1
Patricia Colbert NH 10 weeks
Tracey Coleman FL 27
Lucinda Collins ME 37
Sandra Colvin CO 36
Helen Coppola NY 53
Robert Cornell WI 27
Willie Jo Cotton TX 52
Alene Courchesne NH 20
Evelia Criado PR 34
Marrissa Dalrmple FL 16
Audrey Dalton VA 35
Andrea Dalton VA 16
Amalia Damian TX 28
Denise D’Angelo NJ 21
William Corey Dave CA 28
Debra Smith Davis NJ 29
John Damion Day FL 4
Linda Marie Dean WY 27
Vickie Dillard TX 42
Pamela Gale Dorsey TX 28
Mildred Douds FL 71
June Dow NH 16
Victoria Drygalski IL
Gloria Marie Duffin MT 40
Wendy Dupis NH 36
Pamela Duplan LA 27
Guadalupe Duran TX 45
Kimberly Edmonds TX
Debra Lynn Edmondson TX 35
Jessica Ely AL 5
Corey Ely AL 4
Rebecca A. Estes WY 40
Carmen Estrada TX 55
Dena Bott Faraj MI 17
Rene Faulkner TX 36
Claudine Fechkle NH 20
Helen Ferguson NH 41
Ginger Ferren NH 22
Amy Fitzgerald VT 30
Kelly Flanders NH 32
David Lawrence VT 52
Glen Luhry WI 40
Antoinette Michel Flanigan TX 24
Louis Mills NH 27
Michelle Moore CO 10
Charles Moore, Jr. CO 6
Dan Seely AL
Jenifer Barrett McCrady OH 31
Michelle McIrath WI 19
Kary McKinney WY 35
Kelli McManus RI 35
Mabel McVicar ME 49
Chie “Judy” Mackie NH 58
Joyce Lint Madlock PA 50
Jill Yvonne Madrid TX
Dawn Mancini NH 27
Lorraine Manha NH 47
Michelle Mansfield VT 23
Guadalupe Marcelleno TX
Maria Marin PR 79
Maria Marshall NJ
Estelle Parker-Martens ME 53
Deborah Martin MN 41
Linda Martin FL
Hotensia Martinez TX 27
Johanna Martinez PR 16
Michelle Martinez CO 24
Janice Marvin WY 34
Arlene Marzan HI 24
Juana Medina TX 34
Marjie Melendez CA 40
Cheryl Wilson-Minelli FL
Gail Michado NH 49
Pam Moberly MT 20
Evelyn Coleen Moore NJ 44
Moraima  PR 21
Justina Morales NY 8
Betty Lorraine Morey MT 35
Maria Minerva Muniz TX 34
Tina Mari Nakamura CA 28
Jessica Navarro PR 19
Cynthia Nelson ME 38
Terri Michelle Nelson TX 20
Jo Carolyn Nicholas TX 44
Michele Nowlin MI
Patricia Ogawa HI 33
Darlene Oelerich WI
Elsi Oliff MT 68
Patsy Ann Oliver LA 32
Michelle Olson VA 23
Wanda Olsen NH 32
Doris Oquendo PR 21
Sharon Oster NE 42
Maria Pacheco PR 28
Joan Paine ME 45
Sarah Patterson TX 11
Sharon Parker NH 32
Tracy Lynn Payne TX 30
Merri Peacock GA 17
Joyce Pedersen CA 35
Adriana Peptenar IL 31
Rebecca Petillo NH 36
Mary Frances Pfeifer CA 46
Angie Pierre TX 25
Mary Pike VT 45
Debra Paquette-Pliskaner NH 29
Lourdes Popa PR 35
Valerie Prado NH 22
Jackie Preston NH
Kathy Prough TX 33
Patricia Provost VT 49
Diana Lynn Radke TX
Lorraine Radtke MI
Awilda Ramirez PR
Ester Ramos TX 47
Krista Rankin IA 34
Uma Reddy MA 41
Carla Reid PA 36
Robin Reynolds NH 24
Janet Ricksgers PA
Marlem Riesgo FL 34
Jo Reilly MT 32
Ines Rios PR 46
Iraida Rivera PR 25
Luz Rivera PR 41
Sally Roberts IN 36
Saundra Roberts WY 25
Carmen Rodriguez PR 46
Laura Diane Rodriguez TX 22
Lenor Rodriguez MI
Zuleika Rodriguez PR
Lourdes Romero PR
Kathryn Rowley IA 44
Nina Rouse GA 38
Helen Ruiz TX 33
Mary Elizabeth Rude WY 26
Carla Jean Russell HI 59
Christine Salinas MI
Roberta Salmi WA 55
Christina Sanchez NY 35
Maria Marquez-Sanchez FL 39
Carmen Santiago PR 32
Carolann Sarette NH 29
Penny Scaggs TX 54
Kimberly Scavo PA 29
Christine Schambow WI 25
Jodene K. Zuelke (Schultz) WI 23
William Sauer PA 44
Tamar Carsello PA 50
Kathi Reddy MA 13
Jaganatha Reddy MA 58
Deidre Moore PA 14
Rachel deCambra HI 23
Daniela Peptenar IL 17
Eric Michael Shazier VA 18 mo
Christina Ayers MN 16
Kris Elsenpeter MN
