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Correspondent Pesky Vrmt will narrate.  *Flicks tail*  Don’t take it personal.  I hold no grudge and bar no punches.  My pet peeve is ignorance.  Google is my friend.

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Trumps Supporters, most of them anyway…

I just had one do a google search on my dead kid, in an attempt to discredit me, because Trump is a cocksucker and so are most of his supporters and I stand by it.

To her I say “Fuck you very much!”

I appreciate that she caused me to get angry.  I havn’t been able to do that in a long time, get angry.  I lived angry for so long, and when I finally fell in a heap on the floor, exhausted, I laid it down, I thought, for good.

It’s back.

Trumps Personal Agenda

From the fingertips of D. Maran:

Trump has shown lots of vitriol towards Obama. Some examples:

1. He pushed birtherism.
2. He renewed birtherism during the second term even though Obama showed his birth certificate.
3. trump reneged on showing his tax returns after Obama showed his long form birth certificate.
4. trump said the long form birth certificate was fake even though a MD verified it.
5 he implied Obama had the MD killed to protect his secret when the man died in a helicopter crash.
6. trump implied Obama only got into the Ivy League schools bcuz he was black despite it being known Obama graduated with honors.
7. trump hinted that Obama never went to those schools.
8. He claimed another man wrote Obama’s best-seller and Obama lied and took the credit.
9. He insisted ppl March on the White House when Obama won his second term.
10 he’s tweeted Obama would go down as the worst president in the US.
11 he’s claimed Obama was a secret Muslim and implied he was not acting in the best interest of the US based on that allegation.
12. He’s claimed Obama’s walk was not presidential.
13. He’s tweeted that Obama made it impossible for any future black people to get elected for a long time. “Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations.’

Now Trump is trying to erase anything Obama did as president. Why such vitriol towards Obama? trump has said and shown that when someone has done something to him, he hits back harder. But, Obama did not do anything to strike out at trump to bring on such attacks. trump continued to attack Obama so much that there were rumors his children stepped in to pull him back.

Why the jealousy; why the attacks.

Obama is the true “self-made man” trump pretends to be. Despite the obstacles that have impaired success in others, Obama succeeded. His father left, his mom remarried, and he spent part of his youth raised by his mum and stepfather in Africa.
When he returned to the states, he was raised by his grandparents and sent to an all white school. He succeeded in life despite dealing with his father’s absence and being different. He attended an Ivy Leaque school and graduated with honors. Along the way he gained a positive reputation and people liked him for who he was. He went on to beat trump to the presidency twice despite trump trying and failing.

trump was set up to succeed. He was a rich white kid in the 60’s with a father who had lots of connections, including political. His dad gave him a million dollars to start out. He lied an cheated his way to more resulting in multiple lawsuits against him. Along the way, he gained a poor reputation with some while others “liked” him because of his money. His first try for the presidency failed. He won his next try by manipulating fears thru spreading false facts and making many unrealistic promises.
The majority of the country voted against him and he is a joke to the majority of the world.

Trump – Russia…and that Rosneft Stock

Here we are at the end of October, and the Rosneft deal is FINALIZED:

But, but “Hillary’s Emails” (Uh, if SHE paid for that, ROFLOL, and it outs Trump GOOD FOR HER she’s a HERO):

ON THE RECORD – Snippet of Adam Shift – Comey hearing:

Here are some of the matters, drawn from public sources alone, since that is all we can discuss in this setting, that concern us and should concern all Americans.

In early July, Carter Page, someone candidate Trump identified as one of his national security advisors, travels to Moscow on a trip approved by the Trump campaign. While in Moscow, he gives a speech critical of the United States and other western countries for what he believes is a hypocritical focus on democratization and efforts to fight corruption.

According to Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer who is reportedly held in high regard by U.S. Intelligence, Russian sources tell him that Page has also had a secret meeting with Igor Sechin (SEH-CHIN), CEO of Russian gas giant Rosneft. Sechin is reported to be a former KGB agent and close friend of Putin’s. According to Steele’s Russian sources, Page is offered brokerage fees by Sechin on a deal involving a 19 percent share of the company. According to Reuters, the sale of a 19.5 percent share in Rosneft later takes place, with unknown purchasers and unknown brokerage fees.

