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In Her Own Words

by on July 10, 2014

“I write right now that

I love Travis Victor Alexander

so completely

that I don`t know any other way to be.”

                                                    – Jodi Arias



“that Cancun trip, we had both known about it for over a year

never once was it discussed that I wouldn’t (would NOT) be going with him.”
48 Hours Interview





“you can just see expressions on people`s faces and emotional moments.

I love capturing that sort of thing” – Arias



I’ve been going back over the crime scene pics, and I’ve changed my mind on the 62 Seconds of Rage. Something someone said about Travis’s head being up in that picture of her foot made me take yet another look.


We have all assumed that Travis was dead in that foot picture (center).   According to the time stamped images, the blood trace and her statements, that image was taken after he came out of the shower and before he made it down the hall.


If Travis had stepped out of the shower, body slammed her, chased her, and gone at her in the Linebacker stance when she shot him, as she claimed on the witness stand, how could she be standing on the wrong side of the bathroom in the foot picture one minute and two seconds after she “dropped” the camera?  Her back is to the closet/shower door in the foot image.  Based on that fact, she had plenty of opportunity to run down the hall and escape out the bedroom door while Travis was down.

The bullet trajectory, and her statements during the Interrogations, before she settled on using “self defense” at her trial, indicate Travis was shot in the shower.  The evidence shows he was not dead in that foot image.  Travis could have survived the gunshot to the face.  

trajectory3D Rendering – Gray Hughes

“He was kneeling down in the shower, I don’t remember, I was taking pictures, and I don’t really know what happened after that exactly, except I think he was shot.”

      “to my knowledge there was no blood in that bathroom, before that gunshot went off.”

In the foot shot, Travis appears to be holding his face. The blood that we can see has to be from that head shot.  His throat could not have been slashed at that point.  He would have bled out within seconds.  There would not have been the puddles of blood by the linen closet door, the blood spray in the sink or the stabbing throw off spatter that goes from the sink, to the blinds, to the toilet wall, to the puddle by the toilet room door.  He would not have been able to leave the blood trail going up the hall.


The very next picture that is snapped after the foot picture is of his shoulder.  We all have assumed that the image of Travis’s shoulder was snapped as he lay on his back in the hallway.  The Bathroom wall where the Linen Closet is, is the same wall that runs down the hallway.  The shoulder picture was taken one minute and sixteen seconds after the foot picture.  It was obviously taken while they were still in the bathroom.

Based on the blood spatter evidence and Aria’s statements, Travis was able to get up on his knees.  Arias stated several times that he was “on his all fours”.  Between the time he was shot and the time he was able to get up on his knees, based on the photographs, she had at least two minutes and eighteen seconds to leave.  Instead of leaving, she begins to stab him.

One of the many questions is “Why would he stand there at the sink and allow her to stab him?“.

Based on the wound evidence, her testimony, and the time stamped images, Travis could have been still on his all fours at the Linen closet when she began stabbing him in the back.  The angle of the blade indicates he was facing away from her.  The cluster indicates he wasn’t moving until after she stabbed him in the back at least five and up to nine times.


The blood and spatter around the sink indicates that Travis was able to pull up to and spit into the sink.  The gunshot would have caused blood to gush down his throat as well as out of his nose.   Blood would also have seeped through the tube from his throat to his right ear, where the concussion of the gun ruptured his eardrum.  The gunshot to the face also caused the extreme swelling to his eyes, and may well have caused him to have double vision, or be unable to see at all.

From this point, all we have to go on is the blood trace and the wounds to his body.

I noticed that the spatter on the left side of the sink seems to have been blocked by something.  Being as Arias is left handed, and she is adamant about her makeup, it appears that her purse was sitting on the counter at some point.  Arias states that her purse was on the dresser and it ended up on the bathroom floor.  Travis was right handed, so it seems logical that he would have used the sink on the left. His shaving utensils are located by the sink on the left.  She had plenty of time, from the time Travis was on his back in front of the shower, to the time he got up on his knees, to go get her purse.  OR, it may have been sitting there the whole time, with the gun, and maybe even the knife, concealed inside it.


 Based on the wounds inflicted to Travis and the blood spatter, it appears that he moved away from her from the sink to his left, toward the blinds.  She continued stabbing him from behind, twice, once on each side of the back of his neck.



Based on cast off, Travis could have been bent over at this point giving her access to his head. 

 She repeatedly states she was beside the tub.  She could have easily stepped up in front of him, inflicting the three shallow stabs to his neck.  They are shallow because she cut her hand when it slid down the blade as she scored his skull.