John McGowan NJ 43
Heather Scotson MT 19
Sheila Ilene Scott TX 31
Gina Lynn Severino CA 20
Fay Shankie NH 36
Linda Slocum VT 22
Barbara Smith NJ 34
Beverly Hines Smith VT 32
Brenda Smith PA
Gina Ann Smith TX 33
Deborah Smith TX
Regina Tiffany-Snyder PA 39
Alison Tiffany-Snyder PA 11
Evan Tiffany-Snyder PA 6
LIsa Solomon NY 22
Inetha Cooke Sones TX 71
Marta Sotomayor PR 45
Carol Ann Stack IL 24
Chrystal Dawn Jennings Stansell GA 19
Nancy Stettner IL 28
Debra Stewart CA
Betty Storm WV 26
Megan Storm WV 3
Jessica Storm WV 6
Benjamin Storm WV 32
Roberta Myles WV 59
Deborah Story WY 31
Loretta Strand MN 62
Christine M. Stratton MI
Ida Strouth MN 42
Jacob Strouth MN 9
Jeremiah Sponsel MN 13
DeAnna Lee Stuart NE 20
Cleo Swallow WY 25
Marlene Stumpf PA 47
Esther Marie Stynski MN 81
Kami Talley MN 21
Necole Taylor MI 24
Lori Taylor ME 36
Donna Tekeley MI
Cynthia Thow VT 23
Consonia Patrice Thomas MI 21
Hattie Christine Nappier-Thomas LA 38
Tammi Ann Thompkins ME 22
Yvonne Thompson MN 41
Doree Tibbers NH 23
Beata Toronczak CA 32
Rose Albano CA
Wendy Tran CA
Linda Trenkle IA 47
Tammie Truxton MT 40
Kathleen Upton MI
Clara Utz TX 85
Donna Van Slyke TX 47
Joanne D. Vana TX 34
Heather Vann TX 21
Kathleen Vega NH 33
Minerva Vela TX
Betzaida Velazquez PR 35
Carolyn Joy Seitz Voorhees MN
Charlene Marie Voss-Davis CO 22
Helen Walder MI
Dawn Wallace MT 20
Jayme Wallace MT 20 mo
Kristine Warner CO
Cheri Washington CA 28
Emma Waters NH 37
Melody Derosia-Waters NH 19
Tyler Watkins CA 4
Torrance Watkins CA 6
Sandra Way NH 28
Jonnie Weber WY 55
Tambi Weinberger MT 17
Colene Navratil Wenzel MN 24
Patricia Whitehead  39
Mary Whitmire TX 43
Margaret Wilcox NH 44
Andrea Lanelt Williams MI
Barry M. Williams PA 54
Barbara Williams MI
Rhatasha Willis TX 17
Holly Wilson MI
LuAnn Wilson TX
Tammy Darnell Woodbeck TX 32
Mary Beth Womack TX 31
Christine Wright TX 17
Jia Yang WI 23
Voua Lo Kiatoukaysi WI 24
Jeanna Rae Yetter CA 33
Loretta Young MI
Veneshia Yazzie AZ 11
Jazana Yazzie AZ 13
Cara Yazzie AZ 8
Nathalie Yazzie AZ 5
MIsty La Flesch MT 32
Paula La Fountaine NH 36
Leslie La Casse NH 26
Toni Langdon NH
Cynthia Langlois WY 31
Velma Jean Lamb TX 31
Antoinette Langdon NH 44
Diane La Page VT 45
James Lehmann Jr. CA 40
Michael P. Haugen CA 33
Marina Nicole Lemmons NC 19
Susan Limena PR 39
Pennye Lindsey TX 43
Janet Lockwood NH
Deborah Long CT 24
Jillene Long IA 41
Karla Lopez TX 37
Brenda Lovell TN
Timwanika Lumpkins FL
Marlin Brown FL
Stephanie Lyng IL 39
Barbara Lussier NH
Julia Kealoha HI 49
Sandra Keyes IA 26
Joshua Keyes IA 2
Helen Mary Kirec Canada 36
Ludvic Kirec Canada 15
Christopher Kirec Canada 14
Suzy Kirec Canada 12
Nancy Kirec Canada 11
Marquerite Kirkpatrick IA 58
Barbara Korte MN
Laura Kososki-eck MI
Joanna Kozak NH 38
Adrianne Jones TX 16
Anthony Michael Johnson MN 6 mo
Sharon Johnson NH 36
Velma Crozier Johnson TX 52
Shauntai Johnson MN 27
Irmgard Johnston NJ
Diane Lynn Jones TX 35
Lakeshia Jones TX 20
Marla Kay Jones TX 39
Tracie Jones TX 20
Yvonne Jones VT 30
Tabitha Juetten MN 19
Brandy Jo Imhoff WY 5
Kimberly Iuele NH 28
Otilla Haas TX 38
Elaine Hackett VT 49
Heidi Haines MN 20
Janis Hanson MT 32
Joyce Hansen WA 44
Diane Harmon NH 25
Michelle Harper VA 17
Leslie Harrington TX 44
Regina Harrwell TX
Julia Hawkins MT 36
Sandra Hawkins TX 45
Marian Hawthorne TX 63
Wendy Hayne ME 33
Laura Henderson AK 28
Elaine Henderson NH 21
