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by on July 6, 2014

First off, those “three hours” being discussed, when she left Ryans.


He said “12-1am, maybe later, I don’t remember”…


so where do you get three hours?


Secondly, these are the dumbest questions I have ever read.


1. Why stage the gun theft as a burglary such that the police are immediately called and a record is created? Why not just “borrow” it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn’t be known exactly when it went missing.

She didn’t want anyone looking at her for it.  Had she “borrowed” it, she would have had to return it, and she had no intention of doing that.


2. Why, in her master plan to murder, would she change out the bullet type to one less powerful?

Because she is not gun savvy.  The term “Hollow point” may have led her to believe it was blanks.


3. Why visit friends in the rental car if its purpose was to travel in a car not connected with her?

She had to have some way of going.  She selected the lighter (white) car to be less noticed while there.  At least one individual that stayed there, or visited, had a white car.



4. Why borrow gas cans from someone who will mention them to the police, should he ever be questioned? Why not buy gas cans with cash in no-man’s land or in some large store where she’d be just one of many customers?

Two words:CASH FLOW.



5. Why does she make cell phone calls in Arizona heading north from Kingman toward Hoover Dam, thus negating the supposed reason for borrowing the gas cans?

How does making a phone call negate borrowing gas cans???


6. Why does she fill the cans in Salt Lake City if their purpose was to hide her trip into Arizona? Was she also hiding her trip home to Yreka?

She had just murdered a man.  it had been two days.  If Travis had been found, they might have been looking for her.  Besides, she’d used the gas she had.  She was being careful not to run out as per the way Daryl always did, remember?


7. Why tell Ryan she’s on her way if she’s already planning a six hour trip to Mesa and then at least another 10 hour trip to Salt Lake City? What kind of alibi is that?

She called him twice:

Ryan Burns testified Arias called him around 9 or 10 p.m. on June 3, 2008. She told him she was on her way to Utah. Burns expected her to arrive around 9 a.m. the next morning, Wednesday, June 4.

At 10:30 p.m. June 4th, Arias calls Burns to tell him she got lost but she’s on her way and will be in Utah by the morning.


8. Why go to the trouble of removing license plates to hide her presence at Travis’ house when it would have been infinitely easier to just drape something over it or park down the street?

Who’s committing this crime?  She’s doing it HER way!  An upside down tag wouldn’t get a second look from anyone (besides the Police, obviously), but if someone saw the car drive away, maybe because they heard the shot, they’d be hard pressed to get the number.  Parking down the street would negate the genius of the white car, now wouldn’t it.


9. Why didn’t she kill him upon arrival at 4 am? She’s already going to be late getting to her so-called alibi by at least five hours.

The deposit, sex, and she just drove a LONG way.  She was probably tired.


10. Why didn’t she shoot him (or quietly slit his throat) during the night when he was sleeping? Why wait until he’s fully awake with the capacity to then kill her instead?

First off, she was hoping he’d change his mind and take her to Cancun (two bottles of spf 15 lotion)

In HER words:

“you can just see expressions on people`s faces and emotional moments. I love capturing that sort of thing.”

11. Why have sex with him and leave her presence all over the crime scene?

Her DNA was already prominent in the house.  Plus, she washed the bedsheets.

12. Why have him take time-stamped photos of her and then not think to take the camera with her?

Because she deleted the images AND put it IN the washer.  She wasn’t about to take it with her.

13. Why would she first attack a man who has martial art skills and at least 60 pounds on her using a knife if she supposedly came with a gun?

As she stated over and over, she shot him first, in the shower, and the angle of the shot confirms that.

14. Why after supposedly stabbing him in the shower does she let him go stand at the sink?  If Travis had enough in him to go from the shower to the sink, stand there turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back, why didn’t he just turn around and smash her a good one?

She did not stab him in the shower.  She NEVER said that.  She said she SHOT him in the shower.