There are only a few specks of blood on the tub indicating she was there blocking the blood from the tub.  A pool of blood is left in that area, possibly from the gunshot wound, possibly from his head, as Travis is leaning over.



Evidence presented indicated that the faucet in the sink was turned on and off at some point.  It could indicate that she stepped to the sink to rinse her hand and inspect her cuts.  This could be when Travis slips past her and heads down the hall.  She stated that she ran down the hall in the “Intruder” story, and knocked the intruder over, causing the intruder to “trip over” Travis.


There is really only one spot that indicates arterial spray that could have come from the neck wound.  On the wall where her palm print was found, there is a spray of blood approximately three feet long and about four feet off the floor.  Travis was 5’9.  Jodi is 5’6.  The wound on Travis’s throat was cut high up under his chin, not down low on his neck.  I believe she ran up behind him and slit his throat, leaving the arterial spray and her palm print on the wall, where she steadied herself after the cut.


Travis went down to his right, slid sideways along the wall leaving the blood trace and ended up on his back.

Throw off spatter, and the fact that all the wounds to Travis’s chest and abdomen are uniform and horizontal, indicate that Travis was on his back when those wounds were inflicted.   A partial hand print can be seen on the wall to the left of the electrical outlet on the bedroom side of the wall. This could indicate that she was steadying herself and she squatted down to be able to inflict the seven horizontal stabs to his chest and abdomen.

Throw off Spatter





Travis lay there bleeding out, his brain calling for oxygen, his lungs heaving trying to meet the call for air.  That sound is something like a pig being slaughtered.


Arias showered, got dressed, waiting to ensure Travis was dead, then she shoved him into the shower, as is evident by her shoe prints.



Shot in the face,

14 stab wounds to the back side of his body,

two on the back at the top of his head that scored the skull,

7 wounds to his front torso with one being almost 6 inches at his navel,

defense wounds on his hands, mostly his left as his dominant hand was on his face,

slit throat






Blood Spatter Throw Off Comparison – Both areas



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  1. Recoverd permalink

    I can only hope that when Jodi is completely alone in her cell, the truth of what she did haunts her.

  2. Quiltmama permalink

    Simply and brilliantly done. Have a look at that George. Makes perfect sense.

  3. Changes the trajectory, huh. She said it herself (consistently), she shot him while he was seated in the shower:

    “”He was kneeling down in the shower, I don’t remember, I was taking pictures, and I don’t really know what happened after that exactly, except I think he was shot,”
    6 hours ago · Like

    That means, George, he never chased her into the closet because she never went into the closet to get that alleged gun. She had it in her hand.

    THAT is NOT Self Defense.

    It gets better. She stated “to my knowledge there was no blood in that bathroom, before that gunshot went off.”. This means she stabbed him 27 times, slit his throat after she shot him in the face.

    This is called “Throw off”. It happens when someone stabs someone and the blood splatters, then transfers on the blade of the knife to another surface:

    This is the door jam. The throw off is close to the floor. That means Travis was not standing at this point. Since he managed to get down the Hall, I’m going to go with what Jodi said “Yeah, I’m trying to think how he got over there. He was sort of using his legs, but he wasn’t standing up.”

    Arterial Spray covered the walls:

    She started stabbing him in the back, from behind. How do we know this? Because the sharp side of the blade was DOWN in the holding position:

    As he goes down, we have more stabbing throw off:

    The stab wounds concur:

    “Travis was on all fours on the tile — and well, I say all fours, but one of his hands was actually holding his head.” – Arias

    The stab wounds to his chest and abdomen are horizontal. That means Travis was on his back as she stabbed him.

    Self Defense, or Murder 1:

  4. Ok, there is debate on the sink blood. Some say nasal spray, some say slit throat. More digging is going on, lol

  5. During the “Two People” shot Travis story, she is using “memory recall”, many of the things she says are true, INCLUDING, based on Trajectory, Travis being shot IN the shower:

    This is set to that statement:

  6. Why do jilted lovers seek revenge?

    Prasenjit probes into the psyche that makes jilted lovers commit a heinous crime as murder. “The kind of love these people show is borne out of low self-esteem. When these people fall in love they feel it is a good thing to hang on to. The moment they see the person they love moving away from them they get possessive about it.”

    “Murder just happens in a fit. They are so overpowered with rage because the girl has rejected him that he forgets everything else. Their state of mind when they commit murder is similar to someone who is dancing at top speed totally oblivious of what is happening around them.”

