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Credibility – Arias Supporters DUPED!

by on June 8, 2014


The Jodi Arias Case:

Over the last several months I’ve been witness to behavior from adults that makes the fits of a toddler and the rebelliousness of a teenager seem like Birthday Parties (and I had the nerve to be shocked at the behavior of those during the NOT MOM debacle).  SMH

I’ve watched people exploiting the primaries and the family members of this case, this time as witnesses to the inhumanity instead of a victim.


NOT my first FISH Fry, so to speak

I did not get that involved with the Arias case.  I was only interested in the CSI and Forensics part of it due to what I witnessed during the Zimmerman/Martin case.  My attentions were turned to the people discussing the case by my meeting a woman named Bevvie.  (I don’t CARE what you think about her, so there will be NO bullcrap in the comments.)  It was because of her that I was drawn into the realm of the Arias Trial Online.

Before I go any further in writing this, I want to make something perfectly clear:


There is not ONE reason in all of the Universe that justifies

using a minor child as a tool to harm another.  


 *Flicks tail*



I feel compassion for the Alexander and Arias families .  Not only do they have to deal with every emotion a human being can experience…they have to deal with idiots who feel free to post vile comments and nasty meme’s about the parties of the case.  I have labeled the perpetrators of this behavior the “Travites” and the “Jodites“.


Travites are the ones that agree with the verdict.   They are separated only by their difference of opinion on the Death Penalty.  They have the verdict they wanted.  If they want to sit there and type out what a “enter your choice of profanity here” Jodi is, FINE.  They have no cause to fight for.  What they type is a direct reflection of who they are at that moment.  I suggest that they try to recognize that evil and tame it before they use it on someone they love.


The Jodites…to quote a friend “Lord love a duck”.  When a few key players were asked “What’s the plan to save Jodi”…well, anyone who has read this blog knows what the responses were.  Nobody knew anything other than “Love ya girl”, “wiki wiki wiki”, “Read my blog/website”, “buy my book/ebook”.   It has become nothing more than a pissing contest.  SJ, of Jodiariasisinnocent (I’ll address SJ later) CONCURS:




The Jodites, on the other hand,  DO have a cause to fight for.  That’s the primary reason the hate they spew will cause harm, not to THEM, but to JODI ARIAS, who is fighting for her very life.  Do they think this is a big joke?  Apparently so.  The following meme was posted to their number one website,

(MEME EDITED VERSION.  I couldn’t stand to look at it any longer)

This meme effectively REMOVES any credibility of the website and the webmaster.

Let’s talk “Credibility” for a moment.  Credibility, in the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as “The quality of being trusted and believed in”.  It is something that I have YET to find among the most prominent supporters of Jodi Arias.  Lot of good YOU people do her!

Besides the people I have listed on this blog (who’s credibility is overshadowed by that pissing contest mentioned on the support website), there’s the webmaster for, someone called SJ.


 “Simon Johansson is, in fact, Simon John Hill of Barnsley, South Yorkshire,

a con artist whose easy-money schemes stretch back years”.

Now, I  understand that people are cruel online and they’ll post things to websites to discredit a person, something like this:

BUT, they did NOT post these articles:

I’ll be adding more as we go along.

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  1. Great stuff. Did you notice he removed the fllthy flyer George made and the comments?

  2. geribouwman permalink

    Pesky have you ever thought about running for president? I’ll vote for you.

  3. quiltmama permalink

    Did you see the video on JAII? I always say Lord love a duck. More and more reasons I like you! What the hell is wrong with these people but most especially George Barwood? SMH really hard!

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