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By %George! I think she’s got it!

by on June 30, 2014



June 18, 2014 at 1:42am

For the past month or so I’ve been dedicating my free time to re-watching the Jodi Arias Trial. Obviously I have been fascinated with this case and am looking forward to the upcoming penalty phase. This will be my critique of some information that has been posted on the web by a person who has chosen to become a loud, outspoken supporter of Jodi’s. According to what has been posted, this man is not from this country. As characterized by his writings, he lacks rudimentary knowledge of our court system as well as the details of this particular case. In fact, his knowledge is so lacking, it reminds me of Jodi’s own stupidity and arrogance.

For example, he has somehow come to the false conclusion that the state must disprove Jodi’s self-defense claim. Once a defendant claims self-defense the burden of proof actually shifts to the defense. He does not seem to understand that the state proved premeditated murder/murder in the first degree beyond a reasonable doubt. That destroys any chance of someone claiming self defense.

On his webpage he attempts to provide reasonable doubt for Jodi by breaking down the prosecution’s theory or theories.

There is an apparent lack of understanding concerning the phrase “reasonable doubt.” As this country witnessed in the Casey Anthony trial, some jurors lack clear understanding of this term as well. Anyone can have doubt. Doubt can be present concerning any theory or idea but not all doubt is valid or reasonable. I can have doubt in the theory of evolution but that does not make the doubt reasonable.

The first attempt to explain reasonable doubt concerns the robbery of Jodi’s grandparents’ home where it just so happens that a .25 handgun was stolen. Travis was shot with a .25 as well. The robbery itself was odd and that was noted by the police and the officer also testified. Only four rooms were involved in this so-called robbery where only four items were taken, one from each room. One item was a DVD player (more on this later). Oh, and did I forget to mention that Jodi was the last person to be at the home before it was “robbed”?

The Jodi-supporter (whom I will not name), tells us that Yreka had a number of burglaries in the same area that year. Indeed there do appear to be a number of robberies in the Yreka area in the year of 2008. It looks as though Yreka is not exactly the safest place to be in general. Since 2006, Yreka has consistently rated above the national average in violent crime.

Violent crime rate in 2008
U.S. Average:

However, this raw statistic tells us nothing about the circumstances surrounding any of these robberies. Were all the robberies consistent, taking only a few items here and there? Were the items typically small handguns? Were the robbers arrested and charged? Showing high robberies in an area that has consistently rated higher than national average for crimes is simply an anomaly that shows us nothing. In fact, Yreka’s crime rate remains high up until the last year they are listed – 2012.

This man then points to the fact that Jodi was never charged with the robbery as some type of evidence that she could not have committed the crime. Lack of evidence is not evidence. Again, this can produce doubt but it is reasonable doubt? No. Travis was specifically shot with a .25 caliber handgun and that is not a common caliber. Perhaps a .22 or a .45 but .25 is not typical. Even if it were the most common caliber, the idea that Travis was shot with the same caliber of gun stolen from Jodi’s grandparents – the same woman who initially tried to deny even being in Arizona, and lied again about intruders – is not a coincidence. It is just another factor in proving premeditation.

Unfortunately the jury was not fully disclosed on a certain event that took place while visiting Darryl Brewer. On the stand Darryl specifically testified that Jodi had to return to his house to give him the remote control for his DVD player. Jodi confirmed this fact as well. So what is Darryl’s DVD remote control doing in Jodi’s car? She traded the DVD player she stole in the robbery for the two cans. She borrowed nothing and that’s why the gas cans were never returned.

Obviously Jodi’s grandparents were not going to testify against their own granddaughter. Ultimately when personal property is stolen, it’s often left up to the victim to decide whether or not they are going to press charges. Many times victims will discover who stole from them and choose not to press charges because they know the person or it might not otherwise be in their best interest. In this case, it’s obvious the grandparents were not going to push any further and without their cooperation of identifying the stolen item(s), charges would likely be dropped. The idea that because she was never charged with this burglary somehow exonerates her from the crime is an absurd conclusion to make.

