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The Demise of the Last Standing Jodite

by on July 17, 2014

VNN has received word that the Walls of Jodite have fallen.

The Trojan Fish Plague hit the Jodites yesterday as rumor moved through the community like a fart in the wind.

Those infected had brief moments of elation followed by delusions, diarrhea of the mouth, and a strong urge to quote scripture.

VNN urges you to protect yourself by using this avatar on your Facebook profile:


In honor of the demise of the last standing Jodite,
we here at VNN offer you

FREE Printable Toilet Paper!

Here’s your Geebee Freebie!




  1. I bet the Juan shirts beat out the
    sales of Jodis “survivor ” shirts

  2. Veronika permalink

    Love the shirt. Hubby might not, though.

  3. geribouwman permalink

    Juan is the one! I remember sleeping with him, just couldn’t remember his name. Thanks Pesky! I slept with Juan! I’m not worried about social desease because he didn’t sleep with Sandra. HA!

  4. Ha lol geribouwman!!!! This guy is so short of a full deck,not the sharpest tool in the box,one braincell short of a happy meal, but I love the laffs the dolt gives me!!!!

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