Also, according to Steele’s Russian sources, the Trump campaign is offered documents damaging to Hillary Clinton, which the Russians would publish through an outlet that gives them deniability, like Wikileaks. The hacked documents would be in exchange for a Trump Administration policy that de-emphasizes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and instead focuses on criticizing NATO countries for not paying their fare share – policies which, even as recently as the President’s meeting last week with Angela Merkel, have now presciently come to pass.

Trump – there’s a method to his madness

If you haven’t seen the video yet, make SURE you do!:

You’ve Been Trumped!


Company after company, project after project, half completed or has fallen through.  here’s a very nice list:

Trumps Business deals – A Comprehensive Map

Mankind will NEVER Learn

All my life I have been shielded from the cruelty of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by the words “He died for you”. When I watched “The Passion” by Mel Gibson, I finally realized how brutal the event really was.

I hadn’t given any thought to the people that actually performed the cruel events that led to Jesus’s death. I have, however, through events I have witnessed myself, been brought to wonder, why would anyone commit such vicious acts on their fellow man.

We grow up learning of events similar to the Crucifixion from our history books. In 1944 someone finally coined a name for it. It’s called genocide. Humanity finally made it illegal in 1948.

“It is defined in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) of 1948 as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the groups conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

It has repeated throughout history.

It is 2017. It is happening in MY Grand daughters lifetime.

Trump Supporters, you didn’t listen.

All those news stories you read, and I KNOW you read them because you sent them to me…

You got duped.

A recent survey says that you guys were more likely to click on the fake stories, so this kid in the article below made a BIG wad of money.


I will tell you again, CHECK YOUR SOURCES!  I have screamed that at you guys since well before this election.  I have tried to teach you what click bait is, what fake stories are, how to spot and handle trolls, and I did that out of love and respect.

Breitbart is run by a professional troll, I already told you that, and it is not reputable news source.  Trump had two professional trolls working for him, Bannon/Breitbart who he repaid by giving him a government job, and the other was ASSange/Wikileaks.  (And NO, Trump cannot pardon Assange for a crime he may or may not have committed in another country.)  SURELY, by now, you can see that.

LISTEN closely to what the kid says in the video:

I did not pick you based on your religious beliefs or your politics.  I chose you because we have much in common, and we have been on the same side of the fence more often than not.  Now, when we NEED to be talking and looking at what is going on, you have fallen silent.


Speak up.

LOOK at what is happening.  The rest of the world is.

Grab Your Wallet Campaign

Tell Trump he may kiss your ass but he can’t touch your wallet!

Here’s the complete boycott list:

Here’s the App!

It’s a sad day…

Unfortunately, the wind is out of my sails this morning.  I find myself in a very deep, dark place.   I feel that everything I have accomplished and attempted to do all my life was erased by a single check mark.

Every second that I have spent fighting for women’s rights, for victims rights, animal rights, and humanity was wasted.  Every hit I took in fighting racism and sexism, was for nothing.  In my 60 years, no man, woman, child, animal or ideal was saved.

I find myself at a loss for words.

Thankfully, I’ve met someone on the planet that can speak for me.  If you have ever given weight to anything I have ever said in public or in private, please consider this:

(Go ahead and start the video, so you can hear it as you read along.)


In my youth, as far too many of you remember, I saw politics as very black and white. I wanted nothing to do with you if you were Christian or Republican. “Don’t get personal” people (usually Christians or Republicans) always said. What was hard for me was that it was personal. The things I was passionate about were the things that these other two factions seemed intent on taking away from me and they affected me personally. It’s sort of hypocritical of someone to tell you to not take something personal when in fact what they want to do is take away one of your personal freedoms.

Over the years I’ve tried harder to find common ground. I’ve tried to focus on what we have in common more than what separates us. I’ve tried to see what I like about people as individuals and remember that we’re friends and that we have to all be friends when this is all over. And I’ve seen polite discussions change some perspectives. I know they’ve changed mine on issues.

After Tuesday (November 8, 2016) I think my younger self had it right.

I am so damn tired of trying to see it from the “other side,” of trying to discuss nuance, while they paint us and our candidates with the broadest of hateful brushes instead. I’m tired of pretending like it’s somehow reasonable to teach Creationism in a public school with my tax dollars while you tell me that two same sex people who love each other getting married weakens your marriage.