I can imagine how bad it would look to ask Jodi’s grandparents to testify against her and identify their property. I can understand that her grandparents would be extremely hurt and confused over what Jodi has done. Murder does not just affect the victim’s family. Jodi’s family is hurting as well. Surly the prosecutor knows this and probably did not see reason to drag them into this any further. Of course there could be other reasons as well but one thing is for certain – a compromise was made somewhere. The fact that Jodi had that DVD player is absolute proof she took the gun as well.

As far as the ammunition is concerned, the police report indicates the gun carried hallow points. I do believe it’s clear that Travis was shot with a round tip and not a hollow point. There seems to be some concern that since there was different ammunition used that it somehow confirms Jodi didn’t use her grandparents’ gun. This is ludicrous. We don’t know if there was no other ammunition.

According to Jodi she knew several people with guns. There are many possibilities involved in how she could have acquired different bullets. It’s also very possible and plausible the grandparents were just mistaken and hollow points never were in the gun to begin with. It’s also possible that Jodi knew enough about ammunition she purposely chose to obtain different bullets in order to ensure that the bullets would not be linked back to her grandparents.

We know she stole the gun. The DVD player she gave to Darryl, the fact that she was the last person that was at the home, and Travis receiving a shot from a .25 caliber are overwhelming evidence. There is no doubt that could be classified as reasonable.

My theory is that she wavered in the idea of using a gun for Travis. Ultimately I believe she decided she needed the gun because she knew she was going to be going out into the dessert, alone, and driving at night. Using the gun on Travis would have been too quick and too loud. Jodi liked knives. Just like slashing a tire, Jodi would slash Travis and make him feel the pain. Remember, Jodi is always reminding us how horrible Travis treated her.

A side note: I’m not much into conspiracy theories or information that sounds bizarre or delusional however, the Mormon church apparently has a history of killings whereby the sinner had their throat slashed. Is it possible that Jodi may have known this and decided this would be a good way to off Travis? Or did she chose this gruesome method in order to have it appear that the killer was male?

Another hilarious point this Jodi supporter tries asserting is that Travis may have owned a gun but didn’t tell anyone and he further supports this by saying, “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” The absence of evidence is NOT evidence. There is no evidence that Travis owned a gun. Ever. No ammunition was found, no holster, no gun cleaner, no other gun paraphernalia was found at his home. Not only that but roommates were not cognizant his ownership, no friends were familiar, no family was aware. Travis has a sister who is a police officer; would it not make perfect sense for him to contact her and ask her for information on gun ownership? Travis had friends who owned guns and yet not one of them knew that he owned a gun.

We can see that Travis was very particular about his belongings. Pictures depict a man who was very clean and orderly. The location of where Jodi claims this gun was is odd and certainly not anywhere easy to access for personal protection. She also claims that she found the gun initially while cleaning. I cannot think of anyone who owns a gun that would be so stupid as not to warn someone going through their stuff that a gun was present. I happen to know many people who own guns, including myself and all of them are quite vocal about the presence of a gun inside their home. It is natural to make guests aware that there are firearms on the property.

I never knew Travis personally but there is no way that man owned a gun and ignorantly tossed it on a high shelf in his closet, chose to tell no one, had no other items associated with gun ownership, and didn’t bother to tell the woman cleaning his closet nor his roommates that he owned a gun. Hogwash.

It was discussed during the trial that Travis purchased his new camera with the advice of his roommate; Jodi claims he consulted with her. From this bit of information we can see that Travis is careful in his purchases. Travis had friends who indeed owned guns. Again, his sister works in law enforcement. I cannot think of too many people who would recommend a .25 caliber to use for personal protection. Again, this is not just an uncommon caliber; it is certainly not common for defense.

Everything Jodi has testified to that concerns this gun has been downright dishonest. She tried insisting the gun was not loaded, then she said she didn’t know if the gun was loaded, she even tried saying she knew the gun was loaded at some time. Now why would Travis the “abuser” tell Jodi “his victim” where he stored his gun? We know of course that when she first spoke with Det. Flores that she specifically said Travis never owned a gun. Why? It’s because she did not know her story would morph into the nonsense it eventually did. She never thought of claiming self-defense until she was backed into a corner with all her lies and she continues to lie.