Connie Henry ID 42
Heather Henry ID 18
Lisa Jean Hnizdo TX 35
Barbara Hoag NH 17
Zadie Holloway NC 26
Renee Holloway NC 6
Stephanie Kay Holman TX 24
Shelia Holmes NH 31
Elfriede Hooper NH 40
Tara Hull PA 10
Casey Hull PA 7
Karen Hunt NH 26
Regina Gentry IL 34
Lana Gety CO 19
Debra Glines NH 26
Jean Glover NH 34
Lucille Golden  77
Carmen Cruz Gonzales TX 44
Yesenia Gonzales WY 22
Christine Grega VT 31
Cathie S. Gostele IL 43
Maria Carmen Gutierrez CA 48
Eva Rodriguez CA 15
Dawn Gagne NH 21
Vivian Marie Gaines TX 33
Patricia Garcia CA 26
Mark S. Amato CA 33
Nina Jean Garland MT 42
Angelica “Angel” Garner FL 23
Christian Garner FL unborn
Carol Garza X 43
Gladys Gass TX 66
Debra Gates NH 27
Leslie Fleming FL 23
Eydie Lenae Flores TX 36
Katherine A. Foshee MT 36
Judith Hart Fournier VT 33
Susan Foutz ID 42
Marrel Deloise Franklin TX 24
Jennifer Fresch FL 25
Trudi Friedman PR 61
Janice Fronchek MA 32
Juana Fuentes PR 55
Sandra Fuentes TX 30
Kathy Acevedo CO 34
Ashley Alvarez CO 4
Tracey Alvarez CO 23
Teresa Anderson CA 32
Kellie Ard TX 27
Donna Bartman CANADA 39
Deborah Ann Battle VA 30
Rebecca Bell OK 24
Delvontey Bellamy MI 5
Shafontah Bellamy MI 3
Yolanda Bellamy MI
Steve Bently FL 30
Donna Julssa Berezovsky FL 11
Maureen Biller NY 49
Kelsey Bitting IA 20
Rachel Boer IA 24
Marty Bolson MI 34
Nathan Burns,Jr. MI 5
Nathan Burns, III MI 3
Maxine Butler DC 30
Elaine Cleavenger WVA 36
Jamie Cleavenger WVA 16
Mary Ann Clinkscales TX 37
Margaret Compton TX 67
Denise Dallner IA 19
Elvia DeLuna-Munoz C0 31
Ana Diaz VA 28
Cassie Downing IA 7
Ruth Downing IA 30
Evangeline Katherine (Kathy) Echols VA 37
Ashley Fitzgerald NY 7
Leanne Fitzgerald NY 38
Shane Fitzgerald NY 5
Linda Frahm IA 47
Jennifer Foretich CO 19
Deanna Furlong CO 35
Michelle Ann Gibson IA 22
Isela Gonzalas FL 29
Gregoria Maritza Guatemala TX 31
Kelly Ann Hess OH 18
Randy Hill NC 29
Janette Jeffers TX 41
Susan John IA 20
Yvette Patrice Jordan TX 36
Maria Lynne Cronk Kahn TN 40
Diane Kim HI 48
Carolyn Lawrence GA 40
Andy Laybolt Canada
James Laybolt CANADA
Sherry Laybolt Canada
Simon Laybolt Canada
Tammy Laybolt CANADA
Sonya Lopez TX 17
Monica Lujan CA
Adela Rosine Martinez CO 46
Laura Rosa Martinez-Cuevas CO 22
Megan Maynor CA 6
Michelle Maynor CA 3
Monica Maynor CA
Ruth Ann McDowell CO 51
Kayla McKean FL 6
Crystal Miller IA 18
Theresa Miller IA 45
Teresa Mitchell OH 36
George Morris VA 19
Jeannette Laverne-Bowman Narcomey CA 25
Bonita Evon Nobles NC 28
Mercedes Nova NY 39
Faith Nylin IA 21
Sharon Perales TX
Margo Prade OH 41
Ana Laticia Quezada IA 29
Blossom Redding FL 23
Angela Rodriguez HI 22
Mary Roland TX 63
Maribeth Schwark IA 56
Sally Scott MI 33
Kathie Elaine Shelton TN 31
Lee Sorensen NJ 45
Jean Steele IA 46
Louise Tapley NY 57
Susan Mary Taylor CANADA 30
Laura Thibideaux TX 43
Richard Allen Thomas CO 43
Shawna Thomas CO 21
Sara Tokars GA
Theresa Underwood NJ 30
Esther Weiting Yu TX 34
Cheryl Goldsberry OH 39
Karen Schaitel Tainter WI 44
So Shan Chan MD 52
Carla Miller LA
Shon Miller LA 2
Jennifer Jean Malvey HI 30
Reneese Smith MN 34
Unborn child Smith MN
Lois Johnson MN 35
Cory Johnson MN 5
Westin Johnson MN 3
Amanda Carlson-Bey MN 21
Jereau Carlson MN 2
Unborn child Carlson-Bey MN
Jill Marie Petschel MN 29
Debbie Swigerd MN 32
Nannette Henderson MN 29
Mary Elizabeth Ewing MN 33
Brandi Summer Survis MN 20
Marilyn Ford MN 45
Ellen Bauer MN 28