If you voted for Trump, I’m tired of trying to see things your way when you sit in your holier than thou churches/white power meet ups refusing to see mine. Am I lumping you in with white supremacists? No. You did that yourselves. You voted for a candidate endorsed by the KKK. For the rest of your lives you will know that you voted the same way as the KKK. Does that feel good to you? (Here’s a hint: it really shouldn’t, especially if you’re Christian.)

I’m tired of pussy footing around what offends your morals while couching what offends mine. Because racism and homophobia and misogyny and xenophobia offend mine. Let me say it here: if you voted for trump I do think you’re racist. I do think you’re homophobic. I do think you’re misogynist. Racism, homophobia and misogyny are all spectrums and you’re on it. You might not be ” cheering while a black man gets lynched racist” but boy did you just sell them the rope and look the other way.

Don’t like getting painted with the broad brush of racism? Now you know what it feels like when you get told you want to rip a baby out of a mother’s womb at 9 months when THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENS! THAT’S NEVER WHAT HAPPENS! You want to be Christian? Look inside yourself and try to find some compassion for the women who’ve been told in their third trimester their baby’s not going to live. They’ve had their shower. They’ve decorated the nursery. They know the sex and probably have a name picked out. But look at all that and keep screaming baby killers at them and voting against candidates who defend the biological necessity to have to do the unthinkable and I think I’m cool still calling you a racist.

I tried to be polite but now I just don’t give a damn because let’s be honest we don’t live in polite America anymore. We live in grab ‘em by the pussy America now. So thank you for that. Being polite was exhausting.

And don’t come at me with how you just didn’t like Hillary. This was bigger than Hillary. The whole free world knows it so don’t pretend like you don’t. This wasn’t your standard, “I want lower taxes and smaller government” Republican. We had Germans warning us that this guy was scary and still people cried emails or Benghazi or “that voice.” And the truth is there’s been mountains of evidence proving that none of this was a big deal; some of the finest minds in the world have drawn you charts and graphs pointing to why no crimes were committed and you were either too dumb or too willfully ignorant to care.

And if you really cared about crimes, you might care about any of the 3 pending against your candidate. Take your pick. I’d start with the rape of the 13 year old girl, but again if you voted for Trump, you probably don’t care much what happens to women. Doesn’t matter anyway. She got so many death threats from your “political peers” she dropped the charges anyway. But ask me again why more victims don’t come forward.

And speaking of smaller government and lower taxes, enjoy not getting mine. If Trump actually does what he says, you and your petty backward states and your small angry towns can pay for your own schools to not educate your children. I live in California, the largest economy in the United States and number 6 in the world. We’ll be fine. Have fun affording all those children your health insurance won’t pay for your birth control to prevent. I’m just kidding. You won’t have health insurance. Won’t that just be great (again?!)
And while I’m done being polite, if you voted 3rd party, un-friend me. I don’t care how much we enjoy each other on every other level. I don’t care how much you want to make your 3rd party a viable option. Fuck you. You basically told women and the LGBTQ community and people of color to take a back seat to your need to have another option. Well done. Now, we’re not only in the back seat, we’re actually being dragged behind the car.

But how’s that third party coming? What are you doing about it today, November 10th, by the way? Are you volunteering for your third party so you can get more of their candidates into state and local elections? Looking into how to help make them viable for the mid-term elections? I look forward to who you present to save us in 2020, if there’s anything left to save.

Also, while I am at it, if you are one of those people telling me this week how Bernie could have defeated Trump, un-friend me. But kudos to you for living in a world where you think being Jewish wouldn’t have mattered to Trump supporters. I wish I could buy property there. Tell me, what are the schools like that far up your own ass?

The truth is that for those of us on this side, there is no “when all this is over,” things are just getting started. We think yesterday was bad? We don’t know what bad is yet. This isn’t something you get over. This is something you endure. We are going to face attacks on every right we fought the last 60 years to gain. The deck is so stacked against us we may not win. The best we can hope for is gridlock.

And that’s just nationally. Internationally, who the fuck knows what’s going to happen with this lunatic. And the scarier thought is that the only thing worse than him is the guy that’s one angry tweet away from the Presidency, Mike Pence, advocate for gay conversion therapy and mandatory funerals for fetuses.

So now’s the time you may want to see things from my side. Because if we’re all “going to have to be friends after this” imagine me having to be polite and respect your vote to take away these rights and freedoms of mine and my friends while we fight desperately to hold onto them. Because that is what you did.