On top of all this, we have this ridiculous story she told about stepping onto a shelf in the middle of a chase and retrieving this handgun that may or may not be loaded (depending on what story you believe from Jodi). We know the shelves are floating or resting shelves that merely rest on pins. There is absolutely nothing sturdy about them and they can only hold around 40 pounds. Her claims demand that she stepped onto a shelf in order to grab the gun but doing this would not only take more time than she postulates, it would have flipped the shelf upwards causing her injury and creating a mess in the closet. This action could have also forced the pins to snap, breaking the shelf off. Jodi should have stated she levitated to retrieve the gun; that would be a more probable story than the lies she’s telling now.

When we take all this information in its context we can see that it is highly improbable that Travis owned a gun. The fact that there literally is NO information corroborating this claim concludes that this claim cannot be made.

Overwhelming evidence proves Jodi indeed brought the .25 and it came from the home she was living in located in Yreka. Any doubt to this fact is just reckless doubt and nothing to do with being reasonable.

Second issue is the fact that Jodi rented a car 90 miles away from Yreka. The supporter then lists why there is reasonable doubt that this was part of premeditation. Apparently he forgot to watch the trial.

Jodi claims she rented from Budget because it was the cheapest; she found the rate through Priceline. Martinez waited till the end but finally exposed Jodi’s lie. After Travis’ death, Jodi purchased an airline ticket through Priceline in order to attend his memorial service. Priceline is listed as the specific vendor on her bank records. Those same records show Budget, not Priceline. The man who testified from Budget, Mr. Colombo, said Jodi booked her reservation through him directly and again the bank records support this.

Jodi insisted that she booked the rental car through another website. Priceline is just one of many. However, even if she did not go through Priceline, her bank records would have indeed reflected the website she did book through. The reason is to make certain that a small commission is given to the site that booked the reservation; it’s how those companies make money.

Jodi also decided to argue about whether she was accompanied by a male or not. Mr. Colombo from Budget was an excellent witness and recalled specifically that Jodi was with a man. Jodi testified that either her brother’s neighbor or sister-in-law dropped her off at the airport and she does not have memory of anyone being at the counter with her. This is just another part of her testimony where she simply cannot help but lie; she must argue any and all points.

So we know she purposely rented the car 90 miles away and yes she used her proper identification to rent the vehicle. She also protested when initially offered a red car, claiming that red cars receive more tickets.* She was then given a white Ford Focus. We also know she went to Budget blonde and told the man working there she was just going to be driving in the area. Even IF she supposedly did not know she was going to Mesa, she knew she was going to Utah; she purposely LIED, just like she always does.

Are these car rental issues the nail on the coffin for Jodi? No, when considering these particular issues, they add up to being quite trivial, but they are a part of a string of events that indeed show premeditation was involved. She wanted to be identified as a  blonde because she had plans of dying her hair. She did not want to rent a car in her area because it’s a smaller town where people would recognize her. She needed another car in hopes of not drawing the attention of Travis’ neighbors.

Extra stuff not considered by Jodi supporters:

There was a man who appeared on television claiming that Jodi borrowed money from him for this trip. I’m not sure why he was not called to testify; perhaps the prosecutor did not feel his testimony was needed. Jodi herself admitted to being on a tight budget and cited this as one reason for carrying gas cans.

Prior to leaving she apparently visits the bank and makes deposits; she moves money around from her business account to her personal account. Her odd explanation for these transactions reveal that she was practicing a scam. I believe it’s called “floating.” You take money you don’t have and loan it to yourself, giving the appearance of a balance in the other account [business to personal account]. This gives the person a few days to make a real cash deposit to cover the loan before it clears either account. If Jodi is so tight on money, why take this trip at all? Why is she asking for money from others, floating checks, and then getting a wax plus her nails done? Why was she in such a rush to take this trip? 

Not only should we consider these factors, let us also contemplate another reason she cited for taking this trip. She states that Darryl’s sister had just had her baby and Jodi wanted to take pictures for her yet, she never contacts her and quickly leaves the area before his sister contacted her. Jodi’s own actions tell us that her trip was not just to see Ryan but there was something here that indicates time was of the essence. 