Kriston Sjoberg MN 28
Lori Beth Lewis MN 37
Kincsem Teta MN 22
Teri Lynn Jacobus WI 37
Deidre Howell MA
Karen Barriere MA 19
Diane L. Lafard MA
Karen Lepierre MA
Pamela French MA 36
Sheila Leigh Bellush FL 35
Cathy Reyes OH 41
Mary Monroe FL 30
Randy Monroe FL 8
Sara Monroe FL 4
Margaret T. Smith FL 72
Nancy Holt MD 43
Sandra Maloney WI 40
Mary Jane Washington CO 40
Karen M. Connellly AO 37
Chastity Faye Dorrill CO 19
Sade Terry CO 3
Maria Salazar CO 37
Esther Rosa NJ 70
Magaliz Laboy NJ
Maria Tanner OH 21
Beverly Holsonback WI 47
Louwellen Vannieuwenhoven WI
Erin Zittlow WI 18
Markita King OK 21
Ebony Bell OK 4
Essynce Bell OK 2
Linda Farris OK 45
Marjonna Bell OK 8 months
Jacqueline Anderson OR 29
Barbara Gilpin OR 44
Patrick, Jr. Biller NY 20
Erin Biller NY 14
Courtney Biller NY 8
Julie Scully Greece 31
Cheryl Zirkle WV 31
Carla Sue Cook-Belcher WV 27
Michelle Lee Lindsay WV 26
Constance DePompa McLaughlin WV 47
Catherine Rice MA 35
Son Rice MA 4
Son Rice MA 2 months
Janet Keegan Outside US
Davonia Pauling SC 28
Gianni Barrows CO 7
Chastity Bartram WA 28
Lindzi Paulsen WA 46
Carolyn Durall WA 35
Lori Wolf WA 34
Juanita Guarnica-Maddoz WA 25
Renee Flaherty FL 33
Geoffrey Flaherty FL 9
Amanda Flaherty FL 7
Logan Flaherty FL 36
Olivia D. Hodson WA 20
Kavita Babber WA 13
Mary Louise Oakes WA 76
Rondell Lee Arnett WA 48
Dawn Hawkins WA 31
Norma Foltz WA 71
Melanie Edwards WA 33
Carli Edwards WA 2
Albert S. Narburgh WA 55
Gertrudes Lamson WA
Shawna Peterson WA 25
Anne Marie Fahey DE
Marilyn Woodland CANADA
Randall S. Martin IN 34
Debbie Martines SD 27
Shana Martinez FL 27
Logan Martinez FL 3
Lashann Matthews LA 20
Shyrl Maxwell MO 39
Arzine McClary IL 46
Carlene McDonald CA 43
Shirley McKenzie CO 45
Lynell McKleny VA 26
Heather McWilliams WY 22
Wanda Meinert KS 37
Michelle Mellema CO 24
Melody Hopper NE
Christina Menefee MS 16
Carol Meredith CANADA 29
Cheryl Metcalf CO 31
Christine Metz IL 33
Tammy Lynn Milam IL 31
Alice L. Miller PA 51
Cheryl Miller GA 44
James Miller CO 2mo.
Gina Monroe Smith TX
Sandra Moody VA 32
Michelle Moore CO 9
Jolissa Morales CA 6
Delia Morin TX 31
Laura Muñoz AZ 29
James Murphy IL 27
Jymme Murphy IL 28
Martha Retta Myers FL 34
Joyce Newberry TN 55
Michael Newberry TN 40
Samantha Newman MD 31
Catherine Newman MD 40
Patricia A. Noland IL 43
Norma Parker 53
Jasmin North DC 7
Denise Elaine Norwood OK 39
Lesley O’Farrell IL 29
Dionysia Oakes VA 29
Michelle Olson VA 23
Luis-Antonio Ortiz CANADA 9
Rebecca Ortiz IN 53
Marie-Luz Ortiz CANADA 14
Alonzo Ortiz CANADA 2
Marsha Ottey CANADA 18
Cali Willis PA 18 mos.
Jane Elizabeth Palmer VA 58
Cassie Parker AZ 13
Donna Jean Gathagan Parrella PA 34
Tamy Pearson IL 20
Jennifer Pender NY 34
Elizabeth Pernel CT 18
Barney Phillips FL 26
Eva Pitts OH 45
Jasvir Plaha CANADA 30
Melinda Podesta NY 40
Lidwina Pohlmeier CA 86
Marie Pompilio IL 18
Roberta Quintana NM 27
Stefanie Rabinowitz PA 29
Sherry Lynn Ramey FL 40
Irene Ramirez AZ 26
Andrea Rathel IN
Regina Cox IN
Jessica Renninger PA 7
Tammy Renninger PA 27
David Renninger PA 9
Samantha Rhodes AR 12
Ronald Rihm OH 51
Carolyn Rihm OH 58
Brandi Marie Ritzert IN 3
Jarod William Ritzert IN 6
Roberta Schwartz NJ
Son Roberts VA 13
Janon Bryant Robinson MD 33
Atiya Tia”” Rodriguez PA 20
Beverly Rolling-King MD 49
Mary K. Ross SD 25
Ruth Crisan IN
Sahar Salah JORDAN 1
Basmah Salah JORDAN 6
Ibrahim Salah JORDAN 4mo.
