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Trumps Personal Agenda

by on June 17, 2018

From the fingertips of D. Maran:

Trump has shown lots of vitriol towards Obama. Some examples:

1. He pushed birtherism.
2. He renewed birtherism during the second term even though Obama showed his birth certificate.
3. trump reneged on showing his tax returns after Obama showed his long form birth certificate.
4. trump said the long form birth certificate was fake even though a MD verified it.
5 he implied Obama had the MD killed to protect his secret when the man died in a helicopter crash.
6. trump implied Obama only got into the Ivy League schools bcuz he was black despite it being known Obama graduated with honors.
7. trump hinted that Obama never went to those schools.
8. He claimed another man wrote Obama’s best-seller and Obama lied and took the credit.
9. He insisted ppl March on the White House when Obama won his second term.
10 he’s tweeted Obama would go down as the worst president in the US.
11 he’s claimed Obama was a secret Muslim and implied he was not acting in the best interest of the US based on that allegation.
12. He’s claimed Obama’s walk was not presidential.
13. He’s tweeted that Obama made it impossible for any future black people to get elected for a long time. “Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations.’

Now Trump is trying to erase anything Obama did as president. Why such vitriol towards Obama? trump has said and shown that when someone has done something to him, he hits back harder. But, Obama did not do anything to strike out at trump to bring on such attacks. trump continued to attack Obama so much that there were rumors his children stepped in to pull him back.

Why the jealousy; why the attacks.

Obama is the true “self-made man” trump pretends to be. Despite the obstacles that have impaired success in others, Obama succeeded. His father left, his mom remarried, and he spent part of his youth raised by his mum and stepfather in Africa.
When he returned to the states, he was raised by his grandparents and sent to an all white school. He succeeded in life despite dealing with his father’s absence and being different. He attended an Ivy Leaque school and graduated with honors. Along the way he gained a positive reputation and people liked him for who he was. He went on to beat trump to the presidency twice despite trump trying and failing.

trump was set up to succeed. He was a rich white kid in the 60’s with a father who had lots of connections, including political. His dad gave him a million dollars to start out. He lied an cheated his way to more resulting in multiple lawsuits against him. Along the way, he gained a poor reputation with some while others “liked” him because of his money. His first try for the presidency failed. He won his next try by manipulating fears thru spreading false facts and making many unrealistic promises.
The majority of the country voted against him and he is a joke to the majority of the world.

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