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Top of the World – The Ian Fable

This troll began teething on AOL chat rooms in 2004.  After several unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate and buddy up with experienced trolls and flamers, he was forced to set out on his own.   He has adapted several nicknames.  His outrageous behavior can be seen under many alters:


Handsguy (WARNING:Nudity)


The following documents his behavior on facebook:



A young lady in florida received a visit from this guy.  He had a “friend” with him that he called “DOG”.  That friend turned out to be a teenager, someone who wouldn’t face hard time for any crime, for the most part.  The two drove to the young womans home, slit the tires on two vehicles, threw fish over the back fence in an attempt to kidnap and murder her cat, and left a hand written death threat.  The fool also made a VIDEO.

When asked by the Detective, he admitted to knowing who had slit the tires but refused to tell.  He stated that he would pay for the tires.

Here is the video that confirms his being in Florida during the attack, not Connecticut:

The following screen shots are of Ian telling all:

ianpm1a~ ~ ~

ianpm2a~ ~ ~

ianpm3a~ ~ ~

ianpm4a~ ~ ~

ianpm5a~ ~ ~

ianpm6a~ ~ ~

ianpm7a~ ~ ~

ianpm8a~ ~ ~

ianpm9a~ ~ ~

ianpm10a~ ~ ~

ianpm11a~ ~ ~

ianpm12a~ ~ ~

ianpm13a~ ~ ~

ianpm14a~ ~ ~

DO tell us, Ian, about this:


Stay tuned!

  1. Justice_Comes permalink

    Not to worry numb nuts. We’ve already gone through the links and did our screen shots. As a matter of fact, I do believe we did that in 2010! LOL

  2. Justice_Comes permalink

    Yo Dawg, get a load of this!

    “For once in his pitiful life, Alan gets lucky. He becomes friends with a chubby divor…”

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