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“The Leak”!, or should we say, “The clot thickens!”

by on May 21, 2014
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are cautioned…
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  • Casandra Picanco I have to ask, mail like this does not get through to Jodi does it? I mean I would like to think “hate mail” gets weeded out of the pile of mail she actually receives. Someone please tell me I am right!
  • George Barwood No, Jodi will see it I think. I think it’s only a small proportion of her mail though.
  • Casandra Picanco That to me is terrible. If the mail gets scanned anyway, why not eliminate the hate mail?
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  • Sandra Webber Hey George, you took a screenshot of Jodi’s letter to you and it’s out. You got some splain’ to do.
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  • Sandra Webber Who would eliminate hate mail, Casandra? Sheriff Joe’s boys? And girls? Dream on!:)
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  • Natalee Lee That’s just awful! Those people are just plain ignorant (last known of knowledge) trying to use the word properly most people just misuse the word We all Stand + Support you always Jodi Arias!
  • Becky Atkinson It sure didn’ take long to get out.. WHY does everthing happen when i’m sleeping..
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  • George Barwood Sandra Webber I sent it by PM to two supporters. I don’t know how it leaked, possibly someone’s FB account was hacked.
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  • George Barwood I just noticed the “State” page don’t believe I went to Cambridge[ Draw-dropping emoticon here ] (He meant “Jaw dropping”.  He must have had an absentminded moment)
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  • George Barwood They can have a look at this album:…


    Degree certificate, other certs and some funny school reports

    Photos: 8
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  • Becky Atkinson I don’t think it was hacked at that moment George. I believe folks misses hearing from/about Jodi and they was jealous..
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  • Becky Atkinson I guess you call it lesson learned George Barwood
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  • Sandra Webber Which “supporters”? Because I can promise you, at least one of them was not….care to share?
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  • Casandra Picanco Sandra Webber I really thought hate mail was eliminated. Wishful thinking I guess.
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  • George Barwood Sandra I don’t want to say in public who I sent it to, as that could cast undeserved suspicion on them.
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  • Sandra Webber Bullshit, George! “Undeserved”? You have no idea the damage your “trust” in someone who you have NO IDEA about may end up causing! PM me if you care to.
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  • Boastful Barwood – and we WILL go over this, lmao:

    George Barwood shared a post to the group Free Jodi.
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    A letter from Jodi I (stupidly) shared by PM with another supporter has leaked (I believe due to a short password being hacked).

    What’s funny though is that when I looked at the comments where it was posted on the “State” page, I read this:

    “The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial Michelle Moran – I don’t, for a minute, believe he went to Cambridge.”

    That’s really stupid! If they cannot understand such a simple, basic fact broadcast on HLN and easily verifiable by looking at my facebook account, it’s not surprising they cannot comprehend that Jodi is innocent!

    Just to make it easy, here are various certificates showing I really did go to Cambridge, and also indulged in other activities, such as music and Go.

    George Barwood's photo.
    Piano Grade VIII Merit
    George Barwood's photo.
    I think this is my favorite. I remember the poor Geography teacher would throw the board duster at me when I was dreaming about some physics or maths problem in the Geography class. Or maybe because I had fallen asleep or something :)

    Degree certificate, other certs and some funny school reports

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    • George Barwood Apologies for this somewhat self-indulgent digression, I just thought it illustrates rather well the lack of integrity and sheer nuttiness of the infamous “State” page!Which in turn is a reflection of Juan Martinez.I also wondered whether this admin is related to Joe Arpaio
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    • Coco Elcie George Barwood why do you care if they think you went to school or not? You are doing exactly what they want by defending it, plus Jodi’s life is on the line, not your education.
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    • George Barwood Coco Elcie I don’t care a jot, the point is the people on the State page have no credibility, it just goes to show that. And the devotees of the State page likewise.
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    • George Barwood I’m also not so sure about the ethics of publishing private correspondence apparently obtained by illegal means…. worth a mention as well.
    • Coco Elcie Also, you weren’t hacked! As you say… “that’s pure rubbish”
    • George Barwood Coco Elcie It seems the person I sent it to was hacked. They were using too short a password. That doesn’t excuse the hacking, which is illegal.
    • Coco Elcie Your education in the 70’s seem to be more what you care to set straight, not that you shared her letter. The hackers are as likely as the Ninja’sGeorge.
    • Coco Elcie You admitted sharing with two people, all it takes is those two people to share with two more people each… no one was hacked. You can’t claim hacked after admitting to sharing it.
    • No intention of offending:

      Can someone tell me who this Jodi profile belongs to?

