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Jason’s Appellate Issues List

by on August 1, 2014

It must be a birth defect, or maybe they were malnourished as children, but the bull that FEW believe is just that…BULL.


1.  Non-Sequestered Jury

2.  The Mysterious 5 Days

3.  The 62 Second Theory

4.  Janeen DeMarte Said Her Laptop Was Stolen Before The Trial

5   The Blood in the Sink Mystery

6.  Ashley Reed Thompson

7.  No Blood Outside the Bedroom or in the Driveway, No Screwdriver

8.  The Kool-Aid Stains in the Rental Car

9.  The Crime Scene Clean-Up in 26 Minutes

10.  Travis and his Phone, Car Keys, Car, Wallet, Laptop, Dog, and CTR Ring

11.  The Odor of Decomposition

12.  Jodi’s Lies and Interviews 13. Pathology of the Courtroom

14.The Jury Never Asked any Questions or Asked to See Any Evidence

15. The Delay of the Trial

16. Who did the Laundry?

17.  The Belvin Perry Media Blitz

18.  The Gus Searcy Factor


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