Samar Salah JORDAN 35
Ahmad Salah JORDAN 7
Cynthia Salas IN 25
Ricardo Guillermo Salinas TX 24
Rosa Salvador MD 36
Catherine Sanspree TN 34
Lynn Sapp TN 42
Sara Maul VA
Susan Sartin VA 32
Michelle Saunders VA 28
Karen Sawyers TX 40
Tammy Scearce VA 33
Sue Ann Shaffer PA 28
Kimberly Shanks VA 26
Eric Michael Shazier VA 21mo.
Cory Shcolnik SC 18
Sheila Walden IN
Wilnette B. Shepard VA 30
Shirley Johnson IN
Jolene A. Shott HI 35
Cynthia Bush Shultz TN 34
Christine Siehl PA 29
Lisa Sizemore VA 26
Terri Smith OH 26
Paulette Smith CANADA 48
Linda Dee Smith VA 51
Amy Smith MA 20
Shelly Sorg AR 24
Shawn Sorg AR 5
Taylor Sorg AR 3
Dorothy Guerin Spears AL 36
Robert Spik PA 5
Emily Spik PA 5
Jamie Stahl IN 32
Steve Morgan MS
Lakisha Stockton VA 19
Mary B. Sturdevant SC 51
Brenda Sue Schaefer KY
Diane Sulyma CANADA 40
Sumana Gavvs IN
Candace Rough Surface SD 18
Suzanne Stojkovic IN
Sylvia Zakrzewski FL
Tamara Ottey CANADA
Tammy Grono CANADA
Ruth Taylor CA 40
Felicia Taylor VA 38
Rick Taylor CA 24
Corrie Ruth Thomas DC 52
Sean Michael Tilk IN 12
Sharrone Timmons NY 13
Annita Stewart Timmons NY 33
Aaron Timmons NY 7
Elizabeth Toleson CA 39
Lisa Toleson CA 14
Rosalind Tramble MO 33
Sadie Trent VA 64
Luis Limas TX 1 mo.
Brittany Varner AK 11
Baby Girl Viramontes CA 1
Girl Viramontes CA 3
Christine Marie Waegele NV 24
Mary Wagener IL 35
Barbara Wagner IN 42
Tammy Walter IN 33
Melissa Walter IN 25
Candace Walters CO 48
Charity Warmbo WA 22
Sarah Warmbo WA 22
Paula Warwick IL 42
Mary Jane Washington CO 40
Joanna Weise IL 26
Nicole Weiser FL 26
Beverly A. Wells VA 36
Stacy Marie Wheatley MD 19
Tom Whelan CANADA 36
Brenda White CANADA 38
Sherry Hopper White AL 22
Donnetta White OH 28
Marguerite Whitfield VA 17
Andrea Faye Will IL 18
Geraldine T. Williams VA 31
Brenda Williams VA 34
Tamara Williams MI 20
Leslie Williams CANADA 32
Barbara Ray Williams VA 37
Valorie Williams PA 17
Barbara Willis PA 38
Cheryl Wilson-Minelli FL 30
Mary F. Wilt PA 19
Sheila Winkler IN 38
Casey Wisniewski IN 18
Kimberly S. Witham IN 42
Michelle Witherell PA 24
Unidentified Woman VA 27
Woman Roach IN
Nga Seong Wong FL 41
Dwight Butch”” Wood GA 33
Mary T. Woodham MS 50
Sharon Wright AK 32
Anna Zakrzewski FL 5
Edward Zakrzewski FL 7
Kayla  TN 4
Arlene May CANADA
Infant Boy Semla IL
Samantha Boan CANADA 23
Dylan Timothy Fraser CANADA 20 mo.
