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And the WAHbberbeest cried…

As the wind whipped through the dark night, the WAHbberbeest could be heard to howl “Why is everybody always picking on me?!”

Here’s your answer, in no particular order:

1whar 2wracist 16bHARK!  What’s this???  

PERMISSION by the WAHbberbeest to “CARRY ON”?




Permission to use her likeness,

with the stipulation to be kind.  LOL!



Oh, and then there’s a THREAT to the Squirrel lady,

and an attempt to CAUSE HARM.


clearwater h&e







Feeling “Left out” are ya?

(aka – OTHERS she harasses
and this is just a FEW examples)






Geri and her Grandchild



Journalist Christine Beswick


Trial Reporter Jen

Jeff Gold


Brad aka Justdatruth


Media Personality Joey Jackson


orinna Florez, Cassandra Collins, Arizona Prosecutor Juan Martinez, Jason Weber









  1. Wow! Between everything I have and you have that should keep someone busy enough to see who the culprit really is. I will do whatever it takes to protect my family from this woman. Not even my 4 month old Great grandchild is safe around her. I have the feeling when this is all said and done there will be more attornies having to deal with her. Many more. I really wish she would turn herself in and get some help. She most certainly is ill and deranged.

    • I have an entire Thumb drive FULL. I’m making a Copy and sending it to her Atty. I’m betting that, right about now, he wishes she didn’t exist.

      • Geri permalink

        You are the best squirrel ever. The attornies will love ya. Better to deal with a whole truthful squirrel than a half faced liar.

  2. Tragedies do shape us, into what is our CHOICE.

  3. Common Sense permalink

    I would call first to confirm representation which they are required to answer. If yes, then the next question is if they wil accept service on her behalf? Also get in touch with Cheryl Prevor and the actual Michelle Carver and “Jim” who we all know Isn’t actually Michelle. I know all 3 have been severely libeled by her and would love to add to the defense you’re building along with a counter claim. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Common Sense permalink

    I was also going to mention Jen but she is already pursuing her own legal remedies now but it wouldn’t hurt to mention to her that Webber now has an attny which of course makes the subpoena and service process much easier.

  5. Common Sense permalink

    She has libeled you, among many others. It’s unfortunate she can’t grasp the serious implications of accusing Jen of adultery or “sleeping her way to her success” on top of the nearly dozen or so documented times she called her an alcoholic. All of which was entirely unprovoked and 100% not true. She has also stated on many occasions that Cheryl has a prescription drug addiction (also 100% false). Both of these women have children and to say such libelous things with absolutely zero proof is just unconscionable. It’s this same lack of common decency that in her mind made it ok to use and twist other’s words and photos to try and make a point where there was none to make, except maybe the lengths she’s willing to go to in order to garner attention for herself. If she had any close family or friends of her own she would be able to see this but it appears she does not so this type of behavior will never end sadly. People aren’t required to respond to things. If Sandra didn’t like what Jen was tweeting she simply could have not trolled her feed. When people are compelled to respond maliciously it is the truest form of projection there is. What they are really saying is “I hate myself, I hate myself” and most of us learn this by the time we’re adults. Like the old adage says: if don’t have anything nice to say-just don’t say anything at all. Why would someone with so much stacked against them commence legal action against others? My opinion is it is someone who wants to “get caught” so to speak. She doesn’t seem to have an ability to stop herself even in her own words she has said many times she’s been unsuccessful in just walking away.

  6. Bobbie Thompson permalink

    Hi. Just want to intro myself. I had dealings with SW at the beginning of this whole JA mess. Luckily I figured out she was WHACKOLA long before she could cause me harm. I’ve just been lurking about to see how crazy she would become. And, wow, it’s pretty crazy. Scary you might even say.
    Anyway….. My name is Bobbie. I live in Oklahoma, have 3 kids and 2 grandkids. I am in the medical field. Really don’t want to reveal much as crazy SW might remember me and decide to chase me again.
    Love your site. Your writing is a hoot! Nice to meet you all.

    • Hi Bobbie! This is pesky. I’m having to use Thomas’s acct (lost my cellphone can’t get the codes). I’m sorry that you’ve experienced the WAHbberbeest. Best thing to do is keep her blocked. 😉 Thank you so much for coming forward, and for visiting us here at VNN. 🙂

  7. Common Sense permalink

    And now her twitter account is suspended? When is she going to wake up already? Victims don’t get suspended. Very sad.

  8. its quiet on twitter these days

  9. Geez Pesky, I’m feeling left behind… 🙂

    Personally I can think of few things more foolish than Ms. Webber filing a report against someone for harassment if only because it opens the doors to all of her behavior – and the door is now officially open.

    It seems prudent and frankly just wise for her attorney, prior to pursuing this further, to do not only a background check on matters that took place in courts and/or with local law enforcement over the years involving Ms. Webber but also even a mild due diligence check online as that alone would actually reveal a significant history of stalking & harassing other people, most of them total strangers, private citizens and of no public interest.

    You all know my history with Webber and the delightful almost 100 page obsession manifesto she wrote about me as well as her continued special interest in my fabulous little life.

    It has been an odd, intrusive and abusive journey and not one that I accept lightly. As such, should this matter ever go to a courtroom myself and I suspect many others will be there beside you with “our files” and assist any judge and mental health department to understand the true picture of what has occurred.

    Hang in there my friend.


  10. By the way, I’m told if your attorney contacts Google, twitter and/or Facebook, they can obtain information documenting the number & types of reports against any and all accounts Ms. Webber has ever held. I suggest using ground shipment….


  11. geribouwman permalink

    I would like to make a correction. Most of us have lost loved ones. We hurt and missed them and still do. The death of her family is no excuse for her behavior. She was this way when she was alive. They didn’t even have time to bury her brother and she was back on the internet with this vile behavior less than 24 hrs. of his death. How evil can a sociopath get?

  12. I sincerely doubt she has actually retained an attorney. It’s highly likely (95%) that she googled internet attorney in the state of Alabama and just paid them a few hundred dollars to write a Cease and Desist letter. Retainer fees for libel and slander are very high, at least $5,000, because it’s very hard to prove libel in court. Libel is confined to certain areas and this letter was just a waste of money for Webber.

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