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Arias Supporters in Death Throes

by on July 18, 2014

In keeping with the theme (Thank you Becky), allow the video to play while reading.

Webber of Lies

Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott

Recently the members of Barwoods Circus received information concerning the personal relationships of the Prosecuting Attorney in the Arias Murder Trial.  They failed to question it’s validity, and it’s source.  The Data gave Arias Supporters a little hope that the Guilty verdict could be reversed with the information.  Apparently, they don’t understand that the upcoming “Trial” is not about Arias’s guilt or innocence.  She has already been found Guilty.  The trial is for sentencing, to determine if she should get the Death Penalty.

The information was relayed via Sandra Webber of Inconvenient Truths, which seems quite odd since there are Official Arias websites they could have reported to.  They could have sent the data to the Mesa D.A.’s Office, had it been THAT viable.  But they didn’t.  They chose Webber to be their mouthpiece.  Webber, if you remember, was also the one that the questionable “Corinna Flores” twitter account decided to contact.  How…convenient.

How to Lose Friends and Execute Murderers

It seems that “someone’s” cell phone was lost, and that cell phone contained texts between two friends about an affair.  The screen shots that appeared show the number blocked out, and strangely, that the phone still shows as having service.  It is alleged that the information came from a source in the UK.   The cellphone somehow made it’s way across the Ocean and into the hands of someone who knew Webber.  Another “Coincidence” in the Arias trial?  I think not.

The Arias supporters now find themselves distracted from selling Arias Art and tshirts to help pay for her appeal.  They have literally turned their backs on Arias.  The only good thing to come from it is that George Barwood seems to have found religion as he has been seen quoting from the Holy Bible, and Sharia law.

How sad that this entire fiasco is seated in the jealousy of one friend toward another. I am sure that, in years to come, and FOR years to come, the woman that released the texts will rue her decision to attempt to trash the competition.  Unfortunately, it will be Arias that pays the bigger price for the pathetic attempt to discredit her childhood friend turned competition.


  1. geribouwman permalink

    Oh Sandra Webber. Don’t you realise that it doesn’t even take a dummy to figure out how live your life of gory on the world wide web? No you still aren’t famous and you never will be. We all know how you get your thrills since no one gives you sex to relieve your frustraions of hate and libel. But again the squirrel and other’s got you by the tail of not only libel but possible jailtime. And George if you have any smarts you better take the real bible and read it and stay in the UK. Prisoners don’t take to your kind and you can easily be someones littlle you know what in prison terms. Shame on both of you. Here, have a cookie. It’ll make ya feel better.

    • Yeah, she stated that she was ‘thinking” about writing. Sandra, you’ve been “thinking” about it this entire time. You haven’t written ANYTHING worth reading. Ever.

      • geribouwman permalink

        That’s a big 4SURE!

  2. Recoverd permalink

    Very good Pesky. Shows a lot about the character of the “friend”. But what’s more disturbing is people like George Barwood and Sandra Webber would gloat and be gleefully happy to cause harm and/or embarrassment to a woman and her family who have absolutely nothing to do with their so called justice for Jodi. We expect this kind of stupid crazy crap from Sandra. But George is a man who TRIES to convince people that he is some kind of seeker of justice and champion of the wrongly convicted! I’m pretty sure that the REAL people who have TRUELY worked on the teams for say David Camm…Ryan Ferguson…never had to resort to victim blaming and shaming and now petty, silly gossip to attain their goal of justice. George is a pathetic, silly, little man. Nothing more. Nothing less. ~~imo~~ =D

  3. Here it is folks! The Official “Death Throe” Tshirt!

  4. jenn permalink

    Excellent blog Pesky. You’re right, this WILL come back to bite some people on the a $$.

  5. Yup George was set up and fell for it hook line and sinker….. yes a fishing hook

  6. Isleptwithsandrawebber permalink

    Pesky, awesome as usual!

  7. lololol, George found religion. OMG, this whole fiasco is killing me. If Juan ever heard about this he would be so pumped to know how many women he has allegedly slept with. Maybe I’ll tell him tonight.

    • geribouwman permalink

      I heard Juan knows and not a happy camper. I wouldn’t wanna mess with him. GO JUAN!!

  8. Too to funny every time I think we are at bottom of the crazies there’s a whole underground that pops up!!!! Maybe ole Georgie poo and sw should have an affair they seem like they need to get laid!!!

  9. geribouwman permalink

    I think Sandra is in love with Juan and she’s jealous because he won’t give her any. George, he will take all he can get being how hard up he is. Isn’t it illegal to be married with children and be in love with a cold blooded murderer he never even met? I’ll check the Bible. It’s in there somewhere, I think.

  10. Recoverd permalink

    SW set the fishing hook in George and is reeling him in! You know the old mullet tosser has a boatload of crabs waiting for him too. Couldn’t have happened to a better, sillier man.

  11. Geri, I don’t think George is hard up. I doubt that he can get it up and we know that SW is dried up. To George and SW, we’ve upped our standards, so “Up Yours”.

  12. Love you Pesky. This entry made me pee in pants. These people are so beyond demented at this point. Who would believe George or Sandra Webber? Puleeeze. Sandra is a desperate lying hose bag. George is a shriveled up nut case who provides us with endless entertainment. I hope he jumps out of his window when Jodi get the DP.

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