Unborn Child Causey IN
Chris Rinaca VA
Kathy Acevedo CO 34
Ashley Alvarez CO 4
Tracey Alvarez CO 23
Teresa Anderson CA 32
Kellie Ard TX 27
Donna Bartman CANADA 39
Deborah Ann Battle VA 30
Rebecca Bell OK 24
Delvontey Bellamy MI 5
Shafontah Bellamy MI 3
Yolanda Bellamy MI
Steve Bently FL 30
Donna Julssa Berezovsky FL 11
Maureen Biller NY 49
Kelsey Bitting IA 20
Rachel Boer IA 24
Marty Bolson MI 34
Nathan Burns,Jr. MI 5
Nathan Burns, III MI 3
Maxine Butler DC 30
Elaine Cleavenger WVA 36
Jamie Cleavenger WVA 16
Mary Ann Clinkscales TX 37
Margaret Compton TX 67
Denise Dallner IA 19
Elvia DeLuna-Munoz C0 31
Ana Diaz VA 28
Cassie Downing IA 7
Ruth Downing IA 30
Evangeline Katherine (Kathy) Echols VA 37
Ashley Fitzgerald NY 7
Leanne Fitzgerald NY 38
Shane Fitzgerald NY 5
Jennifer Foretich CO 19
Linda Frahm IA 47
Deanna Furlong CO 35
Michelle Ann Gibson IA 22
Isela Gonzalas FL 29
Gregoria Maritza Guatemala TX 31
Kelly Ann Hess OH 18
Randy Hill NC 29
Janette Jeffers TX 41
Susan John IA 20
Yvette Patrice Jordan TX 36
Maria Lynne Cronk Kahn TN 40
Diane Kim HI 48
Carolyn Lawrence GA 40
Andy Laybolt Canada
James Laybolt CANADA
Sherry Laybolt Canada
Simon Laybolt Canada
Tammy Laybolt CANADA
Sonya Lopez TX 17
Monica Lujan CA
Adela Rosine Martinez CO 46
Laura Rosa Martinez-Cuevas CO 22
Megan Maynor CA 6
Michelle Maynor CA 3
Monica Maynor CA
Ruth Ann McDowell CO 51
Kayla McKean FL 6
Crystal Miller IA 18
Theresa Miller IA 45
Teresa Mitchell OH 36
George Morris VA 19
Jeannette Laverne-Bowman Narcomey CA 25
Bonita Evon Nobles NC 28
Mercedes Nova NY 39
Faith Nylin IA 21
Sharon Perales TX
Margo Prade OH 41
Ana Laticia Quezada IA 29
Blossom Redding FL 23
Angela Rodriguez HI 22
Mary Roland TX 63
Maribeth Schwark IA 56
Sally Scott MI 33
Kathie Elaine Shelton TN 31
Lee Sorensen NJ 45
Jean Steele IA 46
Louise Tapley NY 57
Susan Mary Taylor CANADA 30
Laura Thibideaux TX 43
Richard Allen Thomas CO 43
Shawna Thomas CO 21
Sara Tokars GA
Theresa Underwood NJ 30
Esther Weiting Yu TX 34
Cheryl Goldsberry OH 39
Karen Schaitel Tainter WI 44
So Shan Chan MD 52
Carla Miller LA
Shon Miller LA 2
Jennifer Jean Malvey HI 30
Reneese Smith MN 34
Unborn child Smith MN
Lois Johnson MN 35
Cory Johnson MN 5
Westin Johnson MN 3
Amanda Carlson-Bey MN 21
Jereau Carlson MN 2
Unborn child Carlson-Bey MN
Jill Marie Petschel MN 29
Debbie Swigerd MN 32
Nannette Henderson MN 29
Mary Elizabeth Ewing MN 33
Brandi Summer Survis MN 20
Marilyn Ford MN 45
Kriston Sjoberg MN 28
Ellen Bauer MN 28
Lori Beth Lewis MN 37
Kincsem Teta MN 22
Teri Lynn Jacobus WI 37
Deidre Howell MA
Karen Barriere MA 19
Diane L. Lafard MA
Karen Lepierre MA
Pamela French MA 36
Sheila Leigh Bellush FL 35
Cathy Reyes OH 41
Mary Monroe FL 30
Randy Monroe FL 8
Sara Monroe FL 4
Margaret T. Smith FL 72
Nancy Holt MD 43
Sandra Maloney WI 40
Mary Jane Washington CO 40
Karen M. Connellly AO 37
Chastity Faye Dorrill CO 19
Sade Terry CO 3
Maria Salazar CO 37
Esther Rosa NJ 70
Magaliz Laboy NJ
Maria Tanner OH 21
Beverly Holsonback WI 47
Louwellen Vannieuwenhoven WI
Erin Zittlow WI 18
Markita King OK 21
Ebony Bell OK 4
Essynce Bell OK 2
Linda Farris OK 45
Marjonna Bell OK 8 months
Jacqueline Anderson OR 29
Barbara Gilpin OR 44
Patrick, Jr. Biller NY 20
Erin Biller NY 14
Courtney Biller NY 8
Julie Scully Greece 31
Cheryl Zirkle WV 31
Carla Sue Cook-Belcher WV 27
Michelle Lee Lindsay WV 26
Constance DePompa McLaughlin WV 47
Catherine Rice MA 35
Son Rice MA 4
Son Rice MA 2 months
Janet Keegan Outside US
Davonia Pauling SC 28
Gianni Barrows CO 7
Chastity Bartram WA 28
Lindzi Paulsen WA 46
Carolyn Durall WA 35
Lori Wolf WA 34
Juanita Guarnica-Maddoz WA 25
