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Hunter Biden:A Timeline

by on October 22, 2020

By Deborah Maran:


2002 Mykola Zlochevsky & partner starts Burisma. Partner later dies.

2010-12 Mykola Zlochevsky is in govt offices that give him power to issue gas licenses. He issues some to Burisma

11/13- 2/14 Automaiden revolution. Ukrainian citizens will no longer tolerate corruption. Govt officials/ police kill ~ 100 unarmed Ukrainians. Yanukovych flees to Russia but leaves allies in parliament.

2/14 Govt changes. Poroshenko eventually is elected president, Yarema soon becomes head of Prosecutor general office, and Viktor Shokin is deputy Prosecutor. Shokin is a member of the “old gaurd” crooked era of the PGO but also Poroshenko ‘s friend.

3/14 MZ tries to close his British accounts. UK blocks it and starts a case against him.

4/14 – Hunter Biden is hired as a consultant to help improve Burisma ‘s image. He is to consult on how to improve transparency & international relations.

12/14 over the previous months the PGO blocks the UK case by providing statements to MZ’s attny that he is not a suspect in a criminal case. When Vitaly Kasko, a prosecutor in charge of foreign correspondence, expresses concern over the lack of cooperation, the case is transferred out of his reach to a the MIA oversaw by Shokin. The case goes nowhere. At the end of the month US urges UK to cooperate. The case is transferred back from the MIA but the transfers delay process.

1/15. The UK loses the bank hold so the case is no more.

2/15 Shokin is appointed Prosecutor general. He failed to declare multiple luxury properties in his common law wife’s name. He transfers a luxury property out of his name into their 1 year old daughters name. (Not crooked, right?)

7/15. During a raid on 2 crooked prosecutors’ homes(Diamond Prosecutor case), Shokin’s passport, property records, and firearms license is discovered. Texts between Shokin’s common law wife and the Prosecutor’s GF is found. Around $125,000 USD and diamonds missing from an earlier case is also recovered. Shokin’s office arrests the Prosecutor heading the raid for conducting an “illegal raid” bcuz it was “not approved.” The charges are reversed once Poroshenko stated he approved the raid.

2/15 – 12/15 Shokin fails to investigate multiple cases including Burisma. He makes little to no progress on the Automaiden protestor murders. At least 2 citizen lead protests call for his dismissal. The IMF delayed additional financial assistance over concerns of ongoing corruption in the PGO. Multiple Non-governmental organizations (NGO) demand he be replaced. Yehor Soboliev initiated a petition calling for Shokin’s removal and passed it around parliament. The American Ambassador to Ukraine addressed the ongoing corruption.

12/ 2015 – Joe Biden delivers an ultimatum: fire ur crooked Prosecutor or we will not guarantee a billion dollar loan. The promise for the loan guarantee was contingent upon the Ukraine doing it’s part and tackling corruption. NOBODY expressed a problem w/ it even tho it was known HB worked for Burisma and Burisma cases existed. Shokin was NOT pursuing Burisma.

1/2016 Burisma gas license case is transferred out of Shokin’s hands to the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine per the request of the People Deputy of Ukraine. Shokin protests but loses. Upon receipt of the case, the head of NABU stated ,”Little has been done in the case. To finally say whether he has a judicial perspective, it is necessary to carry out a certain amount of work.” NABU IMMEDIATELY takes the first steps Shokin failed to do: check the records office to see if proper procedure was followed. It wasn’t which allowed NABU to move to revoke some of Burisma’s gas licenses. However, the Shokin appointed special Prosecutor delayed until the statue ran out.NABU also stated in regards to the Burisma case”Analysis of the materials transferred from the GPU to NABU showed their low quality, lost time and capabilities. In fact, NABU detectives were forced to start collecting key evidence from scratch. NABU detectives found out that many of the original procurement documents in the Ministry of Ecology, which theoretically could significantly help establish the involvement of officials in abuses, were practically destroyed. And requests to foreign competent authorities, without which it is impossible to make up the whole picture, were not even transferred until the case was transferred to NABU.”– but, yeah… Shokin was pursuing Burisma, right?

2/3/16Ukraine’s economy minister Aivaras Abromavičius and his entire staff resign citing it was due to ongoing corruption making his job impossible. He later tweeted “Hallelujah. About time” in response to Shokin’s removal.

2/12/16Portman, Durbin, Shaheen, and Senate Ukraine Caucus sign a letter to Poroshenko regarding the ongoing corruption in the govt including the legal sector “We similarly urge you to press ahead with urgent reforms to the Prosecutor General’s office and judiciary.” It is also signed by Ron Johnson (R-Wi) who much later claimed Biden’s push to remove Shokin was nefarious in nature.