And that all says nothing of what you just said about us as women. I haven’t gotten to that yet because I may scream when I do and if I start I may not stop. So let me just say, you told every woman that being sexually harassed does not matter. Being sexually assaulted does not matter. Working hard does not matter. You took the most qualified candidate we’ve had in decades – a woman – belittled her for every single mistake and misstep she’s ever made while you took the most unqualified candidate we’ve ever had – a man – and ignored every mistake he ever made. But you’re not sexist. No let me tell you: Yes. You. Are.

And if you’re a woman, Girl, you got issues. And I say that as someone who crawled out of the bitter, self-hating womb of one of these women. I know that most of these women are damaged and that I should find the compassion for them but I am not there yet because I am so sick of damaged people damaging the rest of us.

And isn’t this somewhat an abusive relationship at this point? If you have friends or family like this, cut them off. I’m giving you permission. They didn’t give two shits about your rights or happiness on Tuesday. You don’t have to pretend like it’s all cool and pass them a plate of turkey two weeks from now.

It’s like we’re all abused partners saying to each other, “But you don’t know what he’s like when he’s not racist.” Being racist isn’t the same as liking Dire Straits. It’s not like you just don’t like the same music. Being racist is always racist. And voting for Trump makes you a racist. Protect yourselves, Friends. Because those assholes always do.”

~ ~ ~

Thank you Thomas.

Trump supporters – Donald Trump COUNTED on you not doing your homework.



Now learn the hard way.

(Updated 11/19/2016)

So, I have done it for you….for free.

In response to this meme provided to me by  on Twitter:


Vince Foster –
Foster was a former partner of Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas and Deputy White House Counsel until he committed suicide in 1993. The evidence that Foster was battling clinical depression and died by his own hand is rock solid.

Paula Jones – Bill’s problem, and he isn’t running for President. He also was never charged/found guilty of any rape. Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit tht they settled out of court. Eventually, the court dismissed the Paula Jones harassment lawsuit, before trial, on the grounds that Jones failed to demonstrate any damages.(Breibart hyped it, using the “Howard Stern” tactic for fame)



Norman Hsu – HIS fault, not Hillary’s:
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced last night that she will return $850,000 in campaign donations solicited by Norman Hsu, severing ties with a top fundraiser who was jailed last week after attempting to flee from criminal charges in California.
The refunds, among the largest in political history, come after weeks of reports about Hsu’s controversial history and murky business practices. Clinton officials said that the senator, acting out of “an abundance of caution,” had directed the campaign to return donations from about 260 contributors tied to Hsu because of his apparent involvement in an illegal investment scheme.
Jorge Cabrera
There has been no indication that Clinton or Gore knew of Cabrera’s drug activities. The Justice Department released the photographs showing Cabrera posing with first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President Al Gore at a Florida fund-raising dinner.
The man — Jorge Cabrera — also was invited to the White House after sending a $20,000 contribution to the Democratic National Committee.
Cabrera’s attorney, Stephen Bronis, said the $20,000 was not intended to buy protection for drug smuggling.
The DNC returned the $20,000 immediately.

Cabrera was arrested in the following January during a Miami drug bust that netted nearly three tons of cocaine. He was arrested and pleaded guilty to one drug count. He was also imprisoned in the 1980s on narcotics charges.



Sniper fire
Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton stated:”I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement.” The event occurred deep in Bosnia, TWELVE YEARS before she made that statement.
Monica Lewinsky – Bills problem. Hillary Clinton handled that horrifying and embarrassing, nit to mention heartbreaking, event with GRACE. She did not get angry. She did not say anything about Monicas looks, or talk bad about her husband. She did not exhibit anything even remotely similar to the way Donald Trump behaved when 13 women and then some called him on his behavior. She did not chalk it up to “Boys will be boys/locker room talk”.
White House theft
The Clintons returned about $48,000 in furniture, and they paid the government about $86,000 for other items. Any way you count it, the $200,000 figure is too high.
According to top ethics lawyers, it’s at least debatable — and at worst hyperbolic — to say the Clintons “stole” the items. A congressional investigation found poor tracking of ownership and final disposition of gifts, which makes it hard to speak definitively of wrongdoing. In fact, two items the Clintons returned were ultimately sent back to them. Finally, it’s worth making clear that the “force” they responded to was political pressure, not legal jeopardy.