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      • Grieta Hoga It’s a fake. Ignore.
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      • Natalee Lee Were all trying to figure this out apparently this person knows all of us I defined her last night cause I know this is not legit did you get one too
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      • Coco Elcie Yep, deleting them now.
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      • Grieta Hoga It’s someone pretending to be Jodi. There is another one. It’s not uncommon in cases like these for people to pretend to be a defendant.
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      • Casandra Picanco I’d love to know how people find the time in their days to make fake accounts. I mean I can say if I found some spare time in my days, the LAST thing I’d do is make a fake account of someone else. Give me a damn break people. People need to get a life.
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      • Nina Kearney Bizarre!
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      • Natalee Lee Agreed cassandra!!
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      • Billy Hagstrom Personally I’m waiting for someone to create a fake Travis Alexander profile/page. This case has certainly brought out all the real life freaks of nature.
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      • Nene Peacock Don’t know, someone old time though as I removed myself from Ja discussions months ago and I still got a request. SMH
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      • Yelaina Joy I just got one too…these people are humorous :X
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      • Brooke Huston Perez Idk how they keep track.
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      • Grieta Hoga It’s probably someone who is a member here and went off the members list.
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      • Sherry Standard i never got one
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      • Madeline Mindy Sherry Standard I didn’t either.
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      • Joe-Francisco Marin We should hope this person is no-longer in our group circle,otherwise a mole can do sufficent detremental damage to the credibilitys of this group or anyother loyal Jodi group 4 that matter. I suggest we do profile backround √s . Who’s 4 It???
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      • Madeline Mindy Joe I say , look for fake accounts.
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      • Joe-Francisco Marin Found some promising! Yet have to research a little more , thank you . This is going to detract from Jodi ,should we start ,’Witch-Hunting’, we just have to be careful what we say or suggest!
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      • Madeline Mindy I say PM with people who you know if it is important.
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      • Madeline Mindy ((TEAM JODI ))

        Madeline Mindy's photo.
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      • Madeline Mindy UNITY
        Bc a house divided, will fall.-

        Madeline Mindy's photo.
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      • Pamela Smith Profile backgrounds? *flicks tail* How can you tell a profile is fake? Hmmm…Hey! I know! You can google their name, see if they really exist. Well, almost. I usually go by “Pesky Vrmt”. Lets just try that and see …google “Pesky Vrmt”…then google…..Oh… Madeline Mindy.  LOVE the name Madeline!
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      • Madeline Mindy Night everyone !
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      • Joe-Francisco Marin Nite..Nite..!
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      • Madeline Mindy Thank you ,it’s my nana’s.
      • Pamela Smith Nana Biamonte?
      • Madeline Mindy Yes ma’am and proud of it. YOUR point?
      • Pamela Smith My Mothers Mother was Nana…paternal was Meme…
      • Pamela Smith You said nana.
      • Madeline Mindy Fredalia Biamonte, from Italy. Google that. NYC –
      • Last but not least…

        George, you, Sir, are an idiot.

        George says:

        “The FACT is that Jodi has been WRONGLY CONVICTED, on total BULLSHIT EVIDENCE, and needs to APPEAL against the nonsense that was used to convict her in the media.

        Now many people too STUPID to recognize this, which is why they get removed from this group. Are you going to be one of them, or are you going to wake up and ADMIT that Jodi is one of the 1 in 25 ( probably much higher in Female Arizona DP cases, judging by history ) that was convicted on a wave of MEDIA HYPE and not on EVIDENCE.


        Nice George.  You kiss your Grandkids with that mouth?

        How about you do the United States a favor and worry with your OWN Country’s problems.  You do not live here, and none of what goes on here is ANY of your business.

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