2/15/16 Vitaly Kasko, a top reform prosecutor resigns due to the ongoing corruption in the PGO. Kasko told the press”The last straw was yet another redistribution of authority within the prosecutor general office of Ukraine. Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has taken away all the functions and tools to investigate and control proceedings initiated by our team, including jn the case of the so-called reform prosecutors. Helping to create a real European style prosecutors office under the current prosecutor general is impossible, so I see no sense to stay in my position……….Today, the General Prosecutor’s office is a brake on the reform of criminal justice, a hotbed of corruption, an instrument of political pressure, one of the key obstacles to the arrival of foreign investment in Ukraine” Soon after he was charged with a fraud case that seized the man’s apartment. It was later dismissed for a lack of evidence but in the meantime the man was homeless.

2/16/16 Poroshenko asks Shokin to resign. Shokin immediately takes a LOA and is supposed to return on 2/19. 2/19 He extends his LOA until March. Poroshenko files w/ Parliament for permission to dismiss him but it will be delayed. Per Ukrainian law, Parliament can not vote ti dismiss a person from office when on a LOA.

3/16 – 3/27 Shokin returns and acts as if he was asked to resign. He ultimately fires everyone who was involved with the initial investigation of the Diamond Prosecutors. He is notified he will soon appear in front of parliament for a vote on his dismissal . He also filed papers to charge the Anti-Corruption Action Center with a crime.

3/28 Citizens protest and demand Shokin’s dismissal after the courts granted his office permission to investigate the AAC. Shokin tried to charge the AAC w/ embezzlement of US aide. The money was supposed to go the the AAC for them to use it for reform to the PGO. Skokin believed the money should had went straight to him.

3/29/16 Shokin is voted out. The Republicans in Congress say not. One. Word. Against it. 4/16Lutsenko appointed to PGO5/2016Lutsenko dismisses Shokin’s case against the AAC, stating it was “so stupid it dishonored the PGO.”…/lutsenko-peregljane-spravi-proti…

4- Nov 16 Lutsenko does not properly investigate Burisma for money laundering/ illicit enrichment charges related to the UK case. There was no investigation to see where the funds that had been in the London bank account originated. Instead he blurs the lines, combines it w/ the tax evasion case, and closes it Nov 1st.

3/15/2018 A long piece by Peter Schweizer revolving around H Biden & Christopher Heinz for NYP. In it Peter remarks as to how Joe “has little wealth despite reaching VP.” The piece was an attack piece on Hunter & Christopher. He used “speculative speech” to try to turn John Kerry & Joe Biden’s governmental dealings w/ foreign governments into a quid pro quo. “Over the next seven years, as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont (Hunter co-owned) entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments.” Peter was indirectly claiming Kerry & Biden made secret deals to benefit their kids. YET HE ADMITTED JOE HAD LITTLE WEALTH.

3/26/ 2018 Married Attys Joe diGenova & Victoria Toesing were supposed to join Trump’s Russia probe legal team but can not.”The President is disappointed that conflicts prevent Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing from joining the President’s Special Counsel legal team,” his lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said in a statement. “However, those conflicts do not prevent them from assisting the President in other legal matters. The President looks forward to working with them.” The duo are also connected to Rudy G & Lev Parnas.

“Late 2018” According to Leb Parnas, he arranged a Skype call between Rudy G & Viktor Shokin. “I arranged the Shokin call with the mayor,” Parnas tells NPR, referring to Giuliani by his title from when he was mayor of New York City.”

8/2018 Hunter & Hallie rent a home in Annapolis, Md. Hallies kids are enrolled in the Key School for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

1/2019 According to Lev Parnas, Rudy G met with the current PGO, Yuriy Lutsenko, in NY. 2/2019 (midway)According to Lev Parnas, Rudy G met with the current PGO, Yuriy Lutsenko, in Warsaw””I was present but I’m not going to comment on what was discussed in those meetings,” says Parnas.”

3/ 2019 Hallie is sued by the Key School for $55,740. The amount reflects full admission for each child and raises the question how long, if at all, did the kids attend. The school has various payment plans but all require 10% upon enrollment and a large chunk due by the start of school. The amount she was sued for raises the question if they actually moved to Annapolis.

3/2019 Rudy G publicly announced plans to fly to Ukraine to seek informative on Hunter Biden. Hr later claimed he canceled the plan.