The Clintons were cleared of any wrongdoing.
The Whitewater scandal refers to a real estate controversy involving former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. In 1978, when Bill Clinton was attorney general of Arkansas, he and his wife partnered with James and Susan McDougal to purchase 220 acres of land that would become the Whitewater Development Corporation. The real estate venture failed, costing the Clintons a reported $40,000 in losses. James McDougal subsequently entered the banking industry, forming Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan.

In 1986, federal regulators investigated another real estate investment backed by James McDougal. The investigation led to McDougal’s resignation from Madison Guaranty and the eventual collapse of the bank. Questions surrounding the Clintons’ involvement in the Whitewater deal grew during President Clinton’s first term in office and an investigation into the legality of the Whitewater transactions was launched.

The investigation, led by special prosecutor Robert B. Fiske, found that Clinton had pressured David Hale into making a loan that benefited both Bill Clinton and Madison Guaranty. Fiske proceeded to issue a grand jury subpoena to President Clinton and his wife for documents related to Madison Guaranty. While the Clintons initially reported the records as missing, the documents eventually were found
Clinton Foundation – No conflict of interest.

The foundation’s acceptance of millions in foreign donations, including from countries with business in front of the State Department while Hillary Clinton was at the helm, is a chief source of concern driving the perception problem.
“The perception issues bother me more than anything,” said Tony Proscio, a researcher at Duke University’s Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society. “Not because there’s anything inherently corrupt, but because it’s asking for political trouble.”

In short:
One year before Benghazi, Sec of State Hillary Clinton warned republicans that embassy security cuts put Americans at risk.
In a LIVE CNN Interview, Utah Rep Jason CHAFFETZ was asked “Is it true that you cut embassy security funding?” he replied “Absolutely, we have to make priorities and choices in this country.” Read key excerpts here:



Cattle Money
The White House said today that in 1978 Hillary Rodham Clinton invested $1,000 in commodities futures and that the investment grew in 10 months of trading in the notoriously volatile market into a gain of nearly $100,000.
Seeking to dispel suggestions that the trades were risk-free and improperly arranged by an Arkansas lawyer who represents one of the state’s most powerful companies, the White House issued a statement this afternoon that said the First Lady had put up her own money and that she bore all of the financial risks in a marketplace where three out of four investors lose money.
DNC Email leak – STAFF, not Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton
The leaks, from January 2015 to May 2016, feature Democratic staffers debating everything from how to deal with challenging media requests to coordinating the committee’s message with other powerful interests in Washington.
Hidden Speeches
There is obviously a profound irony in a politician getting in trouble because her private position in favor of politicians taking private positions is now out in public. It’s a bad look. And yet it’s one that contains considerable merit — and also one that it’s in no way genuinely surprising to learn that Clinton holds. That’s just one except contained in the email but it’s really the story of the entire dump. The secret that is revealed is exactly the thing everyone already most clearly knows about Clinton — she’s a veteran political insider who likes to see all the angles and make her play accordingly, not a reformer who’s going to show up and clean house.
Lying to America -Be more specific please.




Pay to Play – NO evidence of.
The speech Trump attacks her for giving was never actually given.
Even then, the money would not have gone into Clinton’s pocket, or even to her Foundation directly, which unlike Trump’s Foundation expenditures on expensive toys for his personal use, uses donations for charitable purposes around the globe.
Here are the facts then: the summit took place two whole years after Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State, she did not attend, gave no speech, and received no money.
Thus, no pay to play, whatever Trump and a woefully misinformed Jake Tapper claims. This lie is just another example of Trump’s projection of his own deplorable actions onto his enemies, the media’s willingness to still go along with his lies.
Smashing Phone – Obviously, destroying the old phones was routine. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton had no idea what happened to the old phones as that was delegated to staff.
Laughing at a 12 yr old rape victim – After ALL this, listen for yourself:
Juanita Broaddrick
She said Hillarys statement to her, “I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him. Do you understand? Everything you do.” lead her to think “She knows. She knew. She’s covering it up and she expects me to do the very same thing.” NOWHERE is that said to be a THREAT.