Let’s discuss gas cans for a minute…

First of all there is nothing too extraordinary about having gas cans when a person is traveling. Back in the day (long time ago), it was common for West coast folks to have gas cans when traveling. People from Arizona often travel back and forth to California. They enjoy going to the beach for the weekend, going on a short road trip. I’m sure as time has gone by this gas-can-carrying practice might not be as common as it once was.** However, the idea that Jodi wanted gas cans by itself is pretty meaningless. What is troublesome is when you pair this information with all the other known facts, a more sinister picture begins to take form.

She was planning to go to Mesa and she most certainly wanted to make sure that there was no paper trail of her getting gas inside of Arizona. She kept the receipts in order to prove her whereabouts, or so she thought. Just the fact that she kept these receipts, making record of them the way she did is proof she was trying to cover up for something. She did what she did to leave a specific trail.

Her own mother was questioned about the murder and said specifically that Jodi told her she was nowhere near Arizona – Jodi told her, “I have the gas receipts!” This proves she was planning on keeping those receipts for her alibi. Check out around 10:35: (See :

Yet, even after all this nonsense we haven’t even discussed the third gas can. We know she had a third gas can because she admitted to buying it. She specifically told Martinez she went back, almost immediately, to the SAME Walmart in Pasadena and returned the can. Of course we discover that the Walmart had absolutely no such record. Anyone who has ever returned an item to Walmart knows you have to provide a signature before you are given any money. During the trial, no questions from the defense were offered for the Walmart employee. During closing argument, Nurmi could only try and muster up some story that Jodi may have returned the can elsewhere — another lie that probably was fed to him by Jodi since she is unable to keep track of all her lies. (See :

Further proof that she never returned the third can was revealed when her receipts for gas in Salt Lake City were presented to her. All three purchases were confirmed to be fuel purchases and those total gallons amounted to more than her capacity, had she only been carrying only two cans. It can further be speculated she needed additional gas not just to travel but perhaps burn evidence i.g. weapons, clothes, etc. when she was washing off and changing in the dessert.

Now let’s add to ALL this the fact that her phone magically shuts off just before Arizona and then she magically finds the phone charger after she’s done with her murderous deed. This isn’t bad luck. Bad luck of this caliber is planned and executed. Also Ryan Burns testified that Jodi told him she had to purchase another phone charger. Just another situation demonstrating Jodi’s compulsion to lie.

She had bad luck with her car rental issues, her gas cans, and her phone, she also has trouble with her licence plates. Come on, people! If you haven’t figured out how ridiculous this is by now, you are living in a dream world.

Jodi took off the front plate and put the rear plate upside down. This was obviously done for the purposes of making it difficult for anyone to take down a plate number. Jodi is not bright in the slightest so it would not shock me if she truly did believe the police would not notice so quickly. Her story about the plates like all other stories has changed. She initially told the police officer who pulled her over that her friends must have played a joke on her. She told Ryan Burns the plates were manipulated at a Sinclair’s she visited. Now of course we have the story about the screw driver-wielding skateboarders at Starbucks.

Sure, it’s very possible that skate boarders are carrying screw drivers. Initially I thought this sounded odd but with a little research I discovered that this might be probable. I believe they do so to always ensure their wheels are affixed, tightened. Yet why would these skateboards choose her car to play a prank on? According to Jodi she had just went into Starbucks to get a drink and came right back out. Isn’t it more likely for them to choose a vehicle that had been sitting there for quite sometime? The prank itself is pointless and stupid. It would make much more sense to remove both plates, not take the time to fasten one upside down. Why not just steal the plates if you’re going to be removing them? This entire scenario is just like everything else Jodi makes up – stupid.

Jodi testified that she noticed something shiny while pulling out of the parking space. This would place the object at the front of where the vehicle was. Why wasn’t she looking in her review mirror or looking out toward the back of the car, where a normal person looks in order to back up into the parking lot? She then claims she actually got out of the car to examine the shiny, reflective object she only then discovered to be a license place,  picked up the plate and threw it in her passenger floorboard. The entire story was questioned by Martinez and he did a great job at exposing her lie here.

If she knew she had gotten out of the car and grabbed this plate, why would she then tell the police officer, who later pulled her over concerning the back plate being upside down in Utah that her “friends must be playing a trick on her”? Why would she tell Burns something else about Sinclair’s? Why not tell them the SAME story concerning her experience at Starbucks? It’s because it NEVER happened. Again, the bad luck Jodi claims can only be manufactured.