    Prabha Christdoss, Director of the Women’s Welfare Society of the Diocese of Mumbai says, “The love of these stalkers is not true love. It is just attraction. Maybe they think of a woman as the weaker sex who doesn’t have a choice and the right to say no. So when rejected they want to punish or hurt the girl.”

    Don’t show your stalker that you are afraid of him. Prasenjit explains, “Stalkers get all the more encouraged if their victim seems to be frightened. Success at harassing the girl gives them a wild sense of strength.”

  7. Pamela Smith There was no abuse by Travis. Arias said it without so much as a stutter or an ‘um”. Arias’s own paid witness said it:

    Juan:Isn’t it true that Mr. Alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, Jodi Arias, based on her stalking behavior?

    Alyce:He was afraid of her, yes.

    Juan:Because of her stalking behavior, correct?

    17 mins · Like

    Pamela Smith Abuse:

    “We’ve had our challenges. He’s said several choice words to me that weren’t nice. He’s not the only person that’s ever done that, my own father has done that, mother, and other women and men have done that to me, and other boyfriends but..”

    He has done nothing but, I mean except for some mean words that he said, people have said worse to me…or just as bad. Except for that, he has never…he has helped me. He has given me money. He was selling me his car on the…easiest terms ever…
    I’ve hurt him very much emotionally and I never meant to hurt him

    It’s just a lot of things. Travis was always so selfless. He gave me everything that I needed. If I needed money and he had it, it was mine, if I needed food, if I needed to borrow his car, to use the internet because mine was down; I needed to…if I wanted to borrow his books. He had a cool library or audio books. One time he helped me with my prepaid legal business and he doesn’t benefit monetary in the least, and I would help him, too, with that because you have to qualify and for his position there’s a monthly qualification and I would just help him with computer stuff. I think I’m selfish.

    And one time we just met in Ehrenberg when I went to southern California so we could just rent a hotel room and make out the whole weekend, and umm…whatever, but we drove to go see a movie and there was this lady (Jodi crying) standing on the side. He pulled over in his BMW and rolls down his window and says, “Are you hungry?” and she said, “Yeah,” so we turned around and went to the Wendy’s right next to the hotel and he got her this triple decker and the biggie fries or whatever it’s called and the biggest drink they had and gave it to her.

    He always did stuff like that (Jodi takes some toilet paper and wipes her nose). We pulled into this gas station once in Chinle, Arizona and saw this Navajo Indian, and nothing against that tribe, they’ve got a very rich culture but most Navajos that you meet they are really overweight and…but their animals are starving with their ribs sticking out, and it just made us feel so bad. Travis bought, well, we ended up splitting it, but Travis bought 7 cheeseburgers for three hungry dogs and one was a mother with puppies and they just wolfed them down. We felt better, but we just felt like we couldn’t do enough.

    Like he wrote that thing on his bog the Goal from Within, and I really did see like inside he was an amazing person. He was a good person. He was a generous person

    They were far worse than Travis. (Other men)

    Um, I wanted Travis to be viewed in a positive light, and I know that he wanted to be viewed in a positive light, I didn’t want to DE-edify him especially not at the moment I made those statements. Prior to June 4th that was a hope of mine, it wasn’t that I couldn’t wait, just
    that sometimes PPL events would be family oriented and I would hope that our families would be able to be cordial and kind. Not that we would ultimately be very close, but that was a hope
    of mine, that someday we could be happy for each other in our respective marriages, and I didn’t want to say anything bad about him.
    16 mins · Like

    Pamela Smith I find it VERY interesting that Jodi was headed out to Darylls house with knives and a gun. Sound familiar?

    “”Well I had a nervous breakdown when a boyfriend (DARYL) and I were arguing once and umm and he began to argue with me in a way that was totally different from how we had ever argued before, and he was just like, and every time I would say something he was like “Blah…Blah,” you know, it was kind of weird like, every time I tried to formulate a thought and I was just sad and I was crying, every time I tried to formulate a thought he would interject and then twist it and it was like the weirdest psychological thing that had ever happened, and the way I reacted was, I went into my room, this was the guy I bought a house with, I went into my room and shut the door. ”

    “and umm and he began to argue with me in a way that was totally different from how we had ever argued before, ” Three guesses who threw her on the floor.
    13 mins · Like

    George Barwood Pamela Smith the same warning I just gave to Barbara Christiano-Annechino applies to you as well. Your comments are totally against the documentary evidence.
    1 min · Edited · Like

  8. I believe your new theory carries a lot of merit. Your training and life experience has taught you considerably. I enjoy reading your intelligent posts. Certainly not biased and dreamed up like GB does for his love lust.