Emails – Exactly which email that Hillary sent pisses you off the most? Take you time. I can wait. In the meantime…
Trump admitting sexual assault. Clinton emails. Trump charity fraud. Clinton emails. Trump calls for nuclear proliferation. Clinton emails. Trump calls for national stop and frisk. Clinton emails. Trump violates trade embargo with Cuba. Clinton emails. Trump sued over Trump U fraud. Clinton emails. Trump bribes DA. Clinton emails. Trump doesn’t pay taxes for 20 years. Clinton emails. Trump employs campaign manager involved in illegal corruption with Russia. Clinton emails. Trump calls for ban of an entire religion from entering US. Clinton emails. Trump lied about support for Iraq War over and over in debate. Clinton emails. Trump in court for rape of a minor. Clinton emails. Trump unaware of Russia’s Crimea occupation. Clinton emails. Trump unaware of situation in Syria. Clinton emails. Trump penalized for racist housing discrimination. Clinton emails. Trump files for bankruptcy 6 times. Clinton emails. Trump goes 0-3 in debates by showing scant knowledge of world politics. Clinton emails. Trump slams people for being POWs. Clinton emails. Trump calls Mexicans rapists. Clinton emails. Trump questions judge’s integrity because of parent’s heritage. Clinton emails. Trump deletes emails involved in casino scandal. Clinton emails. Trump commits insurance fraud after Florida hurricane. Clinton emails. Trump has dozens of assault victims and witnesses come forward with allegations of abuse. Clinton emails. Trump attacks former Ms America for being overweight. Clinton emails. Trump tweets about sex tapes at 3am. Clinton emails. Trump calls for US citizens to be sent to Gitmo. Clinton emails. Trump calls for more extreme forms of torture to be used. Clinton emails. Trump asks why cant we use our nukes if we have them. Clinton emails. Trump calls for offensive bombing attack on sovereign nations because someone gave the middle finger. Clinton emails. Trump calls to kill women and children of suspected terrorists. Clinton emails. Trump says women should be punished for having abortions. Clinton emails. Trump makes fun of disabled people. Clinton emails. Trump calls for end of freedom of the press. Clinton emails. Trump calls global warming a Chinese hoax. Clinton emails. Trump praises Putin and Kim Jong Un’s strong leadership. Clinton emails. Trump openly admits to not paying his employees during debate. Clinton emails. Trump calls Obama an illegitimate non-citizen hundreds of times over 7 years. Clinton emails. Trump uses campaign donations to enrich his own businesses. Clinton emails. Trump says laziness is an inherent trait in black people. Clinton emails. – R. Martin

My Last Theory.

Jodi’s Song





Accidental foot pic/Travis’s shoulder – last picture.


















Meet the REAL Kareem Williams

For those who are already “in the know”, I present..the best come back EVER!


Thirty-four-year-old Kareem Williams, a.k.a. Lefty, a fanatical supporter of convicted murderer Jodi Arias, has recorded a song.  He claims he did it to bring awareness to post-traumatic stress disorder, which he believes Arias suffered.  He also claims Arias is a victim of domestic violence.  Arias murdered her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by shooting him in the head as he sat naked in his shower, stabbing him over 27 times, mainly from behind, and slitting his throat as he tried to make his way up the hall of his home to escape the attack.  She was given Life Without Parole.

Although this blogger strongly believes that Mr. Williams has made a very poor choice in selecting the person he wishes to use as his poster child, this article is not about Jodi Arias.  It is about abuse, deception, and extremely unbecoming behavior from the man who claims he wishes to stand for victims of Domestic Violence and PTSD.

It is about the message Kareem Williams wishes to send to the young men and women who might hear his music.  Based on his comments about women, and to several women on social networks, I feel this man is detrimental to the mental health and well being of the Public in general.  He surely sets a very bad example.


The best way for you, the reader, to come to understand the reason this blog post exists is to read what happened for yourself.  I have NOT edited out any part of the conversation.  I did edit it so that it is more readable (full text in comments).

Kareem Williams’  behavior has been consistently abrasive and abusive toward females.  We tried reason.  We tried humor.  We have had enough.

Please check the comments as VNN readers will be posting their screen shots.  They’ll look something like this:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Self proclaimed Rapper Kareem “Lefty” Williams caught ON TAPE harassing women:


Transcript of the SEVENTEEN Voice Mails to one woman:

“You can call me what you wanna call me but at the
end of the day, you don’t have proof. do not lie, that’s
all I’m ‘axin, that’s all I’m ‘axin. If you can’t get on the
phone like a real ???? to have a conversation with me,
then just shut up, don’t say anything period.”