For those that want to say Ryan Burns is “full of crap,” as Jodi poignantly describes, I have to ask, “Why?” Ryan Burns has absolutely nothing to gain by lying about what Jodi told him. In addition the police officer from Utah who pulled Jodi over seemed to have great recollection – this was the only time in his very long career as a public servant to have observed an upside down plate. He surly would remember the story Jodi told him. Never once did he waver in his story, nor did he seem the slightest unsure. Jodi has routinely offered up different stories and this situation concerning the plates is no different. The only one full of crap is Jodi.

The next area of concern among Jodi supporters has to do with when she killed Travis. Again, for whatever reason these folks are not too bright, they purposely ignore information that doesn’t suit them, or they are liars themselves. Travis had a roommate that was home until around 6 AM when he finally left for work. Jodi was not going to kill Travis immediately, knowing someone was in the home. In fact, the evidence seems to suggest that Jodi was still fishing for an invitation to Cancun, which is most likely the reason she was in such a rush to get down there.

There are a few things here that were not revealed to the jury and apparently these facts are too much for Jodi-supporters to even bother acknowledging. First, Jodi was initially listed as Travis’ companion for the trip to Cancun. So when Jodi says she was never considered as his traveling companion she is lying – AGAIN. Her name was later removed at the beginning of May and this fact alone may have angered Jodi. Second, before arriving in AZ Jodi apparently made some purchases for sun block and facial cleanser. These items seem to suggest that she was still hoping to change Travis’ mind and perhaps talk him into being his companion once again.

No matter what you believe about Jodi, there is no denying she suffers from some sort of severe mental problem, as do all those who plan and execute murder and/or other crimes. She may have borderline personality disorder; I believe she is more of a sociopath who displays borderline traits. Trying to make sense out of a sociopath’s or borderline’s behavior is futile. We do know a few things that cannot be disputed. She was not going to kill him knowing his roommate was there and she was interested in having one last romp session with him since this is entirely what their relationship was based upon – s-x. There is nothing unusual about a woman who sleeps with a man immediately before killing him because we have seen this type of behavior among women killers before.

Many of Jodi’s supporters cannot believe she would first sleep with Travis prior to killing him because they are quite ignorant of these type of crimes. The particular supporter that I have mentioned goes further in suggesting that woman do not kill unless they have some great reason to do so. Again, just another demonstration of pure ignorance on his part.

Jodi was obsessed with Travis. The idea of him being with another woman, going on another trip with another woman was something Jodi was not going to tolerate. If Jodi could not get what she wanted out of Travis, she really no longer had any use for him. She was put into a metaphorical box by Travis and this is clearly something she was not willing to accept. She was good for phone play, physical play, and friendship but she was not good enough to marry. Furthermore, Travis was demanding that she pay up for the money she owes him concerning the BMW that was ruined.

Jodi was in financial ruin. Her car was about to be repossessed. Her credit was destroyed from neglecting her house payments leading to foreclosure. The BMW was destroyed and of course Jodi has a story about how it was not her fault; it was the movers who attached the vehicle to the moving truck and supposedly put it in first gear rather than neutral. Of course Jodi felt no responsibility and had no interest in actually paying back Travis.

Let’s be clear that the BMW story is a bunch of crap as well…

According to Jodi (which we can pretty much guarantee that she’s lying), the movers or person that helped her attach the car to the back of the truck for towing are the ones who left the car in first gear. I don’t even see how this is possible. First you have to manipulate the vehicles in proximity for the car to be attached. Usually you drive the car right up to the rear of the moving truck and then you have to put the car in neutral to get a good alignment. Let’s just say I’ve done this a few times but especially someone working for a moving truck company, they would routinely help many people do this sort of action and there is no way I am buying this idea they allowed the car to remain in first gear. Again, you have to put the car in neutral in order to properly attach it.

Jodi destroyed this car all on her own. She wanted to stay in Mesa and she wanted Travis to allow her to move in with him. He refused. This is why they had a huge fight before she left. Travis may not have figured out initially that she destroyed the car on purpose but Jodi was angry that Travis would not allow her to move in. Putting all the pieces together, this is the only story that makes sense.

