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My Life’s Story

This is for Sandra, who is trying so hard to find SOMETHING on me that she can use to try and hurt me with.

Oh, btw Mr.  Attorney, your client has been here on my blog, and over on my twitter harassing ME in writing since she threatened to send me a Cease and Desist letter.  Kinda negates all that paperwork you’ve had to do, huh.  Yes, the poor dear is unstable, so it is extremely unfair of anyone to take advantage of that by taking her money and tying up some poor Judges time in a courtroom.   Keep reading.



I was born.




It gets worse!



17 years of formal education, several bad choices, and the birth of three children later, here I am.  57,  physically disabled, on the edge of forever, toting Hep C that I managed to contract in the late 80’s while working at Cooper Green Hospital.  Thank God I documented it when I wrote their Safety/Preventative Maintenance program.  I also had the honor of helping to put in place their Sexual Harassment Policy.  I retired at the ripe old age of 36…or maybe I was 38, I don’t remember.

I’ve lost both parents and my oldest child.  I was beaten, stabbed, shot at and raped all in the confines of my own home.  I’ve gone through a seriously nasty divorce in which I had my kids taken from me because I moved.  (Hey, if you’re into family law, try agreeing to sell the house, waiting until the Mom buys a three bedroom home and moves, THEN back out on the sale and get your “Change of Circumstance” for custody because she moved.)  Out of that experience, even though the kids were sent back to me a short time later, and the Judge knew it, I now owe a whopping 18 grand in child support.  Hire an Attorney you say?  I did, but apparently he forgot to submit to the Judge that I am PERMANENTLY disabled and that my disability applied towards the support (I was too emotionally distraught to notice).  I could give a shit now, so I just send in my little 25 bucks a month to the state (tells you what DHR thinks of that support obligation, doesn’t it).  The way I see it, the ten years I spent as a Domestic Violence Victims Advocate because of my experience is WORTH it.

Two years almost to the DAY after losing my Mother, my oldest son died.  He had just served with the National Guard  in the Triangle of Death in Iraq.  I can’t say too much about that except for the fact that it landed me in a mental hospital a few times, once, because I didn’t know what I was doing,  I pulled a 133 day stay for violent behavior.  I thank GOD for the experience though, to love someone so much that it all but causes you to stop breathing when they are gone.  (Your client threw a few jabs at me about my dead Soldier…as if her opinion actually mattered to me.)

I’ve lived a good life, been to many places, even at the wrong end of a gun.  I’m still here, a little worse for wear, but I am sure as hell not attacking people who disagree with me by digging up the sordid details of their lives, calling their local Police to make “Welfare Check” reports, and posting pictures of their loved ones and minor children like your client has/is/will because Life threw me several curve balls.  I’m certainly not tweeting “WAhhhbberbeest is a racist from Clearwater Florida #Ferguson” like she did to me.

Be smart.  Read the truth, because it WILL all go before a Judge, and then there will be a counter suit.  Sandra Webber gave me her written permission to post her story and her likeness, in writing, right here in the comments.  If you really care about her, you’d get HER some medical assistance.  In comments I rattled off just a FEW of the names of the people she has harassed, in writing, online, in public forums.  Hold on to your hat for what’s probably coming at her from the Arizona State Prosecutor, Juan Martinez,  and the wife of Detective Florez  from Mesa.

Pamela Smith

Oh, PS –

Did you notice the lack of credit on my credit report?  That’s because I have always had the luxury of paying cash.  All my money now belongs to my kids.  The Vape Shop belongs to someone else.  NOTHING is in my name Bubba.  Good luck.

  1. LindaNewYork permalink

    Jesus, Pamela. God Bless you. All that you have been through, and to have the likes of SW harassing you. And you still have a sense of humor through it all.

  2. Oh, and just so you know, Sandra, I run backups every night.

  3. Nice Nana permalink

    I have never seen a person with a history of having an RO due to dating violence, albeit fish violence, point fingers at another person like she does. You forgot to mention how she posted the family court documents of a small child to try and hurt the mother, which it did. Within those documents were the name of the child and family members with current addresses. Nothing was redacted and she blamed the mother of the child for that and said she was justified of posting the documents unredacted. The mother did not post and share these documents publicly. Sandra Webber did. You also neglected to mention that she posted a woman’s financial information. Although some of it was public information, the last 4 digits of her social security number were not. The Clearwater PD is aware of this, so if she really has an attorney, he should check that out as well. It is rumored that Sandra has access to Lexisnexis, a background search tool that she uses for unauthorized searches on and uses information found, to harass and intimidate people. Pesky, perhaps you should contact them and ask if any recent searches were made on you. If they won’t give you that information, then your lawyer can get it. All victims of Sandra should look into this. If anything, maybe the person who gave her access will be notified and she will no longer be able to use the program if indeed she has access to it through another person. I remember her posting awhile back that she does some work for a PI and that is how she has access. She lies though so who knows? I just find it funny how she claims a C&D is coming yet won’t leave you alone. Usually victims of harassment would follow their lawyers and the police’s advise by blocking and not engaging the person. This is where she always screws up. She can’t stop stalking and harassing people. Her own twitter is filled with the proof!

    • Thank you for this post. You’re are correct, I did leave out that information. I had to leave something for others to interject. Maybe her Attorney will actually GET it. Who knows.

      • Nice Nana permalink

        The attorney, if there is one, probably gets it and is preparing for lots of billing hours with her crazy rants.