“We come from two different environments. The
environment that you come from you have to talk trash
on the internet, but when I give you my number to call
me, you don’t pick up the phone. The environment I
come from (inaudible) I don’t wanna care..We we we
come from two different environments, so if you don’t
wanna play in my environment, don’t come in my
environment, are we clear on that? You call me a thug
all you want to, I ain’t no thug, I keeps it real. ((Believe
believe in Jesus??))”

“Listen Miss, I dont want to go back and forth with you
but at the end of the day, if you dont wanna get on the
phone and have a conversation with me to either make
peace for us to both go our ways I suggest you shut
the fuck up, now I said it shut the fuck up.”

“You know that God loves you, have a wonderful day. It
was nice meeting you, I’m sad we had to meet on
these terms and leave the conversation on such a bad
vibe. I really wanted to conversate with you and let you
see the person that I am. But obviously, you , you, you,
think I’m this (inaudible) disrespectful thug. and it’s
funny how you white people wanna call all black people
thugs, and wha, wha..have a great day. God loves

“Listen, I apologize for calling you names, you know,
and (inaudible) I get pissed off when people accuse
me of doing things that I didn’t do. All I wanted to do
was have a good conversation with you and ask you
where you been, let me know where you did, did you
see me do this? Did you see me do this? Then where’
the proof? Where’s the tape? Where is, where is,
where do you see the words coming out of my mouth?
Saying that to the people?You don’t have that, so to
accuse me of something that I did not do is very, very,
very disrespectful, What if I go around and accuse you
of, of, of, of, of, of ,of, of, hurting kids? Wouldn’t that be
disrespectful? It absolutely will, without proof.”

“This is what (inaudible) sent me in my inbox little while
ago when we were talking about the whole situation.
As you can see, (Kim?) is telling you that she don’t
think it’s me, but now she coming around saying it was

“Agree to disagree (inaudible), yelling at the
Alexanders, hearing me saying way to go Jodi alright.
da da da… thats what you want to agree to disagree
against? Why would I agree to disagree on that? I did
not do it. Again, I did not do it. It was not my voice on

“I really think you should go back and listen to that tape
and then come back and listen to my voice, cuz you
got to be, you got to be having ear problems, if you
think that sounds like me. (laughs) Oh my goodness
gracious..lord, Mary and Joseph.”

“I understand Kim gotten you all under her’s
all good though, it’s all good. Believe what you wanna
believe, it wasn’t me. You don’t have no proof it was
me. You don’t even know what I look like! If you think
that’s me, you just sayin’ all black people sound alike.
Hey, I wouldn’t put it past ya’ll to say that, pretty sure
some of ya’ll are racist. I would agree on that, wouldn’t

“I’m not bashing. (laughs) I’m not bashing at all. I didn’t bash anything. Don’t go there..stop.” (Snort)

“So what race are you if if if I may ask? (axe)”

“You know, we probably gonna best best friends after this, ya know? (Laughs) Cuz this is pretty crazy, would you agree?”

“Ahhhhh (sigh)…. here you go, you gotta show my character. ohhh here we go with that again. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Well, like I said, have a great day. God loves you, and please stop accusing me of doing something I didn’t do. Goodbye.”

“You know that you’re a lying piece of shit, you ‘doe’ that you did not get that from my Twitter page because you know that I didn’t admit to doin’ no dumbass shit like that cuz I did no dumbass shit like that, so get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.”

“(Laughing) You bitches play dirtier than a muddafucker you know that? Sad fuckin’ day in Amurika ‘witch’ you muddafuckers man (inaudible) out there with some other shit, fuck outta here.”

“Quit doing what? I didn’t anything wrong. I didn’t say anything . I was on the fucking COURT STEPS that’s where the shit went down.. bitch.” (heavy blocked up nose sounds)

“The truth of the matter is that that wasn’t me, and I aint’ lying about shit. You know I ain’t lying about shit. Pick up the fuckin’ phone and have a serious conversation or is too ((bitch made??)) to do that?”