3/2019 Mueller just ended the Russian collusion investigation .. trump had been for months and continued for months on to describe the FBI in negative terms – as for working in favor of Dems. — (Given all his anti-FBI rhetoric, one might wonder why a huge trump supporter would ONLY give them alleged evidence of wrongdoing and not send it to trump media as well. Then, hold on to it until just 3 weeks b4 the election when the FBI would neither be able to confirm or deny the story.)

3/26/19 Solomon sent an email to Rudy G allies asking for approval of the story on AAC. Those allies were Atty Victoria Toesing, her attorney husband Joe diGenova, and Ukrainian businessman Lev Parnas.

3/26/2019 John Solomon published a piece to try to discredit the AAC. In his story he reinvigorated the Shokin embezzlement case against the AAC described as “stupid” by Lutsenko when he dismissed it. The key witness for Solomon’s claim the case was factual was LUTSENKO. Lutsenko flip flopped from his 2016 statement. He also claimed Yanukovych handed him a list saying the AAC could not be investigated. He had no corroborating evidence.…/435906-us-embassy-pressed…

4/12/19 Hunter Biden allegedly left 3 liquid damaged laptops at The Mac Shop in Wilmington Delaware– a 3-hr round trip from his Annapolis home. Allegedly, one was “OK”, one beyond repair, & the other data recovery possible. A receipt allegedly signed by Hunter Biden is supposed to corroborate the drop. However, the signature is suspect and has not been verified.

4/14 Hunter Biden allegedly dropped of an external Hard Drive to the Mac Shop for John Paul Mac Isaac to “download the info from the computer to the hard drive.”The claim was made to me via email by a “decades long friend” of JPMI who wrote up a latest version of Mac’s story. Larry Johnson is an ex CIA agent “best known for” spreading a political hoax in 2008 to harm Obama’s campaign. He leaves the “best known for” out of his bio. Problem being, The Mac Shop is not open on Sundays and hasn’t been. Per the claim, Hunter Biden allegedly made a 3-hr round trip to drop off the laptops. He thought the data on the machine so important he got the store owner to open up on a Sunday. Then he took another 3-hr round trip so he could drop of an external hard drive to copy of the data….. then he nor a proxy ever returned for the devices despite Mac’s frequent calls from May-June-July-August.

4/25 Joe Biden announced his candidacy.

4/30 Hunter & Hallie publicly announce their split. 5/10/16Hunter Biden claimed to meet Cohen although some are suspicious they were together long b4 the date.

5/16/19 Hunter Biden & Melissa Cohen marry

5/20/2019 Trump called back Yanukovych and fired her from her position as US Ambassador to Ukraine.

5/2019 Alleged Hunter Biden emails are offered for sale in Ukraine.

6/2019 HB buys home in Hollywood Hills.

7/25/2019 Trump calls Pres Zelensky and asks him to investigate Joe Biden for “stopping the prosecution of his son.” trump was referring to the rumors being spread by Rudy G. trump also described Lutsenko in very favorably terms in an attempt to influence Zelensky to keep him on by calling him “very good, very fair” and saying he was treated poorly…Even after Zelensky made it clear his plans were to replace him trump again stated he was treated unfairly. trump also indicated Rudy was very well aware of the allegations against Biden.

8/26/2019 LUTSENKO is fired

9/4/2019 Shokin, upon request from Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova, provides an Affidavit in favor of Dimitry Firtash, an Ukrainian Oligarch wanted for extradition to the US to face criminal charges. In the Affidavit, Shokin makes many allegations against JB interfering & manipulating Ukrainian officials so Firtash could not return to Ukraine. He also claim JB got him fired bcuz he was investigating Burisma.

Mid-September Mac decides to alert the FBI (despite trump’s mistrust of them) about the alleged “evidence” on the laptop. He emails the FBI…NO, wait… they contact him.. oh, wait.. he goes to them thru a decades old proxy… no, it was they came to him and asked his help in accessing the drive… Oh! Instead of going himself with a copy of evidence in hand, he sent his dad, w/o any evidence, to the Albuquerque NM office to report the crime. The agent just blew dad off and refused to give his name.

9/24/19 House Impeachment inquiry to see if trump delayed aide to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation against Joe Biden

9/28/19 Lutsenko states in an interview that he repeatedly told Rudy Giuliani there was NO evidence either Joe or Hunter Biden broke any law. He also claimed he would cooperate if the “FBI or other U.S. authorities began their own investigation of the former vice president and his son.”

9/19 Alleged Hunter Biden emails are offered for sale in Ukraine.

