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Defining a Cyberbully

These images define Cyberbullying as per Judith McCarthy.


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j1 j2 judithisabitch judithisabitch2 judithisabitch3 judithwhine liarjudith monijudith wahhhhhjudith 1pic annete asnitchinhere ass1 ass2 ass3 ass4 ass5 ass6 asshole canwithanalter craigslistsucker cumquat cunt demon dumbasslmao fontsize herejudasgoes itdontgetnoclearer iusetor j1 jbitch jdasactivity630 jdasrobert1 jdass jhealey jt1 jt2 jt3 jt4 judas judas1 judas1aaa judas4 judas! judasbitch judasliarspammedpetitions judaspussy judass1 judass2 judass3 judass6 judass7 judass8 judass9 judasshu620 judasshu624 judassisalierlmao judasssssssstrollingaadmit judasssssssstrollingadmit judasstrolls judasthisisit judith2 judith troll judith troll2 judithaltsmay judithbullshit judithdgsbitch judithhackerditto judithREPORTS judithsalter judithtrollasjocko judithwewarnedthem judithwhateveryouread lmaoDUMBASS notoncejudith oldtrolltricktospam orly rescuemewahwahwah shetrollednzgroupyes stilltrolling thereitis thisgoestonochin thisgoestoyourdaughter timedifference truthNOT ttttJUDASS yourchild3 deadrabbit DER! dumbass fool handsdeleted ianracist idiotsonttt lie oneweek pic0010 Priceless Priceless2 PROOF tuffshitjudass whatreallyhappened yourchild1 yourchild2

  1. Pooh Huffy permalink

    Veronica Weston posting under his real name Bill Grohmann to have a problem with Pesky and is in league with Judith.
    When using Veronica Weston he appears to be for this page.
    What is going on?

    • Pooh Huffy permalink

      Meant to say, seems to have a problem with Pesky.

  2. Pooh Huffy permalink

    This Troll Hunter stuff is too weird for me.

  3. Pooh Huffy permalink

    From what I can tell the troll hunting career of Veronica/Bill started after the Cougar Dating Group incident where Veronica/Bill was outed for being a gay male posing as a woman to get dick pictures on Cougar Dating Group.
    Get Veronica/Bill on here to debate this point, if you can find him.
    All of this started when he copied the friend list of a Facebook friend and turned it in to a troll hater page.
    Let me get this straight, I go on XBox Live and play Call of Duty and friend a person there. I friend that person on Facebook and they give someone some crap that a gay male posing as a woman does not like.
    So I’m a troll by association?
    You people have become what you are against.

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