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by on February 1, 2021

VNN – Your Varmit News Network – Working to educate against Trolls since 1998!

It has been reported by VNN’s very own News reporter, Pesky Vee, that the Pandemic is a scam!

Yes folks, you read that right! A SCAM!

World Leaders are being assisted by Aliens from the Planet Domphuc to take over the world! One Congress woman who chooses to remain QNonimous stated “By erradicating all these freeloaders we will be able to afford to build Kingdoms and invite the Aliens down (then we will begin to enslave THEM evil laugh)”

The information on the vaccine was told to Pesky by an Alien who had taken over the body of a Scientist (who dabbles in black magic). She stated that the Vaccine for this scam, codename ‘Boobydic’, will cause the brain of those injected to enlarge one of two parts of the human body, depending on the recipients Gender. “That will entice the Humans to cooperate” she said.

Stayed tuned to VNN for more breaking news as we hear it!

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