    • That still upsets me about that little boy.

  4. Your life story, no matter how much of a victim you portray yourself as, does not give you the right to defame me or anyone else through your continued libelous postings. By the way, I found a photo of what would qualify as exploitation of kids, according to your standards, on your public google page. Finally, your blog settings allow comments. Your page is public. Either don’t publish my comments or adjust your settings not to accept them. You are ignorant of how public pages work, how twitter works, and how many laws work as well. Your past history confirms this, so I expect nothing less from you in the future. Oh, and do your neighbors know you are secretly video taping them and then posting to you tube?

    • Common Sense permalink

      You’re not going to scare her into not discussing you or giving her opinions about you. The same way she can’t scare you into shutting up either. You also don’t have a grasp on the law either unfortunately it seems as you aren’t a lawyer or even a college graduate. The internet is just as full of incorrect information as it is correct and it seems you take everything you read as fact. You don’t fight libel with libel. Your internet presence is 80% you insulting people and that is documented for all to see. There is no lawyer. There are no letters. No attorney would ever put his or her license on the line for something so insignificant and down right petty as this. Not to mention that any lawyer with any sense would advise their clients to disengage once it was decided legal action would be taken. This is just more chest puffing and an attempt to intimidate and quite frankly no one is surprised, interested or really cares.

    • My neighbors SMILE for the camera. You want to contact them?

      Your comments are as public as everyone elses. I dont go to your blog, you stay off mine. 😉

      • geribouwman permalink

        She sure found you fast. That’s very telling. And all this time she thought you were a squirrel.

    • You are such a Freak, Sandra. and a hyprocrit. It is YOU who is constantly playing the victim, which you are not.

  5. Also, not one single person involved in any of my blog posts, tweets, or public comments anywhere has enlisted your assistance with any kind of action or argument against me, to the best of my knowledge. In fact, by you stating so much about this “list” of people, you are unwittingly involving these folks in your own increasingly complicated potential legal quagmire, as well as in potentially more serious civil and criminal matters.

    I have simply asked you to remove any and all references, innuendos, and graphic representations from your blog and social media, calling me a “child predator” and “child exploiter”.

    My lawyer is asking you the same in the cease and desist letter.

    • Common Sense permalink

      Wow. I actually feel bad that you are this clueless. You really think nothing is going on behind the scenes with the people on that list? And if there was you really think you would know about it? You don’t think maybe they are taking their attorney’s advice and not engaging with you directly for a reason?

    • *Yawn* Then stop using peoples kids. Want to see where you admit to it? YOU made it public domain when YOU posted it.

      You are harassing me. You gave your written permission to “carry on” and use your likeness.

      I’ll send it all to your Attorney when he contacts me. I have no fear of you.

    • get over yourself.

  6. OH YEAH! I almost forgot! Mr Attorney, you MIGHT want to send a cease and desist to:

  7. as was POSTED by:

  8. I could change your name on the data to “WAHbberbeest”, Santa Claus, Mini Mouse, and people would STILL know who is doing that dirty deed of using peoples kids against them in internet squabbles, and that IS “Exploitation” by definition.

    “the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.
    “the exploitation of migrant workers” (in this case, peoples loved ones. Want that screen shot?)
    synonyms: taking advantage, abuse, misuse, ill-treatment, unfair treatment, oppression
    “the exploitation of the poor””

    YOU said “What else am I supposed to do”. How about accept that there are many who do not agree with you, and have the right to their own opinions?

  9. Nice Nana permalink

    Wait. She is now saying that if the parent of the child doesn’t ask you for assistance then you are wrong for talking about her posting children’s information? At least she now admits it! How would she know anyway? Still wrong for her to do. I am not even friends with one of the mothers anymore but it was never about the mother. It’s about the kids. That’s something that she has continually failed to grasp! Now she claims to have sent a C&D but is still bothering you. This is yet another reason she will never be credible. IF. A C&D was sent, she blew it! 🙂

    • Works for me. I’ll know more when i get there @ a C&D. 😉 I went ahead and cleaned up the site a bit to make it easier for her Atty to see exactly who he supports. I wonder, what price children’s safety? 250 bucks?

  10. Will Bevvie come forward and maybe even Michelle Carver??? Webber posted all of their information. She’s one sick witch. If she had a lawyer, his first advice would be to have no contact with you. She’s so full of shit.

  11. Sally wahbername permalink

    Sandra, STFU! Of all people pointing fingers! You hacked my computer last year and published public information on others not to mention calling some of their employers. Who the hell does that? Fucking you do. It’s sad that your brother took his life when you are the one fucked in the head!

  12. geribouwman permalink

    Now I am into the second chapter of my book. Guess who it’s about. Coming soon at a Newsroom near you. TRU DATT!! Sandra you have defamed yourself and libelled yourself and you or too damn dumb to realise it. Thankyou for that. You made our job much easier. How silly is it to go on the internet and go as far as try to actually blackmail someone with their info if they don’t let you know who a certain person is. And on the internet for the cyperworld to see? Don’t worry about deleting that one because everyone grabbed that real quick. You have truly lost your mind. And the world thanks you for that. Now go look for typos. K?

  13. And, Rae, when you read this, take note:

    “but I am sure as hell not”…”digging up the sordid details”

    When you doxx and attack people for no reason other than to somehow ease your personal butthurt, you can certainly expect that to happen to you.

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