Sociopaths are obsessed with two things – money and status. Sociopaths are also unable to internalize responsibility. They can and will always find a way to place the blame onto others around them. Jodi viewed Travis as the source of all her problems. Jodi truly believes that had she never met Travis, she would have not given up on Darryl, been baptized Mormon, stopped paying on her house, still had a vehicle, never moved to Mesa, would not be living back in Yreka with her grandparents — it was ALL Travis’ fault and here he wants to take some Mimi with him to Cancun, a trip that she was supposed to go on?! After all, Travis and Jodi had been travelling together in order to go to all these different places to see before they die. How could he do this to her?

Immediately shooting Travis when she arrived or doing so while he slept would have been much too anti-climatic for Jodi. She wanted to see him suffer; she wanted him to know she was his killer. Nothing else would satisfy her and using s-x in order to get Travis into a vulnerable position was nothing different from what she had always done before. She used s-x to get whatever she wanted from Travis and this was no different.

I do believe that even if Travis had decided to take her to Cancun, his murder would have only been delayed; Jodi would have gladly killed him when they returned from Cancun.

As far as taking pictures, everyone was well aware of Jodi’s interest in photography. She would not have used her own camera, this would put evidence in her hands proving she was in Mesa. Remember, her whole plan was initially being able to deny ever being near or around Mesa. I believe she was very interested in having an opportunity to use Travis’ camera and there may have been a bit of jealousy precipitated by Travis purchasing this camera. Travis wanted to buy a camera better than Jodi’s, just to show that he could do so. This could have been a bit of a competitive jab, maybe even a passive aggressive act on his part. Jodi was indeed envious and promptly took offense to this act. “Why didn’t he buy HER the camera?” Jodi probably asked this in her own mind, fuming because she feels a natural entitlement to anything Travis has. Travis himself seems to have been a bit of a show-off so it simply would not surprise me if he really did buy this particular camera as a way of rubbing it in Jodi’s face.

Here again we see the naive and ignorant nature of Jodi’s failed plan to walk out of Travis’ home committing the perfect murder. Jodi knew Travis told people of his new camera purchase and that occurred after Jodi went back to Yreka. She knew she could not take the camera with her because a missing camera would immediately cast suspicion upon her. Yes, Jodi ignorantly believed that nobody would suspect her because she was now living miles away in Yreka and of course she was lost in the dessert before arriving in Utah during his murder. It would be impossible for her to be involved, donchaknow?

Without a doubt Jodi believed she destroyed that camera and all the pictures by putting that camera into the laundry, adding bleach, and running a cycle. The act of deleting to her meant just that and she underestimated the technology and intelligence of everyone else around her just like she always does, which is exactly what makes her a stupid individual.

When Det. Flores told her there were images found on the camera, Jodi herself could not hide her utter shock and fear; her voice dropped and her mouth pursed the word, “Really?” This was one of the only truthful moments of Jodi’s interrogation and Flores knew he had her attention at that point. Still, Jodi tried to carry on and suggest that she was never there.

Jodi chose to stab Travis first because she wanted him to feel pain and torture. She wanted him to feel out of control and helpless. She was also determined to get him out of her life. I do believe the knife was perhaps placed under the bathmat. There is a reason she is fixated on the bathmat and she continually brings it up. Also forensics testimony concluded that the bathmat was moved at some point. I’m not sure what else to think about this mat but she certainly made it clear it was of significance.

I will speculate on my version of events later on but in the meantime I will finish up with discussing Jodi supporters so-called points of reasonable doubt. Okay, so where was I? Yes…

Next up, we go back to Ryan Burns. Jodi-supporters suggest that he was not an alibi because she had arrived a day later and there was no reason for him to be an alibi. Again, they still are stuck on stupid and believe Jodi to be intelligent. No, Jodi is an idiot who absolutely believed that she could tell everyone she was going on a trip to Utah, get “lost” while covering up the fact that she was actually in Arizona killing Travis, “find” herself and carry on with Ryan Burns as if nothing happened. She even called Travis’ phone and sent him text messages, emails, in order to make it seem as though she had no idea what was going on and that he was killed.