Renee Flaherty FL 33
Geoffrey Flaherty FL 9
Amanda Flaherty FL 7
Logan Flaherty FL 36
Olivia D. Hodson WA 20
Kavita Babber WA 13
Mary Louise Oakes WA 76
Rondell Lee Arnett WA 48
Dawn Hawkins WA 31
Norma Foltz WA 71
Melanie Edwards WA 33
Carli Edwards WA 2
Albert S. Narburgh WA 55
Gertrudes Lamson WA
Shawna Peterson WA 25
Autumn Peterson WA
Choon-ja Fuhrman South Korea 42
Bobby Fuhrman South Korea 4
Teresa Macias CA
Carol D. Moock OH 48
Mia Moua Xiong WI 32
Michael Crawford MI 8 Months
Kimberly Crow MI 26
Kimberly Floyd MI 37
Karen Willis Haley MI 34
Wanda Helton MI 63
Vanessa Hicks MI 12
Ginger Hicks MI 7
Erika Hicks MI 3
Michael Hren MI 46
Omar Ibrahim MI 56
Dawn Martin MI 28
Sonjia Grace McCauley MI 49
Khamsay Norsouvanh MI 57
Katherine Penn MI 26
Ronette Pilarski MI 32
Tamara Pittao MI 30
Deborah Radtz MI 35
Bonnie Lou Rogers MI 43
Rebecca Ross MI 41
Joshua Ross MI 18
Naomi Ross MI 15
Donna Sinishtaj MI 31
Rojane Tolbert MI 16
Melissa Webber MI 30
Glenna Sue Wyatt MI 49
Sandra Prince MI 34
Ingrid Marshall MI 29
Nancy Muriel MI
Crystal Bunting MI Young Teen
Vannessa J. Turner MI 42
Lashanda Robinson MI 42
Hanna Hicks MI 49
Rebecca Nash AZ 28
Delores Smith AZ 24
Sandra Martinez AZ 31
Misty Brown AZ 30
Tranada Burke AZ 42
Roman Romero Ito AZ 3
Lana Marie Ito AZ unborn child
Lana Marie Ito AZ 23
Philip Jenson AZ 41
Hermina Ruiz AZ 52
Patricia Perez AZ 32
Romona Nino AZ 34
Amy Bonc AZ 19
Lynda Cochran AZ 44
Maria Isabelle Lua AZ 27
Selena Hathale AZ
Judy Barnes AZ 62
Dianne Ousley AZ 40
Gertrude Ryan AZ
Elizabeth Schultz AZ 40
Margarette Caraveo AZ 42
Kenia Cuellar AZ 21
Luisa Estrada AZ 57
Mariela Alvarado AZ 28
Wendy Bowen AZ 31
Angela Casias AZ 27
Tina Travers AZ 38
Sylena Jo Dalton VA
Catherine Lawrence-Johnson VA 43
Kalpara Ranachandran VA
Son of Ranachandran VA 7
Daughter of Ranachandran VA 11
Patricia Mosley VA 34
Teresa Hite VA 34
Myra Victoria Loyd VA 47
Judy Sharpe VA 39
Stacey Ann Jones VA 25
Nancy Bowyer VA
Alma J. Dickerson VA 67
Madeline G. Mitchell VA 29
Katherine E. Bailey VA 22
Son of Bailey VA 2 1/2
Tersey Elizabeth Cooley VA 73
Karen Wessels VA 26
Sonja Evette Maxwell VA 29
Barbara R. McIntire VA
Kathy Jones Gusler VA 32
Debbie Sue Knight VA 34
Kimberly Iuele NH 28
Vicki Bader NH 37
Brenda Lamoureux NH 42
Paula King NH 39
Isabelle Baldwin NH 73
Cincy Nostrant NH 37
Traci Winship NH 26
Bruce Enderson NH 57
Shawn Howard NH 40
Aimee Cunningham Canada 33
Jane Elizabeth Cunningham Canada 27
Elizabeth Nelson-Blais ME 39
Sara Raymond ME 23
Soheyla Nosrati ME 40
Angela Perry ME 34
Candace Butler ME 42
Regina Trogdon ME 42
Tina Cousins ME 30
Cortina Cousins ME 4
Cote Cousins ME 2
Andrea Lockhart ME 32
Tracy Ann Parrish AL 35
Teng Ai Peng Outside U.S. 17
Gina Marie Lupson-Holden-Young PA 26
Shaun Lupson-Holden PA 3
Joshua Lupson-Young PA 7 months
Bliss Verdon NY 25
Georgeann Sue Parman Brown NV 43
Cynthia Clawson FL
Marlin Barnes FL
Helene Ball McGee FL 44
Tara Lee MI 40
Mindee Kalka MI 14
Aleisha Belcher MI
Rachelle Goodwin MI
Donna Kuster MI 32
Thea Renee Taylor WV 31
Della Jean Lacy WV 19
Sherman Cisco, Jr. WV 19
Jennifer Jones IN 34
Jesse Jones IN 8
Tessa Jones IN 4
LaToya Shanae Brown MD 19
DeEtta Knight OK 26
Curtis Knight OK 6
Kevin Knight OK 2
Carrie Knight OK
Allen Lockhart OK 24
Rita Greene DC 50
Carol Anne Smith DC 45
Valerie Renee McCullers NC 32
Rosa M. Tenorio VA 29
Crystal Lasheon Fletcher MD 24
 Fletcher MD unborn baby
Cindy Linh Le MD 25
Jovita Nerissa Dickerson MD 23
Gwendolyn Jackson VA 25
Jackson VA unborn baby
Priscilla Macias-Portillo CO 27
David Archondo-Gomez CO 27
Lisa Hosey Jones AL 28
Carol D. Moock OH 48
Rodney Smith WA