9/19A whistleblower complaint is made public after weeks of it being delayed & kept from the HOUSE. The WB alleged trump was trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

9/25/19 The call transcript between trump & Zelensky is released to the public and noted as “not verbatim.”

9/27/19 “Parnas argues not all the facts about this and other conspiracies are known yet. And he is not ready to release all the information now”

10/9/2019 Rudy associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman arrested at the Airport getting ready to board a plane to Vienna. Per reports, Giuliani was supposed to meet them there

11/2019 Midway… (2 months after dad went to FBI)Out of the blue, two agents, “Josh WILLIAMS & Mike Dzielak from the Delaware office come to Mac’s shop to discuss the claims about the alleged laptop. He immediately offers them the abandoned laptop and hard drive but they refuse it. They make a copy of it instead… Oh wait, they DON’T ever make a copy (contradictions are Mac’s).

12/3/19 RG flew to Budapest, Hungary, on Tuesday to meet with former Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko to discuss the House’s impeachment inquiry.

12/5/19 RG flew to Ukraine to talk to several prosecutors, including Shokin & Kulyk, regarding impeachment inquiry. That night RG tweeted out several unverified claims about the Obama administration’s action in Ukraine. He claimed Ambassador Yanukovych was involved in covering up alleged Obama admin misuse of 5.3B in US aide to Ukraine (5.3 B was the total foreign aide, not US aid). Biden was point man & money was to be illegally given to the AAC. The allegation matched a retaliation case Shokin had pressed forth 3/2016 against the AAC – the case RG’s contact Lutsenko dismissed prior to knowing RG.

Beginning of Dec Agents allegedly call Mac and ask if they can come to his shop to make a copy. He says “sure.”

12/9/19 Mac Shop is served W/ A GJ summons subpoena. In lieu of appearance a laptop & hard drive is to be turned over to the GJ by 12/17/19. Mac is allegedly told nothing about the purpose of the GJ. The agents do not make a copy. The subpoena is signed by Joshua Wilson, an FBI agent who served the majority of his career investigating crimes against children. In 2017 he was the coordinator for the FBI CARD team — , Child abduction Response Team. Mac will later claim the subpoena was for Biden’s laptop to investigate white collar crime.

Dec 15, 2019 Rudy Giuliani flew to Ukraine on a budget flight to film for OANN allegedly to report on the impeachment. He left on a private jet en route to Vienna. According To Rudy, trump called soon after he returned & asked “What did you get?”

12/18/19trump is impeached. Mac makes no attempt to contact anyone in Trump’s team throughout the impeachment process regarding the alleged evidence which if found factual, would help trump. This is even tho he believes the impeachment is a sham and has heard nothing from the FBI, who trump repeatedly described as out to harm him politically.

An unstated time b/t Dec 2019 – October 2020 An intermediary Mac knows for decades contacts Rudy G and hands over the drive. In another version, it is his Mac himself who contacted RG.

October 13, 2020 Mac claims HB’s attny contacted him and asked for the laptop back. However, there is no evidence of this. There is an alleged email from the attorney stating “Thank you for talking to me tonite. As stated, I am Hunter Biden’s attorney and I appreciate you reviewing your records on this matter.”The email sounds more like an attempt to gain more information involving alleged drop off time, work, calls, etc than a request for property return.

October 14th The NYP publishes the HB laptop story but the agent signature page of the subpoena is not included. However, journalists catch backwards ink markings and determine the agent to be Joshua Wilson. NYP also posts pics with metadata that eventually ID the anonymous source as Mac. Both findings harm the narrative being pushed and cause red flags as Mac changes versions of his story — even between trump friendly Fox and a decades old friend. Much to the chagrin of trump.& Rudy, Twitter & FB do not allow the story to spread because it can not be verified and concern of possible hacked materials. MSM does not pass the story off as factual and addresses the red flags.

October 22/ 2019 Pics of texts purported to be of a 2017 conversation between HB and then business partner Tony Bobulinski are posted by Fox. However, a header shot of the phone shows a Russian network, MTS RUS. Other issues brought up about the texts is that “Whatsapp” was being used in 2017 even tho it was discontinued on the Blackberry devices in 2016. Another person stated the screenshots are from an Iphone shown on a blackberry. Makes sense if Whatsapp was d/c’d on the device. — I’m not sure on these last two but the Russian network claim appears valid.

10/28/19 Tucker Carlson claims to have a “trove of damning documents” proving the Joe Biden allegation but they got lost in transport. no other copies were made.

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