Going over to Ryan Burn’s house and acting normal was all apart of her plan from the very beginning. She was going to make sure that nobody would believe she had anything to do with his murder because she was nowhere near Arizona and she could also say she wasn’t jealous or stuck on Travis, after all, she was moving on with another man.

Unfortunately for this particular Jodi supporter, he lacks any and all understanding of what reasonable doubt actually means. He is failing to put all the pieces of the puzzle together because he actually has bought into some absurd idea that woman do not commit first degree murder. He also has convinced himself that Jodi is one unlucky person and all of these details and all of this information that we have amounts to poor Jodi just being a victim of general circumstances.

This Jodi-supporter also believes that Jodi could not possibly be lying because somehow that would mean she fooled three experts. I can only assume he is talking about LaViolette, Samuels, and Geffner. Fooled? These experts were the fools of this entire case and Martinez clearly exposed them. Both Samuels and LaViolette had crossed ethical boundaries when they purchased books for Jodi and LaViolette actually apologized to Jodi for doing her job – she read Jodi’s journals.

The other quack Geffner has been accused of being a hired gun in his past and it was established that he did not see Jodi at all; he merely went over the reports that were a part of Jodi’s case/evaluations.

I am not an expert in Psychology. I did do exceptionally well in an undergraduate Psychology course. While I do not have any experience in testing or doing evaluations, I am trained in the area of science. There was great dispute as to the validity of Jodi’s PDS test (Post-Traumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale), which tests for the presence of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

During the trial we learned that this particular test asks the taker (in this case Jodi), to indicate a specific event, a trauma that has affected them and follows up with general questions that are related to the event that is given by the test taker. When Jodi originally took this test she was diagnosed with PTSD however, it was discovered that at this time she was still telling her lawyers and everyone else that would listen, the story about the two intruders who attacked her, held her at gunpoint, and took Travis’ life. Ultimately this was the “event” that she was answering questions about and therefore if the event was a proven lie, any of the questions pertaining to this fictionalized event would be equivalent to more fiction making the PTSD diagnosis void.

The defense put up their experts and consequently they tried to argue that even though the actual event did not occur, she could have been answering questions about the “self-defense” event and therefore the results are still valid. Of course we already know that the self-defense event never occurred either. It is just another one of Jodi’s fantasies and an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for her actions.

The very idea that you could take a test and list an event that never occurred yet somehow arrive at a correct conclusion is bizarre and not scientific. Not only is this illogical, it is insulting to a person of average intelligence.

Testing is the only way to truly gain insight. In Psychology, testing demands that the person taking the test is being honest and fully disclosing proper information. Psychology is a difficult area because there does not seem to be any true independent, objective methods that can produce clear, reproducible results. I cannot go to a Psychologist and have them run a test (like a blood test), so they can tell me I suffer from PTSD, depression, a personality disorder, etc. Instead, I will be asked questions that rely on my honesty. It’s the best method that we currently have. When someone is being dishonest and it has been proven by the person themselves (in Jodi’s case she is now using an entirely different story), the results become null and void. The defense asked us to look past the initial deception and then believe a conclusion made by an intermediary, subjective source. Fortunately the jury was smart enough to understand this.

Jodi’s lies fall apart: (See

Watch for the most classic moment beginning at around 55:25. Martinez had Jodi confirm her only visible injury from the murderkilling was her cutting her ring finger. Soon after, Jodi starts dancing and pretending like Juan was speaking of another time, how she didn’t know what he was talking about.

I do believe Day 25 is the most compelling part of Jodi’s time on the witness stand. There is so much to say about this particular day and even more to say about her behavior, rather than what she testified to. Jodi cannot even bear to look at Martinez. Perhaps she really was feeling the weight of her lies during this day. Could she have finally understood how utterly ridiculous and implausible her story is? Nah, probably not. She’s not that smart. She’s still confused as to why nobody believes her lies.

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    I know but I would not have seen it if you didn’t post it TY

  5. Awwwh….thank you! Although Lambelet is the maiden name (which I really should go back to…LOL!). Everyone calls me Tuesday these days. 😉 Thank you again.

    Great blog!

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