~ ~ ~ Conversation from January 9, 2016 ~ ~ ~


Kareem Williams
Kareem Williams I do not date American women Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson O I can tell u do. Since u don’t like women u have no choice but to choke your own chicken lmao
Bill Funderburk
Bill Funderburk The only man on the planet or in the solar system that would turn down an american woman. I would pay to see that happen.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson No its called flight real women in lol lol
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson what is your phone number
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk Well that made a lot of sense.
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk Give it to him Danielle. I dare you.
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Lol I don’t give my number to nut jobs
Lin Reynolds
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson I will be respectful
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson And the women in my family would destroy him.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Lin Reynolds shut your mouth
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk That’s why you should give him the number. He’s due.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson How, I am going to inbox you for your phone number ok?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson No thanks
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson I only deal with MEN
Lin Reynolds
 Lin Reynolds Kareem Williams delete this whole thread, please !!!!, or….admins ?????
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Not Mini mites
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson I just in boxed you ok?
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk Hee hee hee
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Lin Reynolds would you like to be stepbrothers and stepsisters?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson You won’t get a response
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Y would I talk to a person like u
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Now Jessica Rosenfeld is a good woman. She is someone that I would treat like a queen
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Bernadette Garcia to but she is married. Great girl for sure.
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson After she reads how u feel about women, I don’t think she would care for u
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson what is your phone number, lets talk. Are you down shorty?
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson can we talk so I can see if you are a 15%er?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson No don’t have time for u
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson well make time, it can change your life baby girl. Stop playing all the time
Kareem Williams
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk But all american women are dumb and stupid right?
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Bill Funderburk no 85% of them are
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk So now the story changes.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Bill Funderburk No its always been that homie
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Ask around
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk You shouldn’t have said all then. That’s misrepresentation.
Bill Funderburk
 Bill Funderburk I have to say though. If they rolled in the hay with you I would definitley call them dumb and stupid also.
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson Your right Bill Funderburk and I’m not a dumb stupid woman
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Danielle Johnson did i call you dumb and stupid?
Danielle Johnson
 Danielle Johnson I was talking to Bill Funderburk.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Kareem Williams “Fo F8ck yourself, cum licker and stupid and dumb”..Krusty at his finest.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith you sound really upset
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith You said my name again. Thats another demerit.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Jodi is NOT gonna be happy with you.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith So, whats your plan? You gonna call me up and cuss me out? I wish you would. I’ll call Sandras Attorney and have him serve you with a cease and desist. I’m sure you need SOMETHING to hang on your wall to show your accomplishments.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I may have to call in a little help from Slim Shady. LOL
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith whats your phone number?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Not with your equipment. You come up WAYYYY too short.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith 904-879-8012
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith OOPS!
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith My bad. Here it is:


Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith you want to talk for real?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I just gave you my cell:


Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *wiggles whiskers*
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Here is mine 215-839-6644
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Oh HELL to tha NO. YOU call ME.


Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith 605-475-6968
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Go ahead. Chicken if you dont.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Choking rather….
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *flicks tail*
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I dont hear it ringin shorty.
Lin Reynolds
 Lin Reynolds Pamela Smith ummm no balls goooo figure tongue emoticon
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Oh he wasn’t born with those.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith I’m still waiting…..
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron For a good time call……..
Kimberly Dennis
 Kimberly Dennis Ugh…not worth the time…I’m almost ashamed to have lived close to philly most of my life….but I then remember he represents noone but his sad self
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith HELLO???
Pamela Smith's photo.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Lin Reynolds Just called that numberPamela Smith. i knew you were on that bull shit
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron What can he say to you ( Pamela) that he cant say here?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith SUCKER!
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams AmyJo Smedbron shut your mouth ok?
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Like I’d want to infect MY phone with your nasty.
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron or what? you gonna shut it for me?
Kimberly Dennis
 Kimberly Dennis Shut her mouth??? She asked a simple question,. Pfft
AmyJo Smedbron
 AmyJo Smedbron Bitch you got that right
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Oh no, you just asked the wrong question. You made the choice. YOU got suckered. LOL
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith you a fake ass hoe
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Dont talk to me like you talked to your Momma son.
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *sniffle* I might cry.
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams AmyJo Smedbron that bitch was not for you, it was for Pamela Smith dirty ass
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *whimper*
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith *YAWN*
Pamela Smith
 Pamela Smith Keep talking, this is gonna look GOOD on any page you post your video. LMAO
Kareem Williams
 Kareem Williams Pamela Smith My video will go viral and you can not do shit about it hoe

Be more careful of whom you trust.

I’m not your problem Christine.  I do have faith though, that you will soon find out who is.


Good luck.

~ ~ ~