  9. Travis catches Jodi snooping through his phone – June 29, 2007

    Jodi relocates to Mesa

    Travis’s tires are slashed (July)

    Jodi uses Travis’s homes doggie door uninvited

    Deanna finds Jodi in Travis’s house baking cookies – uninvited

    Travis returns from a date to find Jodi in his closet

    Jodi spies on Travis and Lisa through the window

    Jodi makes the following journal entry:
    “I love him, though I could not possibly love him not, though I wish I could stop. Turn it off like a lightswitch. Duct tape it down so it can’t turn back on. Or better yet, just cut the circuit. Cut off its life source. Make it dead in a second. Lifeless. A meaningless network of wires that do and mean nothing…”

    Jodi enters Lisas kitchen unannounced/uninvited see’s Travis, runs out the door

    Travis’s tires are slashed again, as are the news ones (December)

    Jodi places herself under Travis’s Xmas Tree, he runs her off

    Lisa’s tires are slashed at Travis’s

    Jodi sneaks in through the doggie dog and falls asleep on his couch while he is on a date

    April 13th, 2008 – Jodi slashes his tires, threatens suicide, causes him to cancel event appearance

    Jodi enters Travis home uninvited, wakes him up running the vacuum.

    During the first week of June 2008, Alexander told friends that he suspected Arias had hacked into his Facebook account. He allegedly said that he told her to stay out of his life forever.

  10. Anne Wyatt permalink

    I’m not certain the sock was actually that. Imo its whores knee with his head being held up as it cuts throat w left hand. That y blood streaming down his right side.In a pic I have I can see the underside of its white shoe as it would look if u were kneeling like muslims do when praying.lemme know how I can gt pic to u. Great info btw 🙂

  11. Anne Wyatt permalink

    Interesting..trying to gt my head round it 🙂 There was no blood on the top part of the bullet & it seemed to have landed in blood. If pushed around u would think traces of blood be all over it.
    Either way it was a torturous horrific attack & arias deserves to die

    • The bullet jacket was kicked around a bit, and any blood that would have accumulated would have occured after he came out of the shower. Remember, the shower door was open when he did hat, the water still running, which is what wet the floor and the box in the linen closet.

  12. I can’t make anything out in the picture of her foot .. all I see is the stripe on her pants, I can’t make out where Travis is in that picture. I can see blood but nothing else, I guess I’m glad I can’t make it out. I’ve seen the rest of the crime scene and autopsy photos and I’m still sick. Praying Travis finally gets justice, hoping she gets death so the Alexanders don’t have to ever see this witch again. Please we all need justice asap

    • Look at the blood on his neck and back, in BOTH pictures. They are exactly the same. That blood comes from the shot to his head. HE is holding his head up, so no, his neck was not slit at that time. The arterial spray is on the wall where her handprint was, the part they cut out for court.

  13. Interesting that when pedophiles that fantasize about raping and soul killing twelve year old girls eventually act out the rape of twelve year old girls and get caught that many folks fill blogs and news sites comment sections with calls for those men to be “castrated”, “put in jail and throw away the key”, or given the “death penalty”. Sadly it appears that misogyny, or women hating for those that need the word defined, is so wide scale, so overarching, that there is a frenzy of hate and revenge online against Jodi, who clearly, whether in self-defence, manslaughter or pre-meditated, killed a man that there is clear and distinct evidence of him not only fantasizing about raping children, but verbalized his desire to rape children and God only knows when, he was or had already acted on those verbalized fantasies. Only sick people that condone pedophiles or men that fantasize about raping twelve year old girls – fantasizing = pedophiles if you look up the definition would defend this man without mentioning the sick fact of who he clearly was. A slender 5 foot 6 inch woman – his ego – his hatred and scorn of her – and he was fleeing from her? He was the victim of her? Have you seen the physical size of him? Have you read and listened to the words that came out of him? Have you gleaned from those words the size of his ego? May God have mercy on YOUR souls.

    Girls and women matter!!! Read between the lines – abuse is abuse – hatred is hatred. You sadden me. God bless you all. I’m off to take my meds now, if I can remember where I put them. OH, yeah, I remember now…I hid them in my underwear drawer right next to my 9 inch rubber boyfriend!

    • Exactly what “Proof” was presented that Travis was a Pedo? That virus that was on the computer, ARIAS knew about, listen to what she says in the interrogation. smh

      The rest of what you said was such bullshit, it isn’t worth a response.

    • and BTW Bimbo, it was ARIAS who first brought up the school girl crap. Next time, try turning up the volume on your program instead of trying to lip read.

    • She is EXACTLY where she should be.

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