15. How would anyone, except the one controlling the attack, have the option to stop and stand at the sink?

He pulled up to the sink (she said he was on his all fours holding his face after she shot him IN THE SHOWER.  That is when she stabbed him in the back 14 times, and by the look of the arterial spray, slit his throat.  He didn’t survive long after that…just long enough for her to stab him 7 times in the chest and stomach (one wound 5 3/4 inches deep), and put FOUR “Defensive wounds” to his hands, mostly to his LEFT hand (he was right handed, and holding his face)


16. If he still had enough energy to travel down the hallway to the bedroom, why didn’t he just use that energy to stop all the stabbing she was supposedly doing?

He was already shot and cut.  He bled out what blood he had left right there in the hall, and she dragged him back into the shower.


17. Why did Travis have only four defensive wounds on his hands, only one on his dominant hand, and none on his lower arms if he was supposedly defending himself against a knife attack for more than a minute and perhaps up to two minutes?

He did not have time.  He was shot in the face, stabbed, and died, all in 62 seconds.




18. Upon leaving why wouldn’t she have noticed the license plate was upside down while supposedly screwing in those little fasteners?  Wouldn’t it be more possible for someone to notice her squatting behind the car thus drawing even greater attention to her presence? Certainly more likely than anyone noticing and remembering a license plate.


Because she wanted that tag upside down to make it hard for anyone to read the numbers.


19. How would ultimately arriving 24 hours late at Ryan’s house expect to establish an alibi?

She did not go to Utah to see Ryan.  She was scheduled to attend the PPL Convention.  Ryan was just a place to stay.
20. How is it Jodi came up with such a dumb plan but was then supposedly able to fool three experts with more than 90 years of collective experience in their respective fields?

Criminally Insane.

From → Arias

  1. 1. Preposterous. Pedophiles go un “alerted” to for decades, with family and friends knowing full well!! Jerry Sandusky for just one famous one!

    There was absolutely ZERO evidence of pedophelia on his computer, in his house, in his life. The allegation Jodi made in the beginning, that she had letters from Travis stating he had a “problem” were thrown out as proven forgeries. SHE LIED against him.

    2. Enticing him? How so? He came out with that rather unprovoked in the sex tape. Prove it otherwise.

    “Unprovoked” my lower left tit. It was JODI who brought up the school girl thing in the text messages well before that tape was made. She enjoyed “Role Play” and states such when she talks about the “Red Ridinghood” event. SHE initiated the “12 year old school girl” scenerio. It’s all in the court records.

    There’s your “prove otherwise”.

    3. Jodi thought she could help him. Common for women to think they can “save their man”. How many women stay with men who drink, cheat, etc.? Again, Sandusky….

    Help him with HER lie? She LIED about the Pedophilia. She did make this OBSESSIVE statement though.
    “I write right now that I love Travis Victor Alexander so completely that I don`t know any other way to be.”

    4. How do you know she did not? Hughes …….Hughes…..Hughes….

    Not ONE of the “friends” stepped forward and stated such. Prove she did.

    5. Oh please again. He “charmed” her like a man like him does! Simple as that!!

    He sure did charm her, and several other women, just like a normal, red blooded SINGLE American male would (except his hunting ground for a mate was at CHURCH, not Margaritaville) . She was FATALLY attracted to his success, his friends, his job, his church, his house, his car, his sex…

    SHE loved him TO DEATH.

    6. She was afraid. Period. Many clues point to her being very afraid, very rattled.

    She was afraid alright, of getting caught. She had no fear when, unprovoked, she shot a naked man in his shower, “He was kneeling down in the shower, I don’t remember, I was taking pictures, and I don’t really know what happened after that exactly, except I think he was shot,”

    And she was VERY afraid when, while he was shot in the face, on his all fours “Travis was on all fours on the tile — and well, I say all fours, but one of his hands was actually holding his head.” she miraculously had a knife in her hand and stabbed him a total of 8 times in the BACK of his head (two of those wounds actually scoring his skull, and one chipped it) and neck, ten times in his back (total of stabs while his back was to her, 18) then another 8 stabs to his chest and stomach…and THEN slit his throat for good measure, all in 62 seconds.

    That’s not fear. That’s RAGE.

    7., 8, 9….She explained all that in court. Fear. Fear. Fear.

    See #1-6

    This blog is actually very laughable.

    No, YOU are the laughable one. Sad thing, it’s not that you’re stupid, it’s that you’re ignorant.

  2. Text FROM Jodi was in February.

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