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Arias Myths Debunked – Debunked

by on July 20, 2014

Arias Myths CONFIRMED:

1. Arias is a slut.

That is a personal opinion and has nothing to do with the case. She and Travis BOTH were consenting Adults, not children.
However, she was sexually aggressive with Ryan the very first time she ever met him in person.

2. Jodi stole the gun from her Grandparents –

The fact that Travis was shot with a .25 and the stolen gun was a .25 speaks volumes.

The fact that she disposed of the gun says it was the stolen gun.

SHE SAID IT HERSELF in the Interview with Det. Flores in June (10, 21, 25) that Travis did not have a gun.:

Flores: Was there, um, any kind of weapons, or was there a gun..
Arias: Um, his two fist really..
Arias: no he wasn’t one to keep any of that. No he was more into wrestling and UFC…

3. Arias is a Stalker:

Her OWN paid Expert said it:

Juan: Isn’t it true that Mr. Alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, Jodi Arias, based on her stalking behavior?

Alyce: He was afraid of her, yes.

Juan: Because of her stalking behavior, correct?

Alyce: Correct.

4. : Jodi suffered from a fog, which really means she’s lying and guilty

She concocted three different stories. She cleaned up the crime scene. She covered up the crime. She tells it in her stories if you’d listen. Her lies are based somewhat on recalled memory, and she is consistent with that.

5. Sequestered Juries is not an Arias Myth.


6. Jodi Arias knew about the girl Alexander was meeting in Cancun and was jealous.


She said it herself – 48 Hours Interview:

“that cancun trip, we had both known about it for over a year never once was it discussed that I wouldn’t be going with him.” (thats would NOT be going. She thought she was going right up until he told her she wasn’t, probably the last thing he ever said.)

7. Alexander didn’t own a gun.


8. Alexander wasn’t abusive.

YOU said it yourself:”there is no proof Alexander was physically abusive.” 88,000 text/emails, four in anger. That is NOT verbal abuse.

Alyce said “He was afraid of her, yes.”

9. Jodi Arias was on a covert mission.

When you add up the Text between them, the fact that Travis had moved on, her professed love for Travis, the *coincidental gun theft from HER family, insistence on the light/white car, the hair dye, the planned trip to the PPL Convention/Ryans, the fact that she WENT to Mesa, the murder via MULTIPLE weapons, the coverup even after the event, it adds up.

10. Jodi was gracefully-adorned in court

She moused down to look innocent, yes. But that has nothing to do with anything.

11. Jodi shows no remorse

No, she doesn’t. What she did in that courtroom, save for the times she realized she was not going to get away with it, she has no remorse.

How hard is it to say “I’m sorry”?

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