Laurene Williams FL 22
Sylvia Cassidy NC 24
Rosemary Flournoy GA 41
Michelle Ann Schroader KY 28
Charlotte Barnes MD
Danielle Dubose MD
Rashaun Coleman MD
Michael Andre Rice MD
Richard Kalntuck MD
Nora Ruth MD
Dawn Marie Bruening MD
Dana Rochelle Drake MD
Leana Ferrell MD
William Ferrell MD
Larry, Sr. Washington, MD
Deborah Lynn Hatfield MD
Gary Tyler MD
Nia Dana Crosby MD
Kennie Mclendon MD
Kiana Yvonne McGee MD
Gifford Darling  Riess LA 24
Liuscar Urbina FL 16
Maria Mendez Panama 32
Cirilia Saldana-Rodriguez WA 34
Dianna Meyer WA 16
Helen Hargrave WA 71
Mary Ginger WA 43
Lorraine Wood WA 47
Arlene Lau WA 49
Sammy Lau WA 21
Terence Lau WA 17
Iris McNeil CANADA 52
Teresa Shannon WA 39
Karen Dowell WA 35
John Hunter WA 24
Barbara Farr ID 54
Aubrey McLemore WA 8
Tina Olsen WA 32
Bill Lowrey WA 39
Margaret Delevan WA 52
Scott Weisenborn WA 44
Soung Pheach WA
Ey Rin WA
Nina Flunker Del Toro WA
Patricia Marcelo WA
Dorothy Ure WA
David Kenneth Stone WA
Jeanne Williams WA 34
Elaine Beaubien WA 67
Kevin Ruska WA 23
Debbie Rowan WA 33
Nancy Grimaldes WA 46
Matthew Lozeau WA
Christa Garcia WA 18
Lucia Barela Vargas WA 31
Rose Sanchez WA
____ Goodman WA
Celsa Villalobos WA 25
Abigail Niebauer CA 47
Crystal Sommerville WA
Juliana Schubert WA 30
Joyce Boyd WA
Cynthia Baumgartner Roth WA 34
Kimberly Diane Mulligan WA 30
Tessie Guzman WA
Teia Pingree WA
Denise Stenson WA
Frank Hoerner WA
Barbara Falkner WA
Elvira Leal-Long WA
Janie Allen WA 49
Ronald Modlin WA
James Kinard WA
Elaine Smith WA 32
Darla Fernandes WA 29
Krystal DeVries WA 25
Danielle Caouette CANADA 11
Pamela Schultz-Foster WA
Juanita Marie Candelorio WA
Amy Revay WA 32
Rebekah Uebler WA 22
Elizabeth Edwards WA
Jamie Blevins WA 18
Toni Gardner WA
Tamara Gritchenko WA 14
Leia Kelsey WA 19
Grant Kelsey WA 14 months
Shavon Jackson WA 18
Debra COE WA 44
Patty DiBartolo WA 39
Regina Schuler WA 39
Jojo Schuler WA 7
Robin Hernandez WA 27
Richard Beckstead WA
Steve Ver Woert WA 44
Neva Gallatin WA
Patricia Ducharme CANADA
Meghan Morgan WA 7
Zach Morgan WA 6
Debennie Bernard WA
Sheila Slaughter WA
Ricky King WA
Tami Jaramillo WA 32
Arlene Jensen WA 53
Stephanie Dittrick WA 29
Rae Custer WA 81
Kenneth Kramer MN 3
Jamee L. O’Shasky WI 23
Susan Marie Dovel VA 28
Amy Beardsley PA 34
Mikhail Ellis MI 32
Annette Bingham OH 19
John Askins MA 64
Donna Dennison Blake NY 39
Jill Sexton OH 18
Mahasin Muhammad CO 35
Claudia Dart CO 53
Priscilla Sturgeon CO 36
Heidi Lynn Reicherseder CO 30
Diana Martinez-Salazar CO 37
Ione Thomas CO 47
Megan Neylon CO 16
Martha Munoz CO 17
Donna Dashner CO 45
Daniel Hinojas CO 26
Janet Dow NH 40
Stephen Dow NH 17
Stephen Hricko MD 35
Regina Melina MN 31
Annie Woodburn MD 72
Elnor White MD
Tomi-Terre Hollingshed MI 19
Elizabeth Holland MA
Katherine Romano MA
Kim Magnarelli MA 25
Shirley Christian AL 57


Trumps Tax Return 2015

Tell me Jodi…

When Travis was sitting there so vulnerable in that shower, knowing full well he could die, how does it make you feel knowing that he thought of a life with you would be worse than no life at all?

Lets you and me take a little walk down memory lane, shall we Jodi?

Let’s start here:


“I write right now that I love Travis Victor Alexander so completely

that I don`t know any other way to be.” – Jodi Arias

Awe,  Poor Jodi.  It just wasn’t like you to let someone control your emotions.  But there he was in all his glory, so much better than you.  He was smarter, successful, well liked and loved.  He was accepted, cherished, thought highly of…all the things you are not